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Runescape Fight Cave: How To Kill Jad The Easy Way and Win the Fire Cape

After trying so long, it's kind of hard to believe!

After trying so long, it's kind of hard to believe!

Update: Runescape Changes-

Please note, at this point, my hub is a legacy article. Jagex has changed the Fight Cave... again. You can no longer beat Jad with Curses alone, because now the healers show up whether you actually hit him or not. Curses are still useful, just no longer the be-all and end-all of killing Jad.

If you follow the Fight Caves history, it becomes obvious, Jagex periodically updates to add difficulty. Each time players figure out a strategy that's effective and accessible even to klutzes (like me!), Runescape gets another update to make Jad harder again.

To top it off, the Evolution of Combat will change everything about the way we fight. I've given up writing in-depth combat guides. Too much work for something that's going to change every time you get it done.

If you'd like to see how easy it used to be... read on. :^)

Boom- There He Is!

Did I Really Do That?

Did I Really Do That?

The Accidental Guide to Winning a Fire Cape

This was not originally intended as a guide... there are too many guides to killing TzTok-Jad already out there. But after trying for weeks to beat the Fight Caves, when I finally managed it, I just had to write about it, and it just kind of grew into a guide. If it's helpful, I'm glad.

To get right to the point - If all you want is a technique that works, and is the easiest approach I've ever seen, pay attention because this is it:

You can beat Jad with nothing more than Deflects under Ancient Curses. (Once you're facing him, that is. You still have to gear up to beat the 62 waves of creatures before him.)

There. That's the short form of the guide. Need to know more? Keep reading...

Index to this Hub:

Fire Cape Stats

Identifying Jad's Range and Magic Attacks

All you Really Need to Beat Jad

Lunar Spellbook, 94 Magic, and Vengeance

Sir Hemen and his Prayer Switching Guide

How to Practice

Simplest Way to Survive Jad

The Waves
The Monsters
Wave 31 and 61

Weapons, Armor, and Inventory
Brews & Restores, or Pots and Rocktails?
Elite Enhanced Excalibur
Logic behind the Equipment
Fight Cave Map
Safespotting and Luring
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Arena
Kind of Fun After All

The Zen of Jad

The Backwards Guide to TzTok-Jad

If you need a bit more detail, the rest of this hub follows my progress in learning to face Jad. I'm going to write it backwards. In other words, I'll begin by assuming you know how to get to Jad, and the basics of the Fight Cave, but just needed an easy technique to win the Fire Cape.

From that point, I'll add further and further detail. So you don't have to read the whole thing, just however much you need to.

The basic structure is:

Personal Notes

How to beat Jad

How to get through the Waves

What to wear

Just scroll down to the part you're interested in.

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The Fire Cape

One of only 2 animated capes (Dungeoneering has the other)

One of only 2 animated capes (Dungeoneering has the other)

I Lack the Skill to Beat Jad in a Fair Fight

To begin with, Monique and I have been playing Runescape for about 7 years now. I have NEVER had any desire to take on Jad, the Fight Cave, or to get a Fire Cape.

The Fire Cape is generally thought to be the best all-round cape in the game. It gives a +1 for all Attack Bonuses, a +11 to all Defense Bonuses, +4 to Strength, and +2 Prayer.

You might wonder why I had no desire to get one? Because of the requirements. Before you even get to Jad, you have to defeat 62 progressively harder waves of monsters. Once you get to Jad, you're facing a level 702 boss monster, one of the most powerful in all of Runescape. To defeat him requires real-time fighting skills, not just a high-level character.

My hand-to-eye coordination is terrible, and my gaming skills are... laughable... when it comes to real-time action.

My Stats

I'm almost Elite Does 'almost' count?

I'm almost Elite Does 'almost' count?

Never Wanted a Fire Cape, But I Really Want the Elite Task Mastery

Thus, I had no intention of ever getting a Fire Cape. Then the Achievement Diaries came out. Monique and I both enjoyed them, and the rewards were nice to have. When the Ardougne Achievement Diary came out, and had an Elite level, I loved it. Spent some time leveling up thieving, just so I could get the Elite 4 Ardougne Cape.

