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Situs Slot Hoki


Situs Slot Hoki

Not long ago I came across an interesting article on the future of casino gambling, and the role Situs Slot Hoki can play in its successful evolution.

As a former franchisor, I've always opposed getting gambling into our small franchise operation, or that our amazing customer relations program we've worked so hard to build will have a negative impact. The article addresses the need for gambling to remain a local business in each of our casinos.

And to maintain that local aspect so that our customers from the surrounding area can visit our casino as often as they want, and sometimes even invest in the winnings they will receive from the machines they play on. My hope is that all of us will consider this matter and think about it.

In my own mind, if we are to continue to offer large numbers of people the opportunity to stake their hard-earned money in one of our locations, then it makes sense to retain some kind of management or oversight of this newly acquired responsibility. After all, if we allow one of our current customers to become a Casino Gambling Agent, then we appear to be giving them the right to manage and operate the gambling facility themselves, which allows them to monopolize, and eliminate any competition from them. other casinos in that particular area. In light of that, I must ask; why would anyone open a gambling agency like that? Wouldn't it be nice for everyone involved, including customers who happen to pass your way?

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