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Sharing My Reading Habits

My Reading Habits



I’m not going to list the benefits of reading. But let me mention, what I think about reading – it is the food for your brain.

Hey, I’m Deepa and this is all about How I developed the habit of reading, my area of interest, where do I purchase the books, and how I find time to read in between my busy schedule & tips for you to start reading.

If we encounter a man of rare intellect, we should ask him what books he reads.

— Ralph Waldo Emerson

How I developed the habit of reading?

During childhood, I used to read Balarama, Poombatta, etc like everyone else, and was very fond of reading stories. I even read Manorama, Mangalam, Vanitha, etc when I was a kid. Later maybe by the influence of my teachers, I joined the school library and I think I was one of the few students at my age who enrolled for library membership. I started with Children’s Books and later moved to other genres like Science, Maths, etc for educational purpose and during college days I came across self-help books in the college library and became addicted.

I was lonely at that time. Though had many friends, I used to feel lonely, like I didn’t have anyone to point out to be my best friend, as I couldn’t find someone with my same wavelength. So that brought me to books.
Till then I had only a few books with me, In my collection. Like I used to read eBooks more and the rest I got from Libraries like British Library.

Once I started working, I met with like-minded people and got introduced to the habit of purchasing books from Amazon, indulekha, DC books, etc.
Later I was obsessed with purchasing books and creating a library of my own then, to read.

Once Kids came in, I lost the habit of reading somewhere but was still in the process of buying books. So, after I was fired from my Jobs, I became friends with books again. And it continues.

Now I have around 180 plus books in genres like spirituality, autobiographies, Money management, Self-help, psychological, behavioral and novels & literature

My area of interest

I started with storybooks for kids. Then I moved on to educational references during my college and later started reading, Self-help and books that explained our behavior and psychology. During that time, I was finding it difficult to solve many behavioral problems, that were affecting me. I haven’t got any friends to discuss those issues to find a solution. So, I have to bring my solutions and conclusions to what was happening to me at the office and family.

Now also I find solutions to my problems, by reading these psychological & self-help books. They boost me a lot. For few years I was too religious and turned towards spiritual books and other books that introduced me more to the concept of Christianity & to know more about rituals and the reason behind such concepts I bought around 30-40 books in that genre as well.

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By the influence of literature-loving friends, I bought a few of the famous novels, short stories, etc In Malayalam and English, But I didn’t find them interesting enough. I feel that is a waste of time. So, from the beginning, My area of interest is self-improvements, psychology, behavior, etc.

Where do I purchase the books?

Biggest purchases, I do via Amazon. in. Then comes the DC books website, Indulekha & Sophia Buy for Malayalam and Spiritual books. Then I make offline purchases whenever possible. During Book fairs & while visiting the Mall of Travancore, I‘m a regular buyer at the DC books store and Mathrubhumi Books store, over there.

How I find time to read in between my busy schedule

When I’m busy with other pieces of stuff, I usually don’t read. Then at times when I feel low – I pick a relevant book on the matter which I‘m doing through and read, without allowing anything else to interfere with me. Book reading is a way to get out of my depression and to find a solution to a current problem that I’m facing and it helps me to recover faster.

I usually highlight the points while reading and when in a problem, I go through the highlights, and based on that, I do journal and as I continue, I will get a solution to whatever thing I’m bothered about.

Recently I realized that I have more than hundreds of books, which I left unread in the middle. So, I made it a habit to read two books at a time, with around half an hour each for each book, in the morning and evening and It is working.

I keep a fixed time for reading and targets specific chapters per day. I can read around 10 pages per half an hour, which is the average reading speed of an average person.

Tips for you to start reading

Start with a book that is interesting to you, rather than choosing a bestseller or a book, that someone suggested to you. If that genre is interesting, you will get interested in reading it. So, the first thing is to develop an interest in reading. Also, try choosing it physically and select a thinner book to start with rather than thicker books. Go through the language used in it, the fonts, etc. While starting, all this stuff does matter, generating an interest.

Then the next thing is to make it a routine to start reading. Find a time that is comfortable for you and target on a definite number of pages, start with 1 or 2 pages per day, on a specific time, say after brushing in the morning. Morning time is best to read. Don’t read to finish. Read it to enjoy. Take your time, start small and you will be a good reader in no time.

Hope this got you some insight on how to start your reading habit. Please share this with your loved ones, will see you soon.

Some Book Suggestions

Sharing my reading habits | Deepa John

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