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Silent Hill: Shattered Memories - Creating Your Nightmare

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When you think of psychological horror games, the first game that would come to your mind is "Silent Hill." The Silent Hill series changed the horror genre of video games. Few video games can give the audience a sense of unease, and Silent Hill was one of them. Silent Hill's story begins with the first game way back in 1999. The original Silent Hill game was released for PlayStation and was an instant success. Gaming fans worldwide liked the relationship between father and daughter and the ghostly abandoned town of Silent Hill. Somehow, Climax Studio decided to make a re-imagining of the original game, and the result was Silent Hill: Shattered Memories.


Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is a re-imagining of the first game of the series, Silent Hill. This game is a psychologically thrilling nightmare in itself. The game opens with a warning: "This game psychologically profiles you as you play. It gets to know who you are, then uses its information to change itself; it uses its knowledge against you, creating your nightmare. The game plays you as much as you play it."

The game takes place in a different universe from the original Silent Hill, including the characters, locations, relations, and main story. The same quest for Harry Mason to find his daughter in the fictitious town of Silent Hill but this time in a different universe. The story plot is different, and the original characters' design varies. The game provides you with five different endings, first-person psychotherapy sessions with psychiatrist Michael Kaufmann, and a whole new gruesome journey of Harry Mason in the dark, cold world of Silent Hill. Psychotherapy sessions are critical to the progression of the story. You will have to answer the question, and the game's focus will change according to your answers. Shattered Memories' re-imagined plot received praise from the reviewers.

Same But New Fictional World:


Shattered Memories take place in the cold blue world of Silent Hill. The game is draped in darkness, with Harry's light the only thing that can help you navigate. It is the same old town as the original game, with the exact locations but different settings. The game's story also starts with a car accident, as in the original game. However, some notable changes have been made. Alchemilla is now into a different street. Some of the Alchemilla layouts are also changed. The connecting roads are also put into separate locations. The map of the ice-cold world also has been changed a little bit. Shattered Memories give you a chance to relive classic Silent Hill from a different perspective. Old school is there to explore. You can visit the abandoned houses throughout the game.

Many old characters are changed, but they retain some of their old traits, such as Nurse Lisa Garland is a generous soul, Cybil Bennet is a good cop and can be sexy according to your choices, Dahlia is a drug addict who runs away from her past. Michelle Valdez is a new character and can also change her sexual approach toward you. If you often stare at nude pictures, you will get a red hot sexy Michelle Valdez. Besides all this, Dr. Kaufmann is a crucial character as he explores your personality through his questions. The first-person camera angle gives you the face-to-face interaction with Dr. Kaufmann, creating an impressive atmosphere. Your encounters with these characters bring back some old memories of 1998, but to some extent.

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"Aren't all psychiatrists supposed to be obsessed with sex?"

— Dr. Michael Kaufmann

Brand-New Gameplay:


Old gameplay is wholly changed from clunky controls to a new nightmare sequence. Shattered Memories is the first installment to remove any combat, and it makes confrontations with enemies more intense. Nightmare sequences are the maze-like environments in which bubble-faced monsters chase you, and you have to escape from a nightmare as soon as possible. Some reviewers criticized the game for frustrating nightmare sequences and lack of danger in the outside world. However, monsters can't harm you in Shattered Memories unless you play a nightmare sequence. As a result, it is the least scary game of the Silent Hill series.

Harry's phone plays a vital role in the game. It will help you in finding clues and solving puzzles. You can dial any phone number on the phone, but numbers found on posters, billboards, and signs would be reachable. The phone's camera is a key feature here as you can take pictures and uncover the truth through it. You can save photos in the gallery and hear recorded messages from the phone. The phone is essential as it gives information about your past and helps to join your shattered memories. The lack of combat presents awful gameplay, but it is an entirely new experience to explore the grim world of Silent Hill for some audiences.

That's All Folks!


Shattered Memories bring back familiar feelings to significant effect. The soundtrack is fantastic. It lends the unique game feelings of despair and sadness. New gameplay is fun and primarily sluggish because of glitches. New cell phone mechanics are neat, and some Easter eggs also can be found by dialing numbers. The cool thing is that every number yields some output.

The environment is filled with great details and uncovers Harry’s hidden memories. Shattered Memories masterfully blends its soundtrack with a fantastic environment design, and it puts players in the shoes of Harry’s loneliness. It is not the scariest installment because your life is only endangered when nightmare sequences are playing. It is not better or worse than other games in the series, but it’s different. You don’t play the game; the game plays you. It creates your nightmare. Its abstract story will take some twisted turns that you wouldn’t expect. Be careful with your choices; they will come back to haunt you.

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories may not be the most robust game in the series, but its emotional storytelling about acceptance and guilt makes it a remarkable entry. Much like older entries of the series, it tackles many complex and unique themes in its way. It is about accepting reality and moving on because the other side of life is more beautiful than you think.

This game was released for Wii and PSP, but later a port was also released for PS2.

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