Shortly after that, they went back and re-worked all the Diaries, and changed the name to "Tasks". Now ALL the Tasks have Elite levels. I got it stuck in my head I wanted to have them all. After all, after 7 years of playing, I'm pretty high-level. Call it a point of pride, I just wanted to be acknowledged "Elite" in all the Tasks.

Must Wear Fire Cape

I have to do what?

I have to do what?

Turns out, to get the Elite, I have to do the Fight Cave

Imagine my dread when I realized part of the Elite Tasks for Karamja Island was (drum roll) to kill Jad?  So, I decided to get a Fire Cape after all. (It wasn't an easy decision… I REALLY did not want to take him on!)

Being a methodical, plan-ahead type, I did all kinds of research.  Looked up guides, read the forums, checked out YouTube.   Most Fight Cave guides involved a wave-by-wave list of the monsters you'll have to beat, and some techniques for beating TzTok-Jad.  To me, it seemed pretty complicated. 

Wave 1

Starting from the beginning

Starting from the beginning

The Waves: Simpler than you'd think

Then I discovered, that there are only 8 truly different monsters to fight, including Jad. If you learn what each of the 8 can do, and how to face them, you don't have to memorize long lists of wave patterns. That was the first 'Eureka' moment for me, and it was a big one. Suddenly, it started looking more reasonable.

I might not want to memorize 62 waves, but I can certainly learn the characteristics of a half-dozen or so creatures.

Ancient Curses

Most important: Protect from Magic Protect from Missiles

Most important: Protect from Magic Protect from Missiles

Identifying Jad's Range and Magic Attacks

As far as TzTok-Jad goes, the usual advice is to stand at a distance, so he can't melee attack. This limits him to two styles, range and magic. You want to use protection prayers to keep his attacks from hitting, since he can very nearly kill even a maxed-out player with a single hit. The idea is to swap protection prayers rapidly, based on what form of attack he's preparing to use.

Jad Ranged Attack

Rearing up on hind legs

Rearing up on hind legs

Range Attack Style

You can tell when he's going to range attack by watching him. Jad will rear up onto his hind legs, and slam his feet down to the ground. Shortly after, a huge rock drops down from above and hits you. There is no warning sound. Once you hear the rock falling, it's too late. So Range Protect must be on as soon as possible after he begins the movement.

Jad Mage Attack

Bowing down, mage sphere forming between shoulder blades

Bowing down, mage sphere forming between shoulder blades

Magic Attack Style

You can tell when a magic attack is coming by sight AND sound. Visually, he will bow down, and form a ball in the air between his shoulder blades. When it's full-sized, it shoots toward you. The sound used to be kind of a double cannon-boom. But in 2011, Jagex decided to change it. Now the magic attack sounds like a very low hissing that slowly grows in volume. Magic protect has to be on as soon as possible when you hear the sound.

A good training vid of updated sounds

Praying Range and Magic Comparison

Deflect Range on left Deflect Magic on right

Deflect Range on left Deflect Magic on right

Above all, keep prayer switching!

Complicated enough for you?  It gets better… Now, say you're ranging him with a crossbow and enchanted diamond bolts.  This is a fairly common approach, recommended because you can keep some distance (avoiding his melee attack), and because the enchantment on diamond bolts makes them armor piercing.  So they can hit through his protection and kill him faster.  Sounds good, right?

Now, while you're making sure to do all this, don't forget to keep taking sips of prayer potion, or you could run out of prayer.  And don't be distracted from prayer switching or he'll get you.

Here's to you Extreme Fighters out there!

And then there's the Yt-Hurkot: Jad's Healers

You're thinking, "Okay, I can still do this, it's not so bad", right?  Well, when you get Jad to half his hit points, he summons 4 healers!  These healers (Yt-HurKot) can heal him faster than you can damage him.  (I'm not talking to you extreme fighters out there.  If you're an extreme fighter, you're way too advanced to be reading this!) 

