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Scripts For Hand- And Finger-Puppet Shows for Kids

Puppets are an invaluable medium for teaching your child life skills. To help you get started I have written two scripts for parents who wish to make use of puppets as a platform for providing their child with basic life skills. As children love rhyming sounds I have written both scripts in this form.

Minkey Monkey Puppet

Minky Monkey Puppet

Minky Monkey Puppet

It's My Body and I Say NO. No. NO!

Every child should have his very own puppet that he has a special relationship with. A Monkey Puppet is a favorite among children. Monkeys are mischievous, can get themselves into all sorts of trouble yet are not aggressive animals. They are always the star attractions at zoos and circus performances and this probably contributes to the popularity of a monkey puppet.

In this first script Minky Monkey is the character that all the other characters are trying to mislead. Fortunately her mother has made her aware of the modus operandi of sexual abusers and Minky knows how to re-act when confronted.

Background To The Script

The shockingly high instances of sexual abuse in small children prompted me to write this script. One in every four girls and one in every six boys are sexually abused before they reach the age of seventeen. Twenty percent of this abuse happens to children below the age of nine years old.

Performing this puppet show to your child will provide you with the opportunity to make your child aware of the tactics that child molesters use to trick children into situations which could lead to sexual abuse.

Setting the Scene

Minky is out playing with all her little friends. They are playing hide-and seek and its Minky's turn to hide. They always find her but this time she has decided to hide in a place that no-one will find her. Unfortunately she gets lost and while trying to find her home, she meets up with a few devious characters.

Peter Bear

Peter Bear

Hello Minky  Your tail is so soft and long
If you tickle me with it,  it will not be wrong     
Please just a little - I'll sing you a song! 
Benny need not know where we have gone.

No, It's My Body and I Say NO. No. NO!

Scruffy the Dog

Scruffy the Dog

Hello Minky,  I'm your friend
Can I scratch your cuddly, tummy.
We can take a walk to the park
If you let me I promise not to bark!

No, It's My Body and I Say NO. No. NO!

Porky Pig

Porky Pig

Hello Minky, Can I look for fleas in your belly
I'll be gentle and  I'm really not smelly
If you keep it a secret and not tell Benny
I'll give you ice cream and your favorite jelly

No, It's My Body and I Say NO. No. NO!

Harold Hen

Harold Hen

Minky Be my friend and come lie down next to me
If you let me touch you my golden egg is what you'll see
I know you will enjoy it - a big monkey is what you will be
and when we are finished I will give you anything for free.

No, It's My Body and I Say NO. No. NO!

Cunning Cat

Cunning Cat

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I'm friends with your Dad
Can I kiss you in your neck
It won't be anything serious
Just a little peck?
It won't leave a mark
Not even a tiny speck.

No, It's My Body and I Say NO. No. NO!

Minky Monkey's Dad

Minky Monkey's Dad

Hello Minky where have you been?
I have been looking all over -you were nowhere to be seen
Come give me a hug - I'm so glad you're safe and sound
I never ever want you to go off on your own
There are too many strange animals hanging around

Minky Monkey Puppet

Minky Monkey Puppet

Of course you can hug me
You're my one and only
You're my Dad
And I am Your Minky.

What You Should Know

  • Half of the reported cases of sexually abused children involve someone outside of the family whom they know and trust.
  • Older or bigger children that are known to the victims are responsible for approximately 40% of sexual abuse in young children
  • Only 10% of sexually abused victims are abused by strangers.

You need not go into the statistics with your child but the purpose of this script is to provide a platform so that you can communicate to your child that not only strangers are potential child molesters. It is important to teach your child to realize that their bodies are sacred and private and they have the right to say no.

My Friends are Deaf and Blind

This second script is ideal for teaching children that everyone is different. Some of us have physical handicaps and  some have handicaps that we cannot see and need to understand. A child needs to be taught to accept people with handicaps and to realize that they are people just like him or her - maybe not as fortunate in some ways but they may be extremely gifted in other ways.


I met a new friend today,
That does not listen to anything I say
She makes funny signs with her hand
And even if I try - I can't understand


Your friend is deaf she cannot hear
She can still play and laugh and cry
You'll make her very happy
If you play with her - please try


Thank you Minky now I know
Exactly what to do
She can teach me to sign
Must she teach you too?


Minky there's another boy
who says he cannot see
he says he can do everything else
he says he's just like me


Your friend is blind he cannot see
He can still play and laugh and cry
You'll make him very happy
If you play with him - please try


Thank you Minky for teaching me
even if they do things differently
That I can learn from others
things I do not know
and by accepting others
That I too will grow.

Short Story by Leza du Toit

One morning Monkey woke up with a question.

He walked over to pig who was rolling in the mud and asked: “Pig, what is your job on the farm?”

“Oink” said pig, rolling over on her belly “oink, I am the farm Hoover….oink, as you may very well know pigs will eat just about anything and the farmer does not like towaste anything so all of the leftover and spoiled food is brought to my sty for meand my family to digest.”

“Wow that seems like a very important job?” monkey said with a faint smile as he walked away over to the chicken run.

He found chicken perched on a high beam, and asked her the same question.

“Cluck, I lay eggs. The eggs are then used as food for the farmer and his family. Cluck, cluck.” said chicken as she walked of.

“Wow” said monkey “that seems like an important job”.

Monkey walked over to Max the dog and asked him what his job was.

“I am the farms alarm system, when I see or hear something strange, I alert the farmer
by barking as loud as possible.”

“WOW, that seems like a very important job” said monkey, looking very sad and worried. “ I wish I had an important job like you…”

“What?” said Max “ Monkey, do you know that all the animals here on the farm wish they were you? You have the best job of all. You may think it’s not an important job, but believe me you have the most important job of all.”

“How is that possible?” Monkey asked, “I have no job.”

“OOO Monkey let me explain. You play with the Alex, you sleep in Alex’s bed, you sit on his shoulder when he feeds the pig. To you it might seem like no job, but believe me you have the most important job of all. You see by playing with Alex and being his companion you teach him to love, protect and care for all animals. You teach Alex that having a pet is a responsibility, but even more so you teach him that his responsibility is to take care of those who can’t speak for themselves.”

“Wow. that is an important job” monkey thought as he swung off and leaped into Alex’s loving arms.

The Amazing World Of Hand and Finger Puppets



Laura du Toit (author) from South Africa on May 26, 2010:

Thanks Cosette - I really enjoyed writing this hub!

cosette on May 26, 2010:

i love the way you formatted this hub; as Paradise said, very inventive and creative. this is a great way to teach children about scary topics without scaring them. in fact, it empowers them. absolutely wonderful Laura!

Laura du Toit (author) from South Africa on October 19, 2009:

Thanks Paradise

Paradise7 from Upstate New York on October 19, 2009:

REally cool hub for people with kids. Very inventive, very creative.

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