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Sims 3 World Adventures Al Simhara Business Abroad

Opening adventure mission: Business Abroad

Opening adventure mission: Business Abroad

Business Abroad

“MorcuCorp is working on a business opportunity with the Egyptian government to find three ancient relics in Al Simhara. The work will be dangerous, but quite profitable. Interested Sims should report to Uum Moussa for more information.”

Objective: “Report” to Uum Moussa

Rewards: 10 Visa points, 5 high quality dried food

The first step in this adventure is quite straight forward. Your need to locate Uum Moussa and interact with her using the “Report In” option. If you have adventure tracker on, the button “Report In” will light up and you simply have to click on it and your Sims will automatically track Uum Moussa down and start the adventure. Alternatively, the Sims you’re looking for will have a star tracker that appears on the world map and help you locate Uum Moussa.

Mission: An Introductory Test

Mission: An Introductory Test

An Introductory Test

“It is most excellent to see a fresh set of hands in Al Simhara! I suggest you visit the market before you venture further to purchase a tent, some dried food, and a Shower in a Can so that you don’t end up starved or smelly amongst the dunes. Here is some dried food – awful tasting stuff, but it will keep you alive. I need you to take care of a small errand for me. I accidentally left some papers in a nearby tomb. Go to the Tomb of Discovery, find my papers and bring them back to me. You will be compensated. Then, I will give you more exciting tasks!”

Objective: Enter the Tomb of Discovery, find the missing papers, and deliver it to Uum Moussa to earn some visa points.

Rewards: 10 Visa points, 2 medium quality dried food

Jumping to the World Map, you will find that the Tomb of Discovery is located just behind the Base Camp. It will have the notable star button hovering over it. Simply click on it and select the “Visit Tomb of Discovery” button. Once your Sims has arrived at the Tomb, direct your Sims down the staircase.

Once you are in the basement, you will find a small room with a chest in the middle and some ancient coins. There are 2 locked doors along the wall. Opening the chest will reveal a crescent moon-shaped key, which will help unlocked one of the doors. Simply go up to the lock and select “insert keystone” option. The room behind the locked door is empty save for a trigger tile which once your Sims steps on, will unlock a staircase. Direct your Sims to descend down the staircase, where he or she will come across another trigger tile.

The room behind the trigger tile has another locked door. This time, the door won’t unlock by your Sims just standing on it. You will need to direct your Sims to pull/push the nearby statue onto the tile for the door to unlock. The third room in the series will have a combination of a statue tile and a trigger tile. Finally, your Sims will be shown the last room in the series where the treasure chest will contain the wanted documents plus some treasure in the form of precious metals.

“These must be the papers that Uum Moussa was talking about. Strange, it seems to have the MorcuCorp label on the front of the folder. Time to get this back to Uum Moussa.”

Wait! Before you leave the tomb and deliver the documents to Uum Moussa, open the false wall situated just to the left of the treasure chest. It will reveal a secret room with some ancient coins and another treasure chest.

Also, rather than simply select “Deliver Briefing” which will automatically direct your Sims to retrace his or her footsteps, make your Sims climb up the second set of staircase, which will bring him or her back to the original level but behind the second locked door. There is another treasure chest to be opened.

Once you’ve made sure you’ve gathered all the treasures to be collected in the Tomb, direct your Sims to Uum Moussa to obtain your rewards and continue on with the quest.

The Tomb of Discovery

The Tomb of Discovery

Agent of MorcuCorp

“The Tomb didn’t kill you? Most excellent! It will take me some time to analyse these papers. Until then, MorcuCorp has other tasks for you. Report to my lackey Samir Amin. I don’t fully trust this person, but one cannot choose their employees. Do whatever is asked of you.”

Objective: “Report” to Samir Amin to earn some Visa Points.

Reward: 15 Visa points.

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This again, is a simple step where your Sims needs to locate Samir Amin and “report” to him. The Adventure Tracker will enable you to do so immediately. Alternatively, you can locate him on the World Map by the star icon that hovers over him. Once your Sims has interacted with him, he will tell you what he wants.

