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Seven Best Hobbies to Develop at Home during a Lockdown


Pandemic since 2019 has affected the people's normal living across the globe. Many countries have imposed strict lockdowns to contain the spread of the disease. The lockdown imposed has otherwise given an opportunity to develop and inculcate new hobbies and stay engaged. This article discusses key activity tips to stay engaged at home while in a lockdown.

Lockdown perhaps has drained our physical activity restricting many people to stay indoors. The pandemic has indeed caused havoc on our mental wellness too. It is thus essential to stay fit and healthy during a lockdown period and fight boredom while staying indoors. Some of the interesting activities to indulge during a lockdown include-

  • Reading Books and Journals
  • Yoga and Meditation
  • Cooking
  • Watering Plants
  • Exercise and Fitness
  • Pet Care
  • Listening to Radio

Reading Books and Journals

Reading books will give a fresh breather of life to the mind. Reading a wide variety of books will help an individual to stay abreast of the surrounding activities. Reading also improves memory and helps one acquaint the joy of reading through a unique experience. Reading a book will never hinder one's growth but will aid in holistic development.

Reading journals on the other hand helps one to broaden perspectives and stay abreast of current activities. Journals help the readers by providing information and updates related to current affairs including global affairs.

Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and meditation act as key tools to rejuvenate one's mind and body. Yoga has various asanas and breathing exercises that aid in the physical development of an individual. Popular among them include Suryanamaskara which is a key and vital asana performed every day in the morning.

Meditation on the other hand helps an individual to stay connected to oneself. It is the process of keeping one's mind calm and helps to take judicious decisions and lead a calm life.

Watering Plants

Watering plants gives an individual a sense of freshness and helps to rejuvenate mind and body and be with nature. Plants in the garden provide fresh air, maintain serenity, and thus need enough watering throughout the day. Hence one needs to make sure to water the plants daily in the morning and evening and thus indulge in an exercise to stay calm and focused and be with nature

Exercise and Fitness

Staying fit is one of the key success factors while at home. Regular exercises and fitness regimes will help one to focus on the body and helps to stay calm and engaged throughout the day. One can develop daily exercise for an hour as a routine and thus stay engaged and focused while staying at home. An exercise can be developed as a daily activity either in the morning or evening or during both times.

Pet Care

Pets need attention too when you are at home. Staying at home gives an edge to take care of pets well and feed them at home. Pets need affection and love when you are at home and thus taking care of activity will help an individual to stay engaged and calm and develop a sense of belonging to its pal!

Playing with pets is another activity that can be developed as a daily routine. It will help one to stay fit and keep the pets happy too!

Listening to Radio

Radio acts as an entertainment and information channel and thus adds value to its listeners. Various radio channels broadcast informative and educative programs across popular FM stations. Listening to the radio can be developed as a hobby and will help one to stay abreast of current events happening across the world.

Many radio channels also act as an interactive forum wherein the listeners can pose their questions on various topics and thus help themselves to stay engaged while at home.

Radio broadcasting also has the advantage of audio-based advertisements, as a listener can gain information about any product or service. Radio advertisements act as an excellent channel of communication to disseminate information related to products and services.


Thus through the above activities at home one can stay fit and focused while keeping the mind calm. These activities will help an individual to grow holistically and contribute to self-development and overall wellness. Developing these activities as a hobby too will help an individual to grow professionally while helping to strike a balance between work and personal life

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