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Sex Dolls Is so Famous, but Why?

There are several factors which helps the silicon sex dolls to became popular in this which get to find those factors and features


What is sex dolls

Sex dolls are human-like dolls(Silicon sex dolls look like anime sometimes)

which made for sexual arousal and pleasure. They are not like the rest of the sex toys these are very realistic and replace a full body instead of a hole as you see in the above images. And one is unable to distinguish between a human and a doll at first glance.

How sex dolls made

Sex dolls are becoming popular so it becomes necessary to know how it is made

Here is the step by step procedure for making silicone sex dolls.

  1. A drawing is made to design dolls on paper inspired by real human
  2. Then using clay and plaster 3d structure is prepared.Real human, by which the design of the doll is inspired, is covered with a layer of vaseline or some other lubricants and then plaster ( rubber ) is poured into their body.
  3. Then we obtain a hollow shape in which Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) and silicon are filled to ensure that the doll's skin feels like human skin.
  4. Leave for cooling
  5. we have obtained our frame, now the artist make the face and other detailing works
  6. The whole process takes many days and requires a lot of manpower

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Sex dolls versus real woman

Here are the several factors why man prefer dolls

  1. Cost of mantaince of sex dolls are very low or negligible
  2. You don't have to take the dolls out for date
  3. Don't have to pay for fine dinner at restaurant
  4. Don't have to buy tickets for movies
  5. Don't have to take out for shopping
  6. Don't have to give flower or gifts
  7. They only require daily cleaning and good storage place
  8. And real women always need attention but doll don't need any attention
  9. Most of the time women have mood swings while silicone dolls don't have mood swings
  10. Sex dolls never cheat you.
  11. When you are with real woman you are emotionally connected and after break up have to face mental trauma while that's not the case with sex dolls
  12. Most important dolls are more flexible than real women on bed
  13. Dolls are Better sexual partners
  14. You don't have to worry for sexually transmitted disease


Sex dolls are best for sex and don't give mental trauma after break up and have low maintenance

That's why it becoming so popular


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