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Should you buy Cuphead?

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Hi, I am a video game enthusiast and can’t wait to give you some advice on some of them.

If you are looking for an answer to whether you should buy Cuphead or not, you will find your answer here. The game is part of the run-and-gun genre in cartoon style 30’s, difficult, but above all great in every level. You'll love every boss (you will hate some of them), because they have a variety of abilities and a great art style. The commands are responsive and it's difficult to notice any input lag. The music is fantastic and there is also a local multiplayer mode, so you can play it with your friends and have fun.

If you love difficult games like Dark Souls and Bloodborne, you will not find the same difficulty level, but the game is still difficult, but believe me, you'll have a lot of fun with each boss.

Even if you do not like difficult games, you can choose to play all bosses and all levels in easy mode.

The game runs well on the Nintendo Switch, but there are some fps drops (it's totally playable), so if you prefer the PC version, you will not have any problems.

To conclude I leave the link to the game here

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