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Sims 4 Build Challenges

Jaeda loves playing "The Sims." She loves building, and creating really fun storylines! She has been playing sims since she was 8!


Building in The Sims is one of the best ways to play the game. Sometimes, it can get repetitive. Here are 10 build mode challenges that you can do to spice up your playing time! I love to do these with some other people I know that play The Sims! Especially my sister!

Disclaimer: I did not make any of these challenges, but all of these photos are mine.

Shell Challenge


This one is pretty simple. This is one of those challenges that could take you a long time, or you could finish it quickly. A lot of fellow simmers will post their shells in the gallery. If you go into the gallery and type "shell" or "shell challenge" you can find a wide variety of empty homes with a lot of potential. Sometimes, when I do this challenge with someone else, we will make our own shell and upload it to the gallery for each other! You can make a shell with or without interior walls, or roofs.

You can put limitations on each other if you would like. Limitations could include, time limit, pack limit, lot limit, and any other limitation you think would be fun! This challenge is one of my favorites because every builder's house is the exact same size and shape, but they look entirely different.

Solid Color Challenge


This challenge can be one of two things... easy or really difficult.

To start this challenge, open up a number generator and set it at 10. 1)red 2)orange 3)yellow 4)green 5)blue 6)purple 7)pink 8)black 9)grey 10)white. Whatever number comes up on the number generator is now the color of your solid color challenge!

In the right-hand, lower corner, or build-mode, you can filter colors that will show up. I would suggest doing this for this challenge, it makes it so much easier.

Here are some rules to keep in mind.

-Every single item has to be the color you were assigned. From floors to walls to furniture all of it must be your color.

-If an object does not have your color, you may not place it. For example, toilets come in limited swatches. If you can't get a green toilet, you can't have one. (there are green toilets)

-The house must be as playable as you can.

-You may use anything the game filters as your color. For example, if something has a tiny amount of green, but the game says its green, you may use it!

Wheel Spin Build Challenge


Challenge Rules

Lilsimsie's Channel

This challenge comes from the youtuber lilsimsie! I have linked her youtube channel and her rules for this challenge. This is one of those challenges you can do over and over again because every time you do it, it will be different! I usually just use a random number generator and set the amount to what Kayla has on the Google doc..

For the build in the picture I got:

1. Lot size - Small (30x20 or 30x30)

2. World - Willow Creek

3. Budget - 100k

4. House Size - 5 sims

5. Build Style - Craftsman

6. Color Scheme - Black and White

7. Pack Limitations - I decided not to do any pack limitations because I had a specific family in mind.

11. Funky Room to Include - Home Gym

I was actually very pleased with the things I got from the number generator! It was hard to build a craftsman style without seasons, but I think I did ok!

Starter Home Challenge


To qualify as a starter home it should probably be $20,000 or less! It should be able to be purchased by a family just made in Create-A-Sim. This challenge can be difficult, but also can be very easy! It depends on the builder!

If you want to know in detail how to build a starter home, make sure to check out my other article "Building a Starter Home in The Sims 4" https://hubpages.com/games-hobbies/Building-a-Starter-Home-in-The-Sims-4 where I teach you how to build the home in the picture!

No Mistakes Build Challenge


This challenge can be extremely frustrating to those who are perfectionists.

This challenge is pretty self-explanatory. The catch is you actually can make mistakes, BUT you can't fix them. Once you place an item anywhere on your lot, it is now stuck there. You may not move it. Toilet in the wrong place? TOO BAD. Do you have bb.moveobjects on, and you accidentally put two chairs on top of each other? CAN'T BE FIXED.

To make this challenge even harder, why?, you can put your self on a time limit really put on the pressure! For an extra challenge make sure you "bb.movobjects on". This allows you to place freely and not on the grid.

Honestly, this challenge is fun, but it is very stressful. Good luck!

Every Room is a Different Pack



I have linked Youtuber James Turner's random Sims 4 Pack Generator. This link is incredibly useful and makes challenges like this a lot more enjoyable. There are different ways to start this challenge, but the easiest is to build a shell of a house with interior walls as well. Make your house as big or as small as desired. Start with the exterior, and hope for a pack with doors and windows! Then work your way through the interior, generating a new pack for every room.

Just like in the solid color challenge, you can filter your build mode items to only show specific packs! This makes this challenge easier and keeps you from accidentally using other packs in the wrong room.

To spice up this challenge, even more, you could use only expansion packs or only game packs, or the hardest, only stuff packs! Good luck!

*pictured is my Outdoor Retreat bedroom! Would otherwise never use this pack inside!

10 Minute Build Challenge


This challenge is pretty self-explanatory. You set a timer for 10 minutes, and try to build the best house you can build! This is a fun one to do with friends who also play The Sims. This can be very challenging! Sometimes it will take me hours to finish a build! 10 minutes seems very short!

This challenge could also be turned into a renovation! You get ten minutes to renovate an EA build!

-When I did this challenge I did not even get to the inside of my build! I was trying to make the outside look super cute, and I didn't even finish that! 10 minutes goes by very quickly.

Good luck!

Seasonal Townhouse Challenge


For this challenge, you will need the Seasons Expansion pack.

In this challenge, you will build four townhouses on one lot. They will be connected, but you can only enter each home from the outside, not through the insides of the homes. Each home will be fully functional. Each home will be themed for a specific season, outside and inside. The homes should go in this order spring, summer, fall, and then winter.

You can build your own townhouses, but there is a shell on the gallery #SeasonalTHshell by Misstory Plays

Rules to keep in mind:

-Walls cannot be moved in any way

-There are no budget restrictions

-The yards are not separated in the original shell, but you can separate them if you want, but all landscaping should represent the season of the house.

- Be creative!!!

Black and White Challenge


This challenge is a lot of fun! For this one, you need to change your computer settings to black and white. When you're building in the sims everything is some shade of grey, and you can't tell the color of the objects at all!

This is one of those challenges that you can combine with a shell challenge if you want. It might be more fun to do it that way if you're doing it with other people.

After your build is finished, go back to your settings and change it back to normal. Then go back to your build and see all of the different colors you chose!

Every Room is a Different Budget


This one is similar to the "every room is a different color/pack" challenges. For this one just use a number generator, and set the minimum and maximum to whatever you'd like. For mine, I did a minimum of 400 and a maximum of 15k! Then generate your number and start building!

-to set your budget make sure you have "testingcheats on" and then just type "money 1000" or whatever your number is. For this kids bedroom, I got 1067, so I didn't have a lot to work with!

-doors, windows, walls, wallpaper, lighting, and flooring are to be spent within each room's budget as well.

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