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The Sims 4: How to Kill Your Sims

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10 Ways to Kill Your Sims

In The Sims 4 there are 10 different ways you can kill your Sims. These ways are by Old Age, Starvation, Fire, Overexertion, Electrocution, Drowning, Mortification, Anger, Hysteria, and being eaten by a Cow Plant.


Let Your Sim Die of Old Age

Old Age is an inevitable fate Sims face (Unless you turn of aging in settings). Once a Sim reaches the end of their lifespan they will expire at the Elder life stage. Sims can extend their life spans by completing lifetime goals or purchasing the Potion of Youth using Satisfaction Points.

Starve Your Sims

Starvation is a cause of death in every Sims game. In the Sims 4 it's significantly more difficult to starve your Sims and requires a little extra work on your part. The easiest way to starve your Sim is by locking them in an empty room, otherwise they will constantly attempt to eat to prevent dying. When the Hungry Moodlet is kept for long enough it will change to "Ravenous" where your Sim will have 24 hours before they Expire. By pressing shift ctrl c the console command bar will open. By typing in "sims.add_buff hunger_Starving" you can use this cheat code to guarantee your Sims death by Starvation within 24 game hours.


Burn Your Sims

Whenever a Sim is set ablaze and fails to be extinguished they will die from fire. In the Sims 4 I've come to the conclusion it's much harder than previous games to kill your sim this way. This works best if your Sim has a low cooking skill and is using a cheap stove or grill. You can also use a fireplace and surround it with combustible materials such as rugs, carpets, curtains, and other miscellaneous furniture to make the chances of a fire starting higher. Sending a Sim on a failed space expedition where the Sim will crash then be killed by fire.


Kill Your Sims with Overexertion

This type of death is specific to Sims of the elder age group. When an elder Sim engages in activities like woohooing, exercising or cleaning for a long period of time they will get the "Very Tired" moodlet. The moodlet when ignored causes a Sim to expire after several hours (around 4).


Drown Your Sims

Technically the cause of death is the same as death by exhaustion, but in a swimming pool. In order to properly drown your Sim you will need to fence in your swimming pool to prevent the Sim from escaping. You also need to remove any ladders.


Electrocute Your Sims

Death by electrocution is rare in Sims 4. Make sure your Sim has a very low handiness level while repairing a broken electronic object. Your Sim needs to be shocked once, which will give them the "Singed" or "Dazed"Moodlet. The second time the Sim attempts to repair to object should cause them to meet their end. If this doesn't work you can always enter "sims.add_buff buff_death_electrocution_warning" into your console commands which will make them much more likely to be killed when repairing an electronic object, especially a Sim with a low handiness skill level. This moodlet lasts 20 days.

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Mortify Your Sims

If Sims continuously engage in behavior that could potentially embarrass them they will eventually be given the "Mortified" Moodlet. By entering "sims.add_buff Buff_Mortified" into the console commands with cheats enabled you can give sims the mortified moodlet which will last for twenty days and most likely kill your sim.

Kill your Sims with Anger

Sims can also be killed by becoming Enraged. By having your Sims engage in anger inducing acts your Sims has to possibility to be killed by this emotion. Your Sim must have the Engraged Moodlet in order to be killed. You can also enter "sims.add_buff Buff_Enraged" into the console command bar with cheats on to give your Sim the Enraged Moodlet that last 20 days.

Kill Your Sims with Hysteria

One of the more pleasant ways to kill a Sim is through Hysteria. When your Sims engage in funny behaviour for a long period of time they are eventually given the Hysterical Moodlet. If your Sim continues to behave humorously it could eventually kill them. By entering "sims.add_buff Buff_Enraged" into the console command bar your Sim will receive a Hysterical Moodlet lasting 20 days.


Have a Cow Plant Eat your Sim

The Cow Plant from Sims 2 University has returned in this addition of Sims 4 along with it's murderous tendencies. If you fail to feed your Cow Plant for at least 12 hours they will put out a cake trap that your Sims can interact with by attempting to take the piece of cake. When your Sim reaches for the cake they will be swallowed. The first time they attempt it they'll most likely be spit out by the Cow Plant but if your Sim tries to take the cake again they should be killed.


Fnaf on April 27, 2020:

I managed to kill one of my sims of anger. They were hot headed so they could get angry easily and their heart stopped. Interesting to watch.

Julia Crawford from South Africa on January 07, 2018:

Ah yes, the subtle art of killing a sim...

Mallory (author) from CT on March 21, 2015:

Thanks for the tip, I haven't used that method yet.

Mohammad Tanvir Ibne Amin from Dhaka on March 19, 2015:

Easiest way I figured out how to kill a Sim was the lighting them on burn strategy. But in this case, simply remove all doors, tell the Sim to microwave a meal, then tell them to do something else. The microwave will catch fire and everything burns down to the ground.

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