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Scribblenauts Unlimited walkthrough: Anaphora Falls and Ruins of Ellipsis


Anaphora Falls

Welcome to Anaphora Falls, jungle paradise of the Scribblenauts world! Humans and animals... and boats... live in peace in this edenic part of nature, and their troubles are few. Set them right so everybody can enjoy this little slice of heaven without worry.

TaskWho gives the task?SolutionReward

I can't feel the sunlight by the river! Create something to help me tan!

Sunbather by the entrance

He can't feel the sun. Why not bring the 'sun' to him?

Starite Shard

Place something in between these logs to help me cross the river!

Tree Frog in the water

You could go simple and give the Tree Frog another 'log'. Or you could go nuts and stick a 'yacht' there instead.

Starite Shard

The treasure will appear when the lanterns ignite!

Tiki Torch in the water

Though the torch is underwater, you need only apply the adjective 'lit'.

Starite Shard

We're vegitarian piranhas! What's for lunch?

Vegitarian Piranhas in the water

How about a nice 'salad'?

Starite Shard

Please reunite me with my love!

Dead Bridesmaid above the Piranhas

She's dead. Make her 'living' instead.

Starite Shard

Help me sail again!

Sinking Boat by the Dead Bridesmaid

'Working' or 'floating' will get the boat adrift again. ('Floating' will even send it into the air.)

Starite Shard

We only allow gorillas in our troop and you are no gorilla!

Gorilla on the first cliff

You need to make Maxwell 'gorillian' to win the respect of the silverback.

Starite Shard

Help me practice my painting!

Elephant on the higher cliff

The Elephant simply needs some paint supplies. A 'brush' or 'paint' will do.

Starite Shard

I want to dance, but I don't have a beat to follow

Shaman under the Saurus Park entrance

This guy needs drums. Conjure up 'drums' or a 'drummer' to set the pace.

Starite Shard

Help me take a picture with this local!

Tourist beside the Shaman

The girl can't do it alone. Conjure up a 'photographer' to snap a shot.

Starite Shard

Teaching a Businessman to Fish!

Box on the bottom island

Get the Businessman in the proper attire with a nice 'fishing hat'. Then give him a 'fishing rod'. Then put something the bass will like, such as a 'worm' or 'spider' or something small. Next is a rainbow halibut; it will simply want food with 'rainbow' attached. Last, make a 'fudge' beast for the megalodon to eat.


Primate Pals!

Monkey on the middle platform, with the gorillas

There are various monkeys that want human pals with similar tastes. First make a 'musician', then a 'witch', then a 'gamer' or 'nerd', and, last, a 'rooster'.



Ruins of Ellipsis

Now you're in the deeper jungle, the hiding place of the ancient Ruins of Ellipsis. The trees have become more foreboding, and there are things waiting within these crumbling stone walls that defy science. Dare you search inside for the Starites your sister so desperately needs? (Probably.)

TaskWho gives the task?SolutionReward

This carnivorous plant may hold the cure for man diseases, but I can't get it to bloom!

Botanist at the entrance

You can either use 'fertilizer' or give the plant 'meat' to bring it to life.

Starite Shard

Red Thumb!

Plant chasing the Botanist

Give it some 'meat' to calm it down.

Starite Shard

Our leader has died! Create a new leader suitable for us!

Ants near the entrance

You CAN give them a 'queen ant', but a plain ol' 'queen' will also do the trick.

Starite Shard

I'm so plain! Add an adjective to me so I can fit in!

Pigeon by the tree

The Pigeon just wants to stand out. Make it 'rainbow' or 'golden' or 'purple' or 'sparkling' or something that will change its drab appearance.

Starite Shard

Give me something to help me study these chimps!

Primatologist near the chimpanzees

There's no better way to lure a stereotypical primate than to give its researcher a 'banana'.

Starite Shard

Help! I can't get past these crazy darts!

Cryptozoologist in the ruins

The poor guy just needs to ward off the darts. Give him a 'shield' so he can slip by.

Starite Shard

Help me find the crystal bones of King Ellipsis!

Necromancer in the ruins

You have to track down the bones and bring them to the Necromancer. The spine is atop some ruins near the entrance; the ribcage is near the bird tree; the bone is in the next chamber over from the Necromancer. Throw them all in the coffin.

Starite Shard


Sword and shield on the ground

You need to provide each member of the party with a suitable weapon. The Warrior should get a 'sword' or 'axe'; the Rogue a 'bow' or 'gun'; the Warlock a 'staff' or 'rod' or 'wand'; the Cleric a 'medkit'.


Out of the jungle, into the slammer. Next time in Scribblenauts Unlimited we'll have a look at Payper N. Penitentiary and Payper Plains, which is probably where prisoners escape after fleeing jail.

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