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Sims 3 World Adventures: Shang Simla Building a Telescope

The adventurer tracker will allow you to direct your Sims to deliver things automatically.

The adventurer tracker will allow you to direct your Sims to deliver things automatically.

Telescopic Metal

“Hello Kelly, My name is Lee Yao! I’ve been studying the Dragon Cave for years and have found that with so many tourists these days, it’s much more peaceful and productive to study it from home, away from the tourist commotion. To do this, I’m building a telescope and I’m wondering if you’ll assist me in collecting 5 metals to construct the telescope. I’ll pay you for your services!”

Objective: Collect 5 metals and deliver them to Lee Yao to receive a cash reward!

Reward: 15 Visa points, 1,240 Simoleons (depends on the value of the metals you collected)

Like the stated objective, this is a simple task of collecting 5 pieces of metal. If you go into Map View (M), all the metals available will light up as if your Sims had the “Collection Helper” reward. Simply click on 5 of them to collect and then return back to Lee Yao for your reward.

Pottery of Peculiar Properties

“A good find! This will work perfectly in the eyepiece of the telescope! It is almost finished; all I need now is the lens! I’ll need to send some ancient pottery to the glass maker to be ground down and heated into glass. While I finish hooking up the eyepiece, can you go out and collect 2 old Common Relics? I’ll make sure to pay you!”

Objective: Collect 2 Old Common Relics and return them to Lee Yao for a reward of Simoleons and some Ancient Coins!

Reward: 15 Visa points, 100 Simoleons (depend on the value of the relics)

Through participating in other adventure quests, your Sims should have already discovered some relics in the ancient tombs. If this is the case (and you have 2 Common Relics), the button for “Deliver Relics” should immediately be available to you. However, if you only have 1 or none at all, then you would need to find some relics. One of the ways is to look for a pile of bones lying around somewhere around Shang Simla (it could be anywhere). Your Sims can click on it and select “excavate” and usually your Sims will get some relics out of it. However, if you can’t find it or don’t feel like doing this, the next easy option would be to cancel this adventure (just right click on the adventure in your Opportunities’ tab) and embark on some other adventure, which will surely bring you some relics. And then come back to this adventure afterwards.

Busted Parts

“Thanks for your help. But I’m so disappointed! The new telescope lens got slightly damaged in the mail and will no longer fit into the lens socket! What shall I do? Wait! I have a friend who may be able to fix it without having to sendit back in the mail. You, Kelly have proven to be a big help in my endeavour; can I request your services once again? I need you to deliver the telescopic parts to Adaeze Min to be fixed.”

Objective: Deliver the telescope parts to Adaeze Min so that they can be properly repaired.

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Reward: 15 Visa points

Adaeze Min is the special Merchant in Shang Simla so she tends to be found wandering around the place throughout the day. However, if you have the adventurer tracker on, then the option to deliver lens will be available and your Sims will automatically find Adaeze Min.

“I’ve repaired the lens! Now that it’s complete, please take it back so that Lu Zhi can begin studying the Dragon Cave from hom. Lu told me that you’d be paid with some Simoleons and Ancient Coins for your help.”

Objective: Return the repaired telescope lens to Lu Zhi for a reward of Simoleons and Ancient Coins

Reward: 15 Visa points, 25 Ancient Coins and 500 Simoleons

Using the Adventurer tracker, simply go back to Lu Zhi to deliver the repaired telescope lens and collect the reward.

The merchants aren't going anywhere, so use them for your "convincing."

The merchants aren't going anywhere, so use them for your "convincing."

Lights Out!

“Thank you so much! Studying the Dragon Cave at home with my new telescope is great, but I tried to observe it last night and I couldn’t see it with all of the nights on in the town! Would you mind trying to convince 3 locals to keep their lights off at night? I’ll pay you if you can improve my view of the cave!”

Objective: Convince 3 locals to keep their lights off at night to earn Simoleons and Ancient Coins

Reward: 20 Visa points, 80 Ancient Coins, 800 Simoleons

This task is slightly more difficult as you can’t simply go up to a random Sims and select “Convince Sim!” Although the yellow highlighted option will be available your Sims’ actions will be unsuccessful and you will get a response saying “Maybe I should get friendlier with <insert Sim’s name> before attempting this again.” You would need a chain of 20 or more positive interactions to ensure success at convincing a Sim.

The best Sims to target in this case would be the merchants in the Shang Simla Market. Why? Because they won’t be going anywhere. Whereas other Sims, either due to hunger, sleepiness or needing to perform errands, will probably leave you after three or so positive interactions, the merchants are stuck behind their counter 24/7. So you can just go up to them, perform a series of positive interactions and then convince them.

Once you’ve convinced 3 Sims, the button “Report In” will become available on the adventure tracker. Simply go back to Lu to receive your rewards.

“My goodness! The Dragon Cave is absolutely astounding at night! I will have to study it much much more in the night-time hours. Thank you so much for your help and as promised, here is your reward.”

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