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Scribblenauts Unlimited walkthrough: Palindromeda and Syntax Station



Another planet? Another PLANET?! Yep, you're now on Palindromeda, home to the aliens who have been plaguing your journey for so long. Looks like they have some guests - and you might want to help those guests in escaping this alien landscape!

TaskWho gives the task?SolutionReward

I need something brainless to inhabit!

Mason Jar

Any person that's 'brainless' will suit the Brain nicely.

Starite Shard

Give me something from the farm!


Pigs love 'mud'. Hand it over.

Starite Shard

I'm craving a bite to eat from Earth!


I know I'd miss 'hamburgers' if I was on another planet.

Starite Shard

Help me find some non-language related way to communicate with the martians!


Just look at the guy. He HAS to have an instrument. 'Piano' him up!

Starite Shard; unlocks Ludwig

Give me something to see Earth!


A 'telescope', of course.

Starite Shard

I want to look human!


Add the adjective 'fleshy' or give it a 'mask'.

Starite Shard

Give me a superpower!


A 'strong, flying' Baby seems rather superheroic.

Starite Shard

Front Line of Defense


First, 'bronze'. Second, 'brain'. Third, 'dinosaur'. And, fourth, 'wings' or a 'jetpack'.


Escape from Palindromeda!


Get the Astronaut out of the stasis field by attacking the Generators on the ceiling with a 'gun' (you have to shoot from the sides for this to work). Use a 'mirror' on the laser gates. Use 'meat' on the Haetae to lure it off the ledge. Then make the ship 'fixed' so the Astronaut can... leave you behind... jerk.



Syntax Station

This is it. The last of the last, the final showdown, the end to all things both Scribble and Naut (until they release a new game, of course). You're on Syntax Station, deep in space, and you have a crew of rowdy cowboys, tourists and mad scientists to appease. Do your job and bring your sister back to the land of the living!

TaskWho gives the task?SolutionReward

My cow tried to jump over the moon and now she is stuck out there! Bring her back inside!


The cow is outdoors. Float out into the ether, snag her, and bring her back to her master.

Starite Shard

The student has captured the master! I'm willing to trade for his freedom!


The chimp is vindictive, but fair. He just wants a 'banana'.

Starite Shard

Real humans! Give them an environment to pose in!


The Martian desires authenticity. Create a spacious 'forest' where they can pose (or any other human locale you can dream up).

Starite Shard

Help test the blue teleporter by placing something on it!

Mad Scientist

Anything small enough to fit on the Teleporter will work.

Starite Shard

We hit a firefly during flight! I can't leave the ship to clean it off, will you help?

Pilot in the shuttle

Replace the fly on the window with a 'spider'. The Pilot apparently doesn't mind spiders.

Starite Shard

We couldn't afford tickets so she is threatening to send us out through the airlock!

Girl in the shuttle

Either give the Girl a 'ticket' or make the Flight Attendant 'friendly'.

Starite Shard

Help me work out while I'm away from Earth!

Bodybuilder in the tower

She wants gym equipment. A simple 'weight' will do... as well a 'gym'...

Starite Shard

I remembered the satellite but forgot the spy gear! Will you help me?

Spy floating outside the space station

Despite being in SPACE, all this Spy wants is a set of 'binoculars'.

Starite Shard

Space Station Infiltration

Scientist at the entrance

Make a 'jetpack' for the first Scientist. Give a 'whale' to the Veterinarian. Make a 'teacher' for the Brain. Give the Robo-Hamster a 'saddle'. Supply the Barber with 'scissors'. Hit the switch. Last, make the Super Computer 'broken'.


Assuming you went in order and Syntax Station was your last stop in Scribblenauts Unlimited, you've now collected every Starite that can be found in the levels. This is more than enough to head home and free Lily, who thereafter becomes a playable character. Yaaaaay. This brings your Scribblenauts journey to a close...

... except not. There's more to go. Check your Starite count and you'll see that there are 106 total, not 85. What the devil? Yep, you have many more interactions to work through before you can grab them all. Fortunately, you can do these things virtually anywhere! Get ready for a ton of item creation!

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