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Skill Trees for Characters in Borderlands 3

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Introduction to Skill Trees

The action skills are the basic skill set, and the skill trees are an expansion of the abilities of each character. Each of the character classes has four different skill tree paths to choose from. Inside each of these trees, there are seven different skills that have been set into four different tiers. This means that the first three tiers of the tree have two skills each, while the last tier only contains the last and most powerful skill.

When you start the game you’ll have access to the first tier of each tree, as this is unlocked by your action skill progress. You have to get up to five skill points in each part of the tree to unlock another tier. You can choose how you invest your skill points, and what type of character you want to build. It’s very customizable, and you can choose a highly configured character of many skills.


Skill Trees Background for Amara

Amara's four skill trees are Brawl, Mystical Assault, Fist of the Elements, Enlightened Force. Her focus is on team melee combat and surviving during the heat of the battle.

Amara Brawl Skill Tree

Starting Skill

Phaseslam - This is an action skill, with a damage of 98. It means that Amara will leap into the air, and then slam down into the ground, giving enemies nearby damage, and knocking them out.

Tier 1

Root to Rise - This is a passive skill that is aimed at increasing Amara's health. There are increments of max health going from 8% up to 40%.

Personal Space - This is another passive skill, and it does more close-up damage to your enemies, as the distance to them decreases. There is also bonus damage available too.

Clarity - This is a passive skill that gives Amara a constant health regeneration which then increases, as her health decreases. It only lasts 5 seconds, however, you can double it up for a few seconds too.

Tier 2

Arms Deal - This is a passive skill that increases splash damage to enemies, and reduces all splash damage taken. The damage can go up to 20%, and the reduction goes up to 40%.

Samsara - If you damage an enemy with this passive skill, it will grant you for a short period of time increased gun damage and health regeneration. It lasts for 20 seconds.

Helping Hands - This passive skill means damage reduction for a short period of time. 15 seconds to be exact. The reduction in damage at its maximum is 40%.

Blight Tiger - This is an element type that means all the action skill damage you produce is converted to corrosive damage.

Tier 3

Fracture - This is an action skill that gives Amara a line of fists that damage any enemies in front of her.

Mindfulness - This is a passive skill that gives the user a stacked ability to increase moment and speed, and reduces shield recharge time. There can be a maximum of 25 stacks for this skill.

Find your Center - This passive skill increases your melee damage to enemies and allows your melee range to be increased for a short time. This lasts for 20 seconds.

Vigor - This passive skill means that when Amara kills an enemy, she is granted extra movement speed for a few seconds. This lasts for 8 seconds.

Revelation - This is an augment action skill that gives you reduced damage, and creates a nova to damage enemies. This gives action skill damage reduction of 15%.

Tier 4

Downfall - With this action skill Amara leaps into the air, fires an elemental beam at all enemies, and then slams down onto the ground, dealing more damage. Total damage is a nice 95.

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One with Nature - This passive skill increases Amara's maximum health & resistance against attack. Maximum health goes up to 25% increased. The resistance goes from 12% up to 40%.

Tier 5

Do Unto Others - This is a bit of revenge with this passive skill type. When Amara is attacked she throws an elemental orb at the enemies that deals damage.

Jab Cross - This passive skill allows melee damage to increase through action skill damage and firefights with the gun. It lasts for 10 seconds, and can weild up to 75% skill damage.

Guardian Angel - This is a passive skill type that can come at just the perfect time. When Amara is injured she gets a second wind, and a regenreation of full health. There is also a nova that is created that deals elemental damage. 50% of health is restored.

Glamour - When enemies are damaged this augmented skill type. When enemies are attacked using this skill they become confused and turn on their enemy allies. The ability lasts for 8 seconds, and create 10% damage.

Tier 6

Blitz - If you want to increase melee damage then this is the ultimate skill for you. Amara will do a dash attack, and deal bonus damage to any enemy. Melee damage is 100%. and cooldown time is 8 seconds.

Amara Mystical Assault Skill Tree

Starting Skill

Phasecast - this is an action skill that seconds an astral projection out to enemies to deal damage to all of them in its path. Damage is 92.

Tier 1

Do Harm - This passive type means that when you deal damage to an enemy you get a stack of rush for a short period of time. This stack increase your overall skill damage. The duration it lasts for is 20 seconds.

Fast Hands - This passive skill type increases all the best things about having weaponry. Increased reload speed, fast weapon swap speed, and mode switch speed increased.

Violent Tapestry - This passive type skill applies a stack of rush for a small period of time.

Tier 2

Alacrity - is a passive skill that increase reload speed for a short period of time. 8 seconds is how long this skill lasts for.

Transcend - If you want to increase accuracy and critical damage for a short period of time, then you might want to consider this passive skill type.

Restless - Increase the cooldown rate of action skill. This ranges from 5% all the way to 25%. So you can keep doing battle for longer!

Soul Sap - This allows you to increase your health from damaging an enemy, or pass it on to an ally nearby.

Tier 3

Deliverance - This action skill sees an astral projection dealt forward to inflict damage on enemies with homing projectiles. Damage done by this attack is 86.

Ascendant - This passive skill improves all augment skills, such as Soul Sap Life Steal, and Glamour Duration.

Stillness of Mind - With this augmented skill, enemies become phaselocked, which lasts for 6 seconds, allowing you time to deal a greater amount of damage.

Tier 4

Reverberation - Is an action skill that once again sends an astral projection forward against enemies. This time bonus damage is done every time an enemy is hit.

