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Should I Let My Son Play Video Games?

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I have played video games for a long time, and I know what games I should play, and how long I should play for. I want to help you.

Buying the Game

If you are afraid of the fact that your son might not play the right games, then just follow this. Your son probably doesn't have the money to buy a video game yet, use this to your advantage. Take your son to the store and help him buy the game. But show him games that you will help him buy, and have these games be the only ones you help him buy. Not only will this help him choose the right games, but you get some parent/son bonding time. Also, having the right research on the game will help. On the back of every game will have a rating. Its up to you if you want to trust the ratings or ignore them. First person shooter games can have a negative affect on young players that don't get enough time in the real world. There are all types of games your son could play that aren't violent. There are even games that help them in learning and thinking. So many games are helpful for this.

Playing the Game

This part is very hard to think about. Too much video games, and your child won't do anything else. Too little, and he won't have this subject to talk about to his friends. Its up to you to find the right balance for your child. You might be buying games so your child will have something to do while you work around the house. This will work, but make sure to play these games with your son so you two will have something to talk about. Just like you might want your son to do something with you, like help around the house with extra projects, he probably wants to spend time doing what he wants with you. This leads back to how much time your child should be playing. If you cut him a deal, like, "If you work, or play, out side for an hour, you can play games for an hour." This could help with the time of playing video games.

Can Video Games Have Benefits?

Some people say that there is no way video games can have a positive affect on kids. But some recent studies have shown this to be false. Some studies have shown that, a simple, easy game, like Angry Birds, can help with relaxation when someone might be having trouble with anxiety. This is because its simple and easy to do. Also, it might help socially. It gives children something to talk about with new children, and enjoying the same thing might help start conversation. Video games can even help with problem solving!

Do Video Games Have A Negative Affect?

Yes. But don't stop reading! Some video games can have some negative affects, but not all! The way a game can have a negative affect is the same way a friend can. It might teach some bad ways on how to handle things. It might have some mature content in it. But if you find out the right games to play, it could actually have a positive affect. Also, the amount of time playing the video game can have a bad affect.


How Long Should My Son Play For?

That is completely up to you. I know that's not what you want to hear, but its true! Your child might have special needs that you know of. But some people think that most children should not play for more than 2 hours on an average day. This is NOT what I think. Most kids from the age of 12 - 17 play for an average of 2 and a half hours a day. Like I said, you know your son, and I, and no one else on Goolge, do not.

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Final Thoughts

So the question "Should I let my children play video games?" really depends on you and your children. If you have any personal experience, go by that. Also, ask friends and family their thoughts on the subject. Most children would love to play video games, but there are better things to do. For example, writing. I have been writing since I was 10, and I've loved it. Also, it can help them in the future. They could even make money off of their book, or movie ideas. So don't feel bad if you have to tell your son/child no. In reality, it will probably set them up better in the future.

How long do you let your children play for?

Subs For Video Games

So, if your against playing video games, I will list a few activities that are just as fun, and will help you learn, or make money.

Writing. Some people say writing is not at all fun. But that's not true! There are many people who find writing fun. Not only does this help with lots of things, it can set your child up to make money. Your child can even sell short stories to magazines that pay real money! Look into that.

Creating Objects. If your child has a large imagination, this is for him/her. Object creating helps flex your mind. If you have your child research how to create this object, it can help understand laws, and physics. Some companies even buy ideas.

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