Gems of the Sands

“My name is Samir Amin. Uum Moussa gives me all the hard jobs for this operation, typical MorcuCorp work ethic. Gobble the easy profits and cower from trouble. Anyway the boss didn’t properly budget our operations for this quarter. Obviously the local expect to be paid. I need you to find 4 pieces of Turquoise, which I can use instead of cash payment. You may find some near the pyramids across the river, I’d start there first.”

Objective: Find 4 pieces of Turquoise and deliver them to Samir Amin to earn Simoleons, plus bonus.

Reward: simoleons (depending on the value of the turquoise your Sims delivers)

Like Samir said, there may be some turquoise near the pyramids. However, an easier way to track down 4 turquoise is to look on the World Map. Once this adventure has been activated, the object in question, in this case turquoise, will light up on the World Map. You can simply click on each to zoom in on the exact location and direct your Sims to collect them. Your Adventure Tracker will keep track of how many you have. Once you have all 4, the Adventure Tracker will switch to a “Deliver Gems” option.

Local Intel

Local Intel

Local Intel

“That turquoise will keep operations moving along nicely. Sending you to assist me is the best thing MorcuCorp has done in weeks! I hope you stick around. I have some personal concerns about the reputation of MorcuCorp and I believe the local citizenry is growing hostile. I’d like you to get close to some of the other villagers and see what they think of this corporation.”

Objective: “Discuss MorcuCorp” with 3 Egyptians to earn some Visa Points.

Reward: 10 Visa points, 10 Ancient coins

Walking up to a random Sim and asking them about MorcuCorp will only get your Sims to think “maybe I should get friendlier with so-and-so before attempting this again.” Your Sims will need to have a few friendly interactions with the local Sims before discussing MorcuCorp, which unfortunately can get annoying when the local Sims then runs off to another location. The easiest way to get this mission done is to go to the market and interact with the vendors. They will always be there and after a few friendly chats, you will be able to get this mission done.

Into the Fire

“Ah, it is as I feared. But perhaps this will present an opportunity? Anyway, the documents have been deciphered and it’s time to send you into the fire. Unfortunately for you, that is not an euphemism. MorcuCorp is interested in a strain of Flame Fruits that grow in the Tomb of the Burning Sands. I believe they plan to use it to help develop some kind of post-Atomic propulsion drive. Use this key to enter the tomb and gather some of these Fruits. It’s bound to be hot in there so you might want to bring some Shower in a Can.”

Objective: Enter the Tomb of the Burning Sands, collect 5 Flame Fruit

Reward: 20 Visa points, 920 Simoleons (depending on the quality of the Flame Fruit)

The Tomb of the Burning Sands is located in the smaller of the two pyramids across the river from the town. Once your Sims is there, select on the front entrance and direct your Sims to inspect it, allowing him or her to gain entry. There is a locked door in the first room with the plaque next to it shining, beckoning your Sims to insert the keystone into it. The room that follows it contains two wells with a small corridor in between them. Be careful! Do not attempt to simply walk through the corridor. Notice there are some objects lying on the ground, inspecting it will reveal it is a firetrap. You will need to direct your Sims to disarm the firetrap before walking across it. Clearing the rubble in the corner will reveal a common relic. Exploring the second well will reveal a secret switch which your Sims will activate, revealing a hidden door with a staircase.

In the level beneath, you will find three flame fruit plants by the bottom of the staircase, from these, you will harvest enough needed for the quest to go back.

Watch out for the trap!

Watch out for the trap!

Dig Deeper

“Your effort in this endeavour is to be commended, but perhaps we can put it to better use. MorcuCorp believes Sanaa Madbouli may have information on these relics they are looking for. Sanaa Madbouli knows about some sort of old book that may contain precious information that we need. Go get this information.”

Objective: “Ask About Ancient Book” to Sanaa Madbouli

Reward: none

Again, you will need to gain a high enough relationship level before your Sims will be able to get an answer out of Sanaa Madbouli.

The Ancient Library

“There is an ancient library hidden in a home in town. Inside, you will find a chest with the information you seek. You may need to befriend the owners of the house before getting access, just a thought.”

Objective: Gain entrance to the secret ancient library and find the book that contains important information.

Reward: 20 Visa points, 25 Ancient coins

The secret entrance to the library lies in the centre courtyard of the Sims’ house. There is a switch in one corner, which once your Sims has activated, will reveal a staircase down to the basement. There, it’s a simple series of rooms, each containing locked doors and trigger tiles. Once you’ve activated them all and descended the stairs, you will find the book in one of the treasure chests.

