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Skyrim Is An Overrated Game

An example of the physics in Skyrim

An example of the physics in Skyrim

Skyrim Sucks Butt

Skyrim A Mediocre Game

Skyrim... It's a mediocre game with barely any RPG elements to go with, actually requiring mods if you want to enhance your experience and have cool looking armor, weapons, quests, followers, houses, and character design. Just like Fallout 4, Skyrim is crap all when it comes to choices, you can't be an asshole, tell everyone to go screw themselves and be an evil Dragonborn, no, you're still playing a Bethesdas character, the good guy Dragonborn. Nobody in the game cares whether you kill a town full of innocent people or not, they'll just put you in prison and that's all, no one will react to you in a different matter if you're a murderer or not, medieval times or not people would still treat you different.

The main quest is mediocre, just another "save the world from the evil", just like the other two DLC's that were released, nothing new to make the player with taste go "Whoa, that's an interesting storyline.". But for some reason people got their dick hard for this game and I don't understand why, I get why Witcher 3 gets a lot of praise, it's a good game, has a lot of RPG elements and the world is just amazing, actually feels more alive. Skyrim's world to me is like cardboard, most people are just dull and I honestly haven't got any memorable characters with interesting dialogue. All the NPC's sound alike, even the "main" guys.

Skyrim is a simplified vanilla cookie-cutter "RPG" revolving around mediocre combat and not roleplaying, making choices, affecting the world, etc. I'm not surprised if Bethesda were to release Skyrim gaming chairs, people would still preorder them and talk about how perfectly amazing they are to sit in while playing Skyrim.

Before bad Graphics when you first see a giant in skyrim the old fart scrolls v

Before bad Graphics when you first see a giant in skyrim the old fart scrolls v

Skyrim sucks, THE WITHCER 3: WILD HUNT is the winner!

After Terrible Physics

After Terrible Physics

The Boring Fetch MacGuffin Quests

The quests which are to be the meat and bones of an open-world RPG are straight-up awful. An example is a quest called The Book of Love. You gotta help lovers confess their love to each other and oh man is it bad. One quest involves an old elven man in love with the Jarl's bodyguard. He cannot bring himself to tell her he has feelings so he has you snooping around for him. You end up taking a letter from some guy who used to be a bard and change it up so it appears it was written by the old elf. You deliver the letter to the object of the elf's desire and she writes you another letter that you gotta deliver to him.

Eventually, they meet and it is downright awful. I cannot stress just how bad it is. It goes something like this:
Calcelmo: Faleen...I
Faleen: need to say any more. I didn't know you were so nuanced.
Calcelmo: I love you.
Faleen: I know. Come here.

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Then she goes back to her duties and he goes back to his research lol.
The delivery was deadpan, no emotion, no intonation. Just dead. The quest was laughably short and bad. The writing was the stuff that would make you fail in 2nd grade. You did nothing aside from delivering letters for two grown adults like they were in their 1st year of elementary school.
I wouldn't complain so much if it was the only instance but most quests in Skyrim are every bit as bad. The Witcher 3's writing exposed just how awful this game truly is. It cannot be saved by its combat system, graphics, or RPG mechanics either. It's glitchy as hell and many people find it worthless without mods. It's not just bad. It might just reach the so bad it creates a hole in your brain where your critical think and logic used to be.


The Bad Writing and Creepy Fans

I know a lot of folks liked that game and it was praised by everything. But what about it makes it so good? I tried playing it even managed to finish the main campaign, the civil quest, dark brotherhood every side quest-line(not all quests though), and here are my problems with the game or rather problems that no one mentions.

- The writing is weak- From the beginning to end there is no sign of humor, everyone is either sad or angry.
- The animation is bad- Yes the character animation isn't up to the mark neither is the dragon flying or anything else.
- The physics are bad and the map is unnecessarily stretched- I realize that the world is huge but there is no point in it if it's just empty, granted there are dungeons every here and there but they are all pretty much the same; go though here, kill these guys, take the stuff, get out of here.
- None of the quests are fun- Most of the time you are just running and galloping across lands to fetch something that character A asked you to get, then do something and repeat.
-It just never becomes fun- Combat is weak and outright boring, enemy types are few variations of the same thing, and there is no variety to it, like dodging or stunning, shouts have no other effect than your basic spell except you press a different button. It all just very static.

Now there are many things I could point out but it all boils down to work vs. fun ratio, everything is unnecessarily stretched. Simply to talk to the Greybeards and learn shouts and have a few minutes of actual gameplay you have to run for ten times those minutes. Not to mention the map is ridiculous, they show you everything except the roadways to the destination(or any other area) which becomes necessary when you have to climb a mountain and there is only one particular way in its whole surface that you could use. Oh, and you run slow as hell, and traveling on horseback is barely any faster, and that's not even fun, take the witcher 2 assassins of kings and the witcher 3 wild hunt, you have good music, and hard intense gameplay that puts even dark souls to shame.

I am not saying Skyrim lacks content, there is plenty of it but the whole thing is stretched way too much that everything becomes a chore. That's my complaint with it, everything is a chore so tiresome that the reward is barely worth it. Also worth mentioning most people who are really into Skyrim are perverts who just want to have sex with the bestial disgusting zoophile races/species in Skyrim. Furthermore, orcs should not be playable if the main character is meant to be a hero ogres orcs trolls giants, and whatnot are evil beings and have always been represented as such, and they only delight in killing humans eating humans, and plundering villages townships, and cities not saving the world from the evil dragon or whatever and getting the MacGuffin to stop said evil. Skyrim is highly overrated over popularized boring dull overall a bad game and an even worse RPG plagued by bad writing.



Skyrim has many annoying characters that cannot be killed because the programmers made them immortal the only way to really play Skyrim is on the PC and have either mods installed or use a console command to kill all the annoying characters on console Skyrim is pretty bad because of this because of all the restrictions in the base game that you cannot do without modifying or changing the game. Bethesda also introduced a terrible MOD system they charge you for mods it's the ridiculous same thing with Fallout 4 one thing I can say about the good about Skyrim is at least it's not as bad as Fallout 4 in terms of the story gameplay fallout 4 stories pretty bad.

Skyrim is as I said very buggy has poor physics because of the bugs because it so buggy that you know the physics don't work things like Giants they can launch you a million feet up in the air let's just like 1 bad thing about it also intern situation there's rag doll sort of animation and the game isn't that well thought out and programmed they take his lenient or lazy and approach to writing as they do programming the game as it is full of bugs and is only that enjoyable or playable with heavy mods installed on the PC version and not console because Bethesda released their subpar game where can only be any good with heavy mods to improve graphics physics and whatnot and again the only way to get any sort of mods on a console is to use the creative whatever they call it an buy them which is ridiculous you have to buy mods people make her free and they charge you for cosmetics stuff.

However another game Skyrim is also better than is the terrible Elder Scrolls MMO game that followed it, it was a subpar World of Warcraft Final Fantasy 15, etc., etc. mashup of MMO’s, in turn, up poorly and he's only become playable after heavy patching of the game. However, the MMO Elder Scrolls game is still terrible especially for an MMO which can be heavily worsened by the player base if there are poor players that are uncooperative or annoying or rude which you would likely find on most MMO's and then I feel this exaggerated by the terrible gameplay of The Elder Scrolls animal game I forget what it's called the who cares. Also, the stealth system in Skyrim is pretty awful wait they should only let Arkane Studios make stealth games, as Dishonored is much better if you want to play a good stealth gameplay thief or dishonored or Deus Ex, but do not play Skyrim or Fallout 4 has the stealth systems in those games suck.

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