Used to be, if you were cautious and timed it right, you could kill them and they wouldn't come back.  Assuming you continue to remember prayer switching, because Jad's still attacking you non-stop.

Runescape updated the healers, now they come back.  Some guides say they come back no matter what.  Some say if you get Jad back down below half his hit points before killing them, they won't come back.  Most newer guides tell you to hit each healer once, and let it focus on attacking you.  They'll still heal Jad, but not so often.  And, of course, they'll be trying to kill you. 

Good video to train on, plus Yt-Hurkot example

Are you kidding me?

If you're still focused, and still successfully prayer switching through all that, more power to you.  At this point, you can go through a complicated positioning strategy to get the healers lined up so only one at a time can attack you.  Got that done?  Now you can get back to Jad, who is still pounding away at you.

If you're like me, doing all this seems impossible.  I see YouTube videos of people doing it, and from their conversations, they claim it's easy.  For me, the best I could ever do was survive until the healers showed up.  Sometimes, I got killed before even seeing Jad!

Now the good news:

(The following paragraph USED to be accurate. Now, Ancient Curses helps kill Jad, but you still need a strategy to cope with the healers. To learn the simplest method so far, keep reading.)

You don't have to do all that. All you really need is the Ancient Curses: Deflect Magic and Deflect Missiles. Ancient Curses are rewards obtained after the quest "The Temple At Senntisten", so you'll have to complete that quest before using this technique. The Deflect Magic and Missiles will protect from damage of that particular type, but they also BOUNCE BACK some of the damage to the attacker. You'll need a Prayer skill level of at least 68 to use both of these Deflects.

And before you ask me if I think your skills are high enough...

If you've got level 68 or higher prayer, and you have Ancient Curses, you're high-level enough to get to Jad and use this technique.

How to Lure Jad to Block the Healers

Best Strategy for Luring Jad (Now that the Ancient Curses approach has been nerfed)

I modified most of the text on this hub after Jagex killed the Curses technique. I tried to leave the flavor of the original guide, so you can see how it was originally. But new bits have been added here and there to make this guide still valid for Jad's newer restrictions.

The big deal with Ancient Curses used to be that the healers didn't show up, because it was a totally passive form of attack. You could kill Jad entirely without them bothering you. Now, even if you use a strictly passive approach like Ancient Curses, the healers still come.

So what I recommend now is to take a hybrid approach. Ancient Curses will still help you kill Jad. But you might as well hit him with some arrows. And you'll need a way to defeat the healers. Most approaches I've seen are too complicated for me. I have trouble keeping my prayer switching going, while doing all the junk the healers need to prevent them healing Jad.

The following video has what is (for me) the easiest approach so far. Once you've located Jad, run as shown in the video to lure Jad to the correct spot. Once lured, begin attacking Jad. When the healers show up, they'll be trapped behind Jad, and cannot get to you.

While still prayer switching, take your time, set attack style to long range, and shoot each healer once (don't kill them). Now they'll be focused on you, but unable to get past Jad to reach you. At this point, the healers won't heal Jad any more. You can switch back to attacking him until he's dead.

Another good Luring guide, with excellent Jad attack sounds

The Lunar Spellbook

Vengeance Spell

Vengeance Spell

Optional: If you have Lunar Spellbook and 94 Magic, use Vengeance

Like I said, I'm not very good at the real-time combat skills, but even I can kill Jad using this technique.

There's one more passive-aggressive option to consider...

If you can use the Lunar Spellbook (after finishing the quest "Lunar Diplomacy") and have 94 Magic or higher, there's an extra option.

Bring Death, Astral, and Earth Runes. Just before facing Jad, cast the Lunar Spell, "Vengeance".

If you make a mistake and Jad hits you (assuming you survive) then Vengeance will recoil 75% of the damage back to Jad. If you've got to take a hit, this at least makes it worth your while. My problem was, if I missed prayer switching just once, I got flustered and couldn't keep up after that. Maybe if I keep practicing…

That's really all there is to it.  Below are some helpful suggestions; I found them very useful in preparing to face TzTok-Jad.

