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Sims 4 (PS4) How to Complete Gardening Collection

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Completing the gardening collection can be a pain, but it can be done. It is very hard to do without cheats. Without cheats, you can research on google on where to collect each item or how to. This article will tell you the easy way to do it by using cheats. First off, there is 32 items in this collection. One of which you do not actually have to collect. The grow fruit, is a type of fruit that you can collect by completing a challenge that comes along during spring. I know the challenge already passed but I do not know if it will come back or not. When I only had two fruit left to collect, which was the pomegranate and grow fruit, I honestly thought it was impossible. After I collected the pomegranate, it completed the collection without actually collecting a grow fruit. So I am going to go ahead and explain the steps on how to complete this collection, but first, you need to know what is in the collection. There will be a:











Plantain (Banana)













Bird of Paradise


Bonsai Buds


Death Flower

Dragon Fruit



Trash Fruit


Grow Fruit

It is possible for more in the collection if you have expansion packs. This is the basic list without expansion packs.


75% of these fruits can be collected through a cheat, but some of them you will have to do a little bit more to collect them. Collect as many as you can by clicking on a planter and purchasing seeds. After you purchase the seeds, open the seed packet. Once you open the seed packet, you have already collected some. You can plant them if you want. You will need to plant a lily, snapdragon, tulip, chrysanthemum, daisy, and a strawberry. After they all grow, click on them and you will see the open to take cutting. After you take a cutting, it will go to your sims inventory. Then you can click on a different plant and click graft and choose that cutting to graft it to. You will need to graft a lily with a snapdragon to get an orchid. Grafting a daisy with a strawberry will make bonsai buds. A tulip with a chrysanthemum bush will make bird of paradise.

You can also collect a blackberry in Oasis Springs Park. There will be a bush at the back of the park by a small pond/creek. Do not wait for it to harvest, but wait for it to be able to take a cutting, once you take a cutting, graft it to another fruit bush of your choice that you have already growing. Wait for it to harvest and then it can be collected.

A cowberry can be collected by fishing in any pond. It doesn't matter if you have bait or not. Before you collect a cowberry, make sure you do your research on google on how to take care of a cow plant or your sim can possibly die.

After you do all of this, you should have collected at least 50% of what you need.

You can find the rest of the plants by using the debug cheat. Hold L2, R2, L1, L2 at the same time in build mode. Type in Testingcheats True, then type in bb.showhiddenobjects. Click O until you are out of the cheat search bar. After that click on an item and click R2. Under content, check the debug box and hit O a few times to exit out of that window. Under the search bar, you will then be able to type in what ever plants you are missing, type in lemon, or tree, or bush, or flower, or berry. After that you can click X and place it in a planter. It may take a while for it to harvest and be ready to collect. Try typing in the item you need first before you try typing in tree, bush, flower etc.


The last one you will probably need is a pomegranate. Go to the sylvan glade and fish for it in the pond without bait if you haven't done so already. If you are missing anymore, please don't be afraid to contact me by clicking contact author at the top of this article. Type something in the subject bar so I don't think it is spam. Happy Simming!


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