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Should You Buy Terraria? (Terraria Review)


Is Terraria Worth Buying?


Continue reading to see the reasons.


Everyone has heard of Terraria at least once in their lives. If not, then they must be living under a rock!

Terraria is a 2D adventure game full of mobs and bosses. During the day, the game is quite peaceful with only a few weak slimes roaming about, but at night, zombies and demon eyes come out to kill you.

Sadly, you can't skip night time like in Minecraft, but you can simply box yourself from the outside world and start mining some resources. Be careful of cave monsters though. There are biomes and caves underground too, and is over a thousand meters deep. Eventually, you'll reach the underworld full of lava and demons.

  • If you're a builder, there are plenty of blocks and furniture for you to use, and NPCs you can interact with.

  • If you prefer fighting, then there are 15 bosses you can fight, and plenty of armor and tool upgrades. There are even classes you can choose to become: melee, ranged, magic, summoning, or you can choose to be all (But it would be less efficient).
  • If you like to dabble in mechanisms, you can create machines and contraptions to organize your game play. Create whatever you desire!
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Terraria Build, Battles, Contraptions


Is it worth buying this game?


There's around 100 hours of game play in the base game alone, but it can last longer if you like to build great structures or mechanisms.

You can play it by yourself, but it's even more fun to play it with friends! There are public servers listed online if you want to make friends too.

Not only that, but the game can be modded.There are large mods out there that can add 100 more hours of game play! This game is definitely worth it for its price, and it's on sale frequently.

If you play this game, feel free to share with me your experiences! If you have any questions about this game, you can comment down below.

Have fun playing!

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