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Scribblenauts Unlimited walkthrough: Metaforest and Majuscule Grotto



Welcome to the peaceful Metaforest, the third hub of Scribblenauts Unlimited. The forest is plagued by the usual assortment of nastiness, and it's up to Maxwell to help these poor people. Get to work!

TaskWho gives this task?SolutionReward

These bugs are endless! Help me keep them away!

Backpacker by the entrance

'Bug spray' or a 'fly swatter' will end this problem in a jiff.

Starite Shard

This isn't a comfortable place to sleep! Create something better for the Backpacker!

Dirt by the Backpacker

Give him a 'bed' or a 'hotel'. So spoiled.

Starite Shard

My nose isn't good enough to sniff out truffles alone!

Scientist near the manor

What's good at finding truffles? Pigs, of course!

Starite Shard

Help stop Jack from cutting down this tree!

Serenity, near the manor

Serenity is clearly a nature-loving hippy. Make Jack a 'hippy' to stop his cutting. (You'll have to reset the level to do Jack's quest, however.)

Starite Shard; unlocks Serenity

My job is to cut down the this tree, but I don't have any tools!

Jack, near the manor

Jack is a working man. Give him something that cuts - a 'saw' is the basic - so he can do his thing. (You'll have to reset the level if you want to complete Serenity's task, however.)

Starite Shard; unlocks Jack

Pollinate the fruit tree!

Yew above Jack and Serenity

Bees pollinate. Create a 'bee' to do your handiwork.

Starite Shard

I think I found a sasquatch den, but I have no way to document it!

Paparazzi above Jack and Serenity

He needs a 'camera'. Oblige.

Starite Shard

My kite is stuck in the tree! Help me get it down!

Patches, above the Paparazzi

Patches wants his kite back. You can either fly up and get it for him or give him a flying machine (or flying powers) of his own.

Starite Shard; unlocks Patches

Help us finish this treehouse!

Girl and boy to the left of Patches

These two just need some tools, like a 'hammer' or 'saw'. You can also call in a 'carpenter' for a professional touch.

Starite Shard

If I could raise a human cub...

Friendly Wolves beneath the boy and girl

They just want a 'baby'. Easy peasy.

Starite Shard

The Merit Badge

Scout Leader by the entrance

Start by giving the Scout something with which to carve, like a 'knife'. Next up, a 'fire extinguisher' for the blaze on the dummies, then a 'bandage' or 'doctor' to treat their wounds. Third, give him 'armor' to protect him, and any kind of projectile weapon to shoot the target.



Majuscule Grotto

A place of wonder and mystery, Majuscule Grotto's inhabitants run the gamut from simple forest folk to monsters to a faceless man with a tragic past. They all need help - as usual.

TaskWho gives the task?SolutionReward

Help! Provide the lonely medusa with a romantic partner so she will leave us alone!

Brick Gray Tourists

A plain 'ol 'monster' will set the medusa's prey free, as well any specific beasts.

Starite Shard

I've been fishing all day but there's nothing to catch!

Angler in the boat

Stock the water with 'fish', what else?

Starite Shard

I'm too hideous to love!

Opera Singer on the other side of the water

Either you can make the Opera Singer 'handsome' or you can give him an 'ugly' or 'hideous' girlfriend.

Starite Shard

I need supplies to take to grandma!

Little Red Riding Hood above the entrance

Fill the basket with something tasty. Red will also be content with practical items... such as a 'gun', for some reason...

Starite Shard

Help! Help! Apply an adjective to my house to stop them from eating it!

Witch above Little Red Riding Hood

Give the house the adjective 'gross' to stop those pesky kids.

Starite Shard

I want to make a wish with that well!

Flower Girl beside the well

She needs something to throw in. A 'coin' or 'money' will grant her wish.

Starite Shard

My house is so plain - it needs a touch of color!

Grandmother near the well

Apply any color adjective to the house.

Starite Shard

Moving West

Pilgrim near the Grandmother

First, give the Pilgrim something to give it a profession - 'money', 'saw', 'hoe', 'shovel' and a myriad of other things. Next, make an animal to replace the dead ox - ANY animal (even a 'mouse') can pull the wagon. A 'cave man' can teach how to catch animals. Last, make some kind of 'house' for the guy to live in.


That's it for this walk through the woods! Next time, we visit two blasts from the past: Sir Guillemet's Castle and The Saurus Park. Both are great areas that will tax your creativity.

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