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Simcity Buildit Guide: Assignments in the Contest of Mayors

The Contest of Mayors (SimCity BuildIt)

The Contest of Mayors (SimCity BuildIt)

What are Assignments in the SimCity Contest of Mayors?

In the Contest of Mayors, you'll be given a list of assignments to complete for Plumbob points. Each assignment is worth a pre-set point value and must be completed in a certain amount of time. Some assignments are worth more than others and some assignments allow more time than others.

The goal is to win the Contest of Mayors by earning as many points as possible.

Depending on your league, you'll be allowed to complete a fixed number of assignments. For example, currently, you can complete 45 assignments in the City League.

Which assignments should you choose?

You get to choose which assignments to complete. You don't have to do all - or any - of them. Of course, in order to win, you're going to have to complete some.

The key to winning the Contest of Mayors is really in choosing the right assignments!

In this guide, you'll learn how to compete in the Contest of Mayors by carefully selecting assignments that'll maximize the number of points you'll earn.

Assignments in the Contest of Mayors

Assignments in the Contest of Mayors

No. 1 Strategy: Start with the Biggest Assignment

In the Contest of Mayors, always start with the biggest assignment, even if you know you won't be able to complete it.

When you choose a very large assignment (something that rewards you with 2000+ Plumbob points), you will receive another assignment of a similar value when that one is complete. However, if you choose a small assignment, the same rule applies: you'll receive another assignment of a similar value.

What happens then is that you get into a cycle of receiving only low value assignments, which will never be enough to compete with top mayors.

You have to start the with the biggest assignment you've been given. If you know you can't complete it, just click the cancel button.

Understanding Replacement Assignments

When you cancel an assignment, you'll receive a warning that you'll only have a certain number of assignments left. That's okay. Cancel it anyway and receive your next assignment (replacement assignment).

More than likely you will not need to worry about running out of assignments.

This strategy ensures that you are always given assignments with high Plumbob point values, which will help you earn more for the same amount of work.

Waiting for new assignments

Sometimes, you have to wait 20 minutes for another assignment to come through. You can also choose to watch an ad to get the next assignment immediately.

Maxing out assignments

Remember: You'll be limited to a maximum number of assignments you can start/complete. However, most players never max out on their assignments, and those that do can use golden tickets for extra assignments.

3 Types of Assignments You Should Always Ignore

1. Time-intensive assignments

Always ignore assignments that take more time to complete than necessary for the same Plumbob value. For example, with the new Regions, you'll be presented with tasks like, Earn Lime Simoleons (1700).

These seem good, because the game will give you 24 hours to earn them, but it would take way longer than 24 hours to earn 1700 Lime Simoleons! It is not worth it. You will almost certainly fail.

2. Expensive production assignments

Similarly, making items that take hours to build is almost never worth it, unless

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  • the number of them is very small,
  • you already have the supplies on hand,
  • the Plumbob value is over 2000, and
  • you have spare Gold Speed-Up Tokens.

Examples of production assignments you should avoid include:

  • Garden chairs
  • Hats
  • Beef
  • Trees
  • Fruit
  • Flour bags
  • Lawnmowers

3. Gold Keys assignments

These are almost never worth their time. In these assignments, you're typically asked to earn 3-4 gold keys within 1 day and 12 hours. It's certainly possible, but it's highly improbable.

There are only three ways to earn gold keys:

  • Completing a shipment
  • Receiving a key as a gift from a city resident
  • Watching a video and winning a key from a box

Every single day, if you visit enough cities and pop enough opinion bubbles, you'll earn exactly ONE key from a resident. That means, you could receive 365 keys per year, at least.

And, if you watch enough ads (that are prompted by the game), you'll almost certainly receive at least one other gold key.

But the rest you'll need to get by completing shipments, which are 6 hours apart! If you have to earn 4 keys, aside from getting lucky with residents or video ads, you'll need to use SimCash to speed up the time between boats, which makes no sense.

Don't fall into the trap of using SimCash to win the Contest of Mayors. While some people swear by it, it is entirely possible to win every contest without spending a single dollar of SimCash - you just need to know and use the strategies in this guide.

To earn Simoleons quickly, buy high-priced items from the Global TD and then immediately sell them. For best results, buy only quick-selling items.

To earn Simoleons quickly, buy high-priced items from the Global TD and then immediately sell them. For best results, buy only quick-selling items.

5 Assignments You Should Always Choose

In order of importance, here are assignments you should always choose, regardless of your ability to complete them (but try to).

1. The biggest assignment

As explained above, the biggest assignment in your list is always the most important. Choose this one, and if you can't complete it (or don't want to), just cancel it. You'll be given a replacement assignment that is very close to the same amount of Plumbob points.

2. Raw material production assignments

Assignments that ask you to produce glass, metal, wood, chemicals, feed, etc. should ALWAYS be played. Here's how to do it so it makes the most sense:

  1. Make sure you've added all of the factories you can. Maximize the number of slots.
  2. Always begin production before you begin the assignment.
  3. Do other things while your items are being produced.
  4. Remember to start the assignment before you collect! (Important)

Raw material production assignments can be the most lucrative and easiest way to win. For long production assignments, such as glass or feed, start production at night - then sleep your way through the production. Just remember to always start the assignment before you collect.

To make the most out of raw material production, be sure to follow it with an Earn Simoleons assignment so you can sell what you've produced and level up in the contest at the same time.

3. Simoleons assignments

There are only a couple of ways to do this assignment correctly. First, here are a few things NOT to do for this assignment:

  • Don't build or upgrade homes as a way to earn Simoleons. Save that work for Upgrade assignments!
  • Don't empty out your storage just for this type of assignment.
  • Don't sell expansion items just for this.

This type of assignment is very easy but only if you do it right. Here are the three most effective ways to earn Simoleons in the Contest of Mayors:

  1. Sell items you've produced in a raw material production assignment. This is the most straightforward and logical way.
  2. Buy quick selling, high priced items in the Global TD and immediately list them for full price in your own TD. Example: expansion items, London/Paris/Tokyo items, pizza, ice cream sandwiches, frozen yogurt, etc.
  3. Visit 25-30 cities and sell all of the gifts they give you - plus earn Simoleons as gifts from residents.

It's entirely possible to earn 20,000 Simoleons in under an hour just by using #2 above.

4. Upgrade assignments

Upgrading residences is one of the easiest assignment types and you should always choose them. However, the order in which you choose them matters. If the upgrade assignment is low-rewarding (low Plumbob points), wait until the last few hours of the contest to do it.

Never go broke on an upgrade assignment as it's almost never worth it. Typically, the lower the contest rank, the more valuable these easy assignments are. As you get to City League and above, the Upgrade assignments become worth a lot less.

Tip for upgrade assignments: Never upgrade any homes during a contest of mayors unless you're doing it for the assignment. In other words, even if you have all of the supplies, don't upgrade unless you're going to earn Plumbob points. Otherwise, it can wait!

5. Launching Disasters and Repairing Disasters

These assignment types are valuable, but not for everyone. If you regularly collect Vu items, you can first launch a disaster to earn Plumbob points, and then repair it for more points. You'll almost certainly be given a repair assignment after a disaster launch assignment unless you already have one in your list.

The rule of thumb is to never accept a repair assignment that requires that you launch a disaster first. You'll waste valuable Vu items that way. Instead, if you're given a repair assignment without an accompanying disaster launch assignment, either wait until you receive one, or, accept the repair assignment and then cancel it immediately for a replacement assignment.

Earn Simoleons is one of the easiest assignments in the Contest of Mayors

Earn Simoleons is one of the easiest assignments in the Contest of Mayors

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