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Skyrim: Frostflow Abyss Walk-through

You begin this quest by finding Frostflow Lighthouse. Make sure you're a bit tough for this one, because you'll have to take down a reaper. You may want to consider finding equipment to increase poison resistance. Use the first image to find and enter the lighthouse.

Frostflow lighthouse, at center between Dawnstar and Winterhold.

Frostflow lighthouse, at center between Dawnstar and Winterhold.

Once inside, search the body at the center for a journal. Read it quickly, and then search the urn above the fireplace for a key. You should have a quest marker by this point. Use this key to open the master level locked door near the entrance. From here on out, prepare for combat and traps.

Navigate through the lighthouse, and you will eventually come upon a chaurus reaper. You must kill him, so be ready. Once you take him down, you must search his body for a key and a Habd's Remains. Make sure you take Habd's remains.

Navigate to the entrance of the lighthouse, and take the other door near the entrance. This will lead to a ladder which will take you to the top of the lighthouse. Here you may use the key to open a chest with some nice rewards. You must come to the base of the lighthouse torch to burn Habd's remains. Doing this will reward you Sailor's Repose, which will cause healing spells to cure 10 percent more.

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