Race to Nowhere

“Yes, this book describes three powerful relics left here by the old kings of Al Simhara. There’s a lot of information that we can use to track down the final relic. Luckily I already know where another is. Unfortunately so does MorcuCorp! There’s no time to explain, but you must go to the merchant Mahmud Taymur before MorcoCorp’ goons arrive and obtain the Relic of the Sun, which is in the merchant’s possession. I’ll explain more later, just go!”

Objective: “Ask About Relic of the Sun” to Mahmud Taymur to obtain the Relic of the Sun.

Reward: none

Again, your Sims will need to build a high enough relationship level in order to successfully complete the interaction.

Race to Copper

“Ah, so Samir Amin wants me to hand over this Relic, eh? I have no use for it, but you do, which means there is value in the piece. I judge this value to be 5 chunks of Copper. Bring me this and I will hand over the Relic. You had best hurry though, I may get a better offer!”

Objective: Bring 5 hunks of Copper to Mahmud Taymur to receive the Relic of the Sun and some Visa Points.

Reward: none

Copper is abundant in Egypt and you’ll be able to find 5 in no time. Once your Sims has gathered 5, the Adventure Tracker will automatically turn on the option to deliver the copper back to Mahmud.

On the Side of Good

“The Copper is much appreciated. I will put it to good use, unlike this Relic I’ve been hoarding for so long. Here, enjoy it. Take it back to whoever sent you here. Yes I know something is going on around here, don’t take us locals for idiots!”

Objective: “Deliver” the Relic to Samir Amin to earn some Simoleons and Visa Points

Rewards: 20 Visa points, 80 Ancient coins

Delivering the Relic to Samir Amin will open the next portion of this adventure.

Preparing the Bribe

“You have made the right choice helping me out. I will tell you the truth. I work for an organization that wants to stop MorcuCorp from exploiting this land. We could really use your help. If you want to sign on there’s more work to be done. We need to buy you time to explore the next tomb, which means we must bribe MorcuCorp’ henchmen. Explore the sands around the town to find 2 pieces of Mummitomium with which to bribe the MorcuCorp goons. Bring that back to me.”

Objective: Collect 2 pieces of Mummitomium and deliver them to Samir Amin to earn Simoleons, Visa points, and some Ancient Coins.

Reward: 20 Visa points, 2878 Simoleons (depending on the value of your find), 25 Ancient coins

Mummitomium are quite rare but can be easily located on the World Map.

HQ Infiltration

“I’ve arranged for the Mummitomium to be deposited in a chest in the local MorcuCorp Headquarters. There shouldn’t be anyone around to bother you. Problem is, the security systems will most likely be online… this could get hairy. Take this package of Mummitomium, deposit it, and watch your back.”

Objective: Infiltrate the MorcuCorp HQ and deposit the bribe into the chest in the computer room to receive some Visa Points.

Reward: 15 Visa points

The secret switch to the basement is located in the garage of the house. Once your Sims descend down into the basement, it is a fairly straight series of rooms and staircases. However, along many of the corridors, there are many fire and electricity traps to look out for and disarm. The secret office is located on the lowest level with three treasure chests. Obtain the treasure and deposit the Bribe in the middle one.


Ella received a phone call from Samir Amin. “Good job with the bribe. Just leave it there and the hencemen will take care of the rest. Also, I’ve hacked into the MorcuCorp mainframe. The information is there, but I cannot get it from my computer. Hack the commander’s computer inside their HQ to find the location of the second relic. It should be a room with a computer all by itself. Be quick about it!”

Objective: “Hack” the main computer in the MorcuCorp Headquarters to earn some Visa Points.

Reward: 15 Visa points, Ancient coins

Behind the office full of computers is a smaller office with a laptop on the study table. Simply direct your Sims to hack the laptop and you will automatically trigger the next quest - finding the second relic.

Ella receives a phone call from Samir Amin. “Thanks for sending in the information. According to the data, the Tomb of the Desert Ocean is an underground oasis, a vast source of water for centuries. You must survive its depths to find the Relic of Life and return it to me. This is Samir Amin signing out.”

Depositing the bribe in the office

Depositing the bribe in the office


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