From Rest - This passive skill increases fire rate, and weapon charge time.

Laid Bare - When enemies are damaged by action skill, they will receive increased damages from any source. This lasts 8 seconds.

Wrath - This increases gun damage, and is another passive skill. This only works for a short period of time.

Tier 5

Remnant - If you kill an enemy with a gun or skill, this will create a homing projectile that deals elemental damage.

Awakening - This passive skill increases your effectiveness of rush stacks.

Tandava - This action skill once again sends forward an astral projection, that sends out exploding projectiles. Damage is 91 giving out.

Tier 6

Avatar - This increase the maximum rush attacks available. When you kill an enemy you get refunded half of the stacks used.

Amara Guide

Amara Fist Of the Elements Skill Tree

Starting Skill

Phasegrasp - Is an action skill that render's a enemy incapacitated for a short period of time. It lasts for 7 seconds, and done damage 28.

Tier 1

Anima - Passive skill here increase damage and duration of all status effects inflicted by Amara. Damage, duration, and effect damage, all improved considerably from the starting point.

Steady Hands - Increases handing & accuracy of weaponry and ammunition.

Infusion - This passive skill type converts some of the damage that your weapon does, into action skill elemental damage.

Tier 2

Tempest - This passive skill increases all elemental damage done to her enemies. Shock damage is also increased by up to 40%.

Illuminated Fist - Melee damage is increased and converted to action skill elemental damage.

Wildfire - Passive skill that means that status effects caused are then spread to nearby enemies. Spread chance can be up to 40%.

Soulfire - Is an element skill type that converts all action skill damage to an incendiary flame.

Tier 3

The Eternal First - This means that if an enemy dies during pasegrasps, a new fist will seek out a new enemy.

Dread - If you want to increase gun damage for a short period of time then checkout this passive type. An extra 15% damage done.

Allure - This is an augmented type that creates a singularity that pulls in enemies nearby.

Tier 4

Indiscriminate - This passive type means that Amara's bullets are able to ricochet against nearby enemies, dealing damage. Ricochet damage is estimated at -50%.

Deep Well - If you want a bigger magazine for elemental weapons', then this passive type will help. It increases size by 20%.

Catharsis - This passive type will cause Amara's elemental effects on enemies to explode when they die, and damage any element that was affecting them.

Ties that Bind - This action skill type means that enemies are bound together during a phasegrasp event. Damage is shared among the other linked enemy targets.

Tier 5

Fist Over Matter - This phasegrasp targets enemies with a giant fist that smash the area for a short period of time. 7 seconds is how long it lasts for.

Sustainment - If you deal damage with this passive type and an elemental weapon, then you will restore some of your own health.

Conflux - If you want to burn or electrocute enemies, then how about a 35% chance? This is what this passive type does against enemies.

Tier 6

Forceful Expression - This passive type means that gun shots deal action skill elemental damage.

Amara Enlightened Force Skill Tree

Starting Skill

Phaseflare - Amara with this action skill type summons an elemental energy orb that gives out constant elemental damage to any enemies nearby. The damage done is 27, and it lasts for 30 seconds, but can be recalled any time.

Tier 1

Trust in Yourself - If Amara has her shield broken, then she has increased reload speed to compensate, along with increased charge speed, and weapon swap speed. If Amara finds herself in a difficult situation, and the shield is broken by a melee attack, then the effects of the passive type will be doubled.

No Mistakes in Nature - If Amara gives an enemy a status effect, you receive an increased melee damage for a short period of time.

Heavy Rain - Amara's weapons' are given increased projectile speed, and splash damage.

Tier 2

Glow up - With this excellent action skill, Amara's orb gives nearby allies regeneration of health. You can also send it to a dead colleague to give them a second chance.

Go with the Flow - This passive type works whenever Amara freezes an enemy, she then gains increased movement speed, and stronger weapons' damage.

Unweave the Rainbow - Bonus damage is given out any time Amara deals a melee damaging attack, or splash damage.

Ebb and Flow - This is a great passive type. Whenever Amara kills an enemy with the much loved melee attack, she received a portion of the damage back as a health top up.

Cold Hearted - Converts Amara's action skill to ice cold cryo damage.

Tier 3

Shooting Star - This time the orb is back with a vengeance. It will cause it to flay and deal damage against enemies, while also firing projectiles.

Combo Breaker - If you kill an enemy while you have this passive type, you will have a 20% of resetting the action skill cooldown period.

Expedite - After Amara kills an enemy, she receives increased action skill cooldown, until she activates the action skill once again.

Tier 4

Joyful Freedom - This passive skill gives Amara increased gains for melee damage. However only for a short period of 12 seconds. However the melee damage is 14%.

Burn Both Ends - This passive type allows Amara to gain increased thread for a short period of time, while she is battling enemies, she will draw their attention all towards her. and when she is dealt damage by an enemy, her own damage ability ins increased for the short period of time too.

Tier 5

Light Fantastic - With this action skill type you summon an orb that deals elemental damage to nearby enemies whenever you fight an enemy and do damage, the orb will fly to assist you.

Body and Mind - If Amara attacks with a melee attack, then bonus splash damage is also done. This lasts 12 seconds.

Free the Soul - If Amara kills a frozen enemy, then icicles from the dead enemy will home in on other nearby enemies to deal cryo damage to them.

Atman - This is simple, and allows Amara to have increased skill damage.

Tier 6

Clear the Mind - If Amara kills an enemy, then the effect of any elemental damage on her is reduced for a short period of time.

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