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Scooter Tricks: Advanced

Before you attempt any of these tricks, make sure you have learnt the beginner and medium ones first.

Do you have a scooter, and want to know some good tricks to learn to perform in the streets without the use of ramps or bowls? Well you have come to the right place, here i have compiled a number of street scooter tricks, categorically placed in either the "Beginner, Medium, or Advanced sections. Remember, if you have only purchased your scooter very recently, try to get the feel of simply riding, before you begin to attempt any of the tricks mention here in this hub. Also, some of the skills learnt through completing the beginners and medium tricks will be crucial in succeeding to master the advanced tricks, so follow the link to my hub on beginners tricks here, or to my hub on medium tricks here. Along with the descriptions of the stunts, most tricks will also have a corresponding video placed alongside.

Tail-whip on a Scooter


A tail whip is done by bunny hopping into the air, and spinning the base of the scooter around in a 360 motion, all the while keeping your body centered in the same place. Watch the clip on my right to get an idea of what it looks like. In order to perform a tail whip, you will need to be confident at your bunny hops, you will also need to be fairly agile while airborne.

So, first, your going to need to bunny hop, remembering to keep your weight centered, not leaning to far back or forward, as this i how you are going to land the trick cleanly. Next, with one of your feet, push the base of the scooter out from under you, remember, you need to do this almost as soon as you take off, otherwise you will have insufficient time to land the stunt. If you have done all properly, you should still be in the air, and you should also find the base of the scooter is almost halfway around. To speed it up, flick your handle bars in a small circular motion. Before you attempt this during the trick, you should try it while standing, as this will maximize your chances of succeeding.

Now it is time to land the stunt, you must try to keep your feet as close together as possible at all times. Even if you think you are not going to land it, as you are often misjudged, and sticking your foot out will only move the scooter away from your body, therefore preventing you from landing it. That brings me to another point, as i said at the beginning of this tutorial, keep your body weight over the center of our scooter, As failure to do this will once again also move the scooter away from you. 

Once the scooter moves around to touch your feet, bend your knees and land like a normal bunny hop. Again, i can not stress enough that you need to keep your feet together, even if you think you may not be able to land it. Good Luck!

Bri Flip on a Scooer

Bri Flip

To do a bri flip, you will need to be able to do a very high bunny hop, and will also need a lot, and a lot of practice. First watch the video to my right to get an idea of just what a bri flip looks like, also, when you are first starting out, remember to wear helmet as this will prevent the scooter from hitting you in the head!

Now, I bri flip is done by bunny hopping, then lifting the scooter up and over your head, coming down again to land on your feet. In many ways, a bri flip i similar to a tail whip, especially in the way that you need to keep your body weight centered and straight, except this time, failure to do this will not only result in you being unable o land the trick, but also a smack in the head!

Now to begin with, just like a tail whip you will need to bunny hop fairly high. Then, straight after take of you will need to begin moving the scooter. Except this time, their will be a lot more to move, and likewise, you will need to move it lot faster! To combat this, before attempting his trick on flat ground you will probably need to try it at a skatepark first. Using the momentum of a ramp to propel you into the air, instead of, on the other hand, using a bunny hop to give you this momentum. However, before you do any of this, try practicing all of the steps i am just about to show you, except without standing on the scooter.

Now, back to the stunt, once you have bunny hopped. You will need to kick the scooter out from under you, this will save your arms form doing the work, while also giving you some momentum to start the rotation off. Net you will need to turn the scooter bars side ways, therefore making it easier to lift the scooter. Now, move the scooter up, and over your shoulders. While being careful to keep your arms bent, and not extending them too much. This will enable the scooter to come down and meet your feet. Once again, bend your knees at impact. This may be quite difficult to understand in words, so remember to watch the video. Also, memorize key parts in this tutorial. This will help you when you are out there trying to perform the trick. After a lot of practice, you should hopefully get it, and remember to try the stunt standing first. Good Luck!

Decade on a Scooter


A decade is just like a tail whip, except this time, instead of spinning the scooter around the yourself, you will be spinning yourself round the scooter. Once again, the only way to know how it really looks is to watch it for yourself, so remember to check out the video on the right.

In words, it looks like this. You will hold onto the handlebars tightly, do a small bunny hop. And spin around the front tube until you come down again to land on the base of the scooter. Remember, all the while you are doing this, you are never going to let go of the handlebars, they will spin around with you.

So here's some key thing to remember, instead of starting with one foot behind the other, you are going to start with them right next to each other, this will help you with your jump. Another thing, try not to jump to far sideways sideways, instead try to keep yourself as close to the center of the scooter as possible. I say this because, if you jump out to far sideways, it will result in the base of the scooter flicking out like a tail whip, the exact opposite of what you want to happen. Also, when i say small bunny hop, i mean just that. When bunny hopping, you also don't want o lift up the front to much, instead, opt for a more level jump. This means that when you are jumping around the handlebars, the scooter will move forward onto it's front wheel. This is what you want, as that is what you are going to use to hold yourself up as you spin around. And one last final thing, just like the tail whip, keep your feet together! It will make the trick much, much easier to land. Good Luck!


Remember to take a look at both the beginner and medium scooter tricks by following the link at the top of the page, otherwise, take a look at some of my other

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Izi on November 13, 2015:

I can't tail whip and i try really hard but everytime i kick it out it only gets 1 quarter of the way and then i land. HELP!!!

whip on June 18, 2013:

i can tail whip but not bri or decade and im not worried about the bri how do u decade

Thomas@theone (author) on September 09, 2011:

Sorry for the late reply guys. And no unfortuantely i don't skaxx, but you've probably solved that problem by now. Just keep trying Aus! That used to happen to me a lot, try watching a lot of videos and analysing what other people do. The only way to ever succeed is more practice, you may think at times that your never going to land it, but trust me, you will eventually!

Aus on July 15, 2011:

lol ive been trying to do a tail whip for about 16hours ive managed to get one foot on about 6 blisters and a really sore shin :/

skaxx on February 26, 2011:

i can tailwhip but and bri but ive qot a question do you know how to make homemade bars straight after being bent ?

Thomas@theone (author) on November 21, 2010:

rcgal, yes, bri flip's definitely look scary! Also, you'd be surprised just how difficult tailwhips are, still, you might be able to manage it! :P

Thanks for he comment :)


rcgal on November 21, 2010:

I think I could manage a tail whip, but I don't know about the bri flip!

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