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Scribblenauts Unlimited walkthrough: Bullet Point Bayou and The Listy Colon


Bullet Point Bayou

Swamps aren't always the nicest places to visit, and Bullet Point Bayou doesn't look too cheery on the surface. The residents just want some help, however, and they have plenty of Starites for your trouble. Get to work de-mucking this foul puddle.

TaskWho gives the task?SolutionReward

I really gotta go! But it's really gross in there!

Scratch, near the outhouse

Your brother is grossed-out by outhouses. You can either try to improve the Outhouse ('clean', 'pristine') or give Scratch somewhere new to do his business.

Starite Shard; unlocks Scratch

I want to be a duckling!

Turtle under the fallen tree

This turtle isn't very smart, but he knows what he wants. Make him 'feathered'.

Starite Shard

Get these woodpeckers away from me!

Treant on the fallen tree

Find some way to kill the Woodpeckers (slow) or turn the Treant into some other material, like 'chocolate' (fast).

Starite Shard

Give us what we want and we will leave you in peace!

UFO above the swamp

They came for your 'leader', of course. What else?

Starite Shard

I need somebody to kiss!

Goliath Frog beneath the dock

Frogs like a good 'princess'. Well known fact.

Starite Shard

Place something to grill on the barbie!

Grill on the dock

This Grill only seems to like meat.

Starite Shard

Feed me!

Gator under the dock

Take whatever you cooked on the Grill and give it to the Alligator. Om nom.

Starite Shard

They Walk Among Us!

Girl on the dock

Start by creating a bright light, like the 'sun'. Then create a 'stereo' for some loud noise, and put it near the baby. 'Pick Up' the cat and hop in the water. Last, give the Woman 'wings' to reveal the final alien. Don't touch the UFO at all during this!

Starite Shard


The Listy Colon

A den of brigands, cutthroats, thieves and a hacker with his trusty laptop, The Listy Colon needs more than just a crew of plunderers - it needs a bunch of well-rounded, satisfied sailors. You can bring them the joy they need to improve their lives with your usual magical touch. Set sail, me hearties!

TaskWho gives the task?SolutionReward

I need a tool from my trade to finally settle this argument!

Pirate and Ninja atop the stern of the ship

Pirate, Ninja. The ultimate showdown. Give them some kind of weapon to settle the score. (You can only get one reward from this.)

Starite Shard

Give me something to hide inside so I can make my escape!

Assassin in the captain's cabin

He just needs something hollow. A 'barrel' will get him out.

Starite Shard

Give me something that I can craft into a peg leg!

Legless Pirate on the deck

This fella needs some wood. He'll be happy with anything that starts with 'wood' or 'wooden'.

Starite Shard

Give me something to eat that prevents scurvy!

Conquistador on the deck

Citrus fruits were good for scurvy. Try an 'orange'.

Starite Shard

Prevent internet piracy!

Laptop below deck

Just 'Interact' with the laptop to turn it off.

Starite Shard

Give me something to swab the duck!

Deaf Sailor below deck

Don't be too rough on that duck. Give the sailor a 'sponge'.

Starite Shard

We need some pieces to play a game!

Legionnaires below deck

A 'chess piece' is just dandy.

Starite Shard

I'll never be accepted as a parrot!

Seagull above the deck

Parrots are 'red', aren't they?

Starite Shard

This crows nest is lacking! Give me something to construct a proper nest!

Crow in the crows nest

'Hay' or 'straw' will start this Crow off right.

Starite Shard

Find the treasure map and bring it to me!

Rogue on the foremast

The Map is in a chest at the bottom of the sea, to the right of the ship. Make the Shark near it 'friendly' to avoid trouble while you grab the Map.

Starite Shard

We're running out of ammo! Throw something in the cannon!

Yarrr, at the bow

I launched a 'beagle' out of mine...? Anything goes, as long as it fits.

Starite Shard

The Cursed Crew!

Ghost on the deck

The ghosts all want things they once loved. Give an 'axe' to the Warrior, a 'beard' or 'goatee' to the Zombie, a 'mirror' to the Wisp, a 'brain' to the Ghoul and a 'parrot' to the Captain in the middle.


Where Can I Find Some Sailors?

Pirate flag near Yarrr

You need a crew for the various parts of the ship. A 'sailor' for the wheel, a 'banker' for the treasure, a 'soldier' for the weapons, a 'chef' in the kitchen, some poor sap (anybody) in the brig, and an 'astronomer' or 'navigator' in the crows nest.


The puzzles are getting harder and the Starites harder to come by, but keep on truckin' - you almost have enough to get your poor sister out of trouble. Next time: Lost Kingdom of Parentheses and Abian Sea Front!

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