Credit to Sir Hemen for his amazing guide

First, credit where it's due: the person most directly responsible for my success is Sir Hemen. I found his advanced Prayer Switching Guide on Tip-It's forums, in a post dated January 2008. It offered my first real hope after weeks of failures. In it, he credits someone named "Lala" with another very useful technique. Several other guides, and Wiki, provided information, and helped me learn. But I never had a chance until Sir Hemen showed me how to practice. It's an older post, and some of the pictures and videos are gone, but it's still of interest, and worth a look.

Good sound recognition, good training vid

Did you say... Practice?

Yes, I said practice.  See, here's the kicker - It takes a fast, high-powered player about 45 minutes to get to Jad.  It takes me closer to 2 hours, using a ranged only approach.  It's slow, but simple and effective.  So, I'm taking 2 hours to get to Jad, and he kills me in seconds.  Not much opportunity for practicing.

Suggestions along the way were not really helpful.  Nothing in-game truly mimicked the pressure and timing of having to match Jad move for move in the Fight Cave ballet of death.  Some people suggested playing a youtube video, and clicking on-screen with the video to practice.  This was a better idea, but didn't really work.  It lacks that in-game feel of clicking the controls and getting a reaction.

Sir Hemen suggests minimizing a youtube video on your monitor, and at the same time, your Runescape screen.  The goal is to see both at the same time.  Now put your character somewhere in the game near an altar, so you can recharge your prayer points.  Bring a load of cheap food with you, like cakes.  Play the video, and using the visual and sound effects from the video, practice actually switching protection prayers in the game.  Periodically, switch menus to eat a bite of cake, then back to the prayer screen, keeping the rhythm of Jad's attacks.  This mimics stopping to sip a prayer potion while under attack from Jad.


Screen on max resolution;  Minimized Youtube window showing video;  Minimized Runescape window to practice in

Screen on max resolution; Minimized Youtube window showing video; Minimized Runescape window to practice in

3 Fire Capes in a Row!

3 capes, plus leftover supplies.

3 capes, plus leftover supplies.

Can't argue with success

This training method provides the real game feedback needed to truly get the feel for fighting Jad. Being a slow learner, I practiced a lot more than recommended, but in his post, Sir Hemen advised another player that maybe 45 minutes of practice should be sufficient.

Was it fun? No.

Did I feel stupid? Yep.

This is a game, and here I am studying like it's the final exams back in college. All my time to relax was being used in... studying... to play a game!

Did it work? Booyah!!! Three fire capes in a row, I'm here to say it really works!

(Note - In Sir Hemen's guide, there's a reference to fighting low-level creatures, but it's brief and unexplained; maybe something that's no longer posted on the forum? Regardless, for the sake of learning what to do, it wasn't really necessary to actually fight. Just stand by the altar and practice.)

The Meat of the Matter- Simplest Way to Survive Jad

Prayer switching is simple in concept, but tough to do when you've invested so much time just getting there, and the pressure is on. Most people recommend watching/listening, and when Jad signals a new attack, change prayer accordingly. But this way, you have to pay attention for 2 different things, and it's easy to forget which one your mouse was hovering over, and click the wrong one.

According to Sir Hemen, Lala suggested keeping prayer on Magic, and only switching to Ranged when you see a ranged attack coming. Then immediately switch back to Magic. I had a similar thought, but my approach was backwards. Jad's ranged attack can only be seen, it can't be heard. But his Magic attack can be seen visually, plus it can be heard. So I start with prayer on ranged, watch for the bowing motion, and listen for the 'boom-boom' of a magic attack.

I keep prayer on Ranged until I hear or see Jad begin a magic attack. Switch to Deflect Magic, and as soon as the sphere hits me, switch back to Ranged.

This takes my mind away from half of the problem, and makes it far easier to hit the right prayer. All I worry about is when Jad begins a magic attack.

Remember, Ancient Curses are no longer enough all by themselves. But the idea of practice still is. Practice, practice, practice!

When to sip a prayer potion?

Timing for prayer potions: My favorite time to sip a prayer potion is right after Jad has reared up to make a ranged attack. Since I keep Deflect Missile as my default protection, I don't have to click on the prayer, and that gives me a little time to switch menus, click on the prayer pot, and return to the Ancient Curses menu. With a little practice, this isn't too distracting and I can do it without dying now. This is also my favorite point in time to eat if needed, and to re-cast Vengeance... if I goofed up and took a hit.

I'll mention it below in more detail, but it's critical here- use the function keys to change menus!

F1, F3, and F4 Menu Changing

Menu Controls:  Learn to use the Function keys to switch menus when you need to drink a pray pot (or eat, if you missed a prayer!)  F1 is the main inventory menu, and F3 is the Prayer Menu.  For those using Vengeance, F4 is the Magic menu.  This really helps.  It's faster than trying to mouseclick menus back and forth, and doesn’t take your eyes away from Jad as much.

I keep one hand on the mouse to prayer switch, and the other hand on the function keys to change menus quickly... and without having to look away from Jad.

When to eat... Should I even try?

If you did miss a switch, and took a hit, the most important part is getting prayer back on track. This is where it's very easy to mess up. For me, once I miss, I tend to panic and keep getting it wrong. But if you manage to survive the hit, it's very important not to worry about recovering all those hit points back at once. Focus on prayer switching, and take a bite of food in between, like when you're sipping a prayer potion. Or don't even worry about it. If you don't miss again, it won't matter that your hit points are low. You have to balance out whether it's a greater risk to try and eat, or just get through on whatever HP you've still got.


I generally make sure when I fight Jad, nobody's going to interrupt, and I wear headphones to keep my attention where it needs to be... or turn the volume up to max. Either way, it helps me clearly hear the cues I'm listening for. I let everybody in the house know I can't be interrupted for about 15 minutes, and close the door to the computer room. It's only for a few minutes, and Monique is really cool about making sure nobody sidetracks me while I'm dealing with Jad.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to have a wife who also plays Runescape... :^)

Change Task Manager Priority

Change Runescape to Realtime to reduce lag and hangs

Change Runescape to Realtime to reduce lag and hangs

What to do about Lag?

Even after getting a handle on all the things I needed to do, I still found my computer sometimes lags. At it's worst, there was a delay of several seconds. When facing Jad, this can get you killed. Here are some ways to reduce the problem.

Turn off all non-essential programs, browsers, background applications... they just slow down your system, which is a big deal when you're facing Jad.

Press 's' while loading Runescape - forces Safe Mode, which is the simplest graphic format and is easier for the computer to operate in. If your computer isn't very fast or powerful, this is probably your best mode to play in while facing Jad. Not as pretty, but much easier on your computer.

I DO NOT recommend turning off your Antivirus software, but that being said, anti-virus checkers often perform a real-time scan as data is incoming, which can result in a delay of several seconds. Makes it seem like lag. I literally had to uninstall my virus checker to make it stop. (and, of course, immediately reinstalled and ran a thorough system check when I finished!) Some virus checkers and firewalls offer a "Game" mode, that helps reduce the lag while keeping some protection.

My Favorite Trick:

Type 'Ctrl' 'Alt' 'Delete' keys simultaneously to open the Windows Task Manager. Go to the Processes Tab. Find the process that's running Runescape. I use the Runescape tool provided by Jagex on their site, because it's tightly focused only on playing Runescape. No other browser stuff going on. So, find that process... for me, it's titled "JagexLauncher.exe". Right-click on it, select "Set Priority", and choose "Realtime." This will give Runescape the highest task priority possible. I see a dramatic improvement when I do this.

Feel like meleeing the entire fight cave?

The Waves:

Get through the first 62 levels any way you want to.

It's easiest to take Jad on w/ prayer gear so you don't have to worry about drinking prayer pots as much. But insofar as the other monsters, there's no need to memorize all the waves. Just learn the different creatures, and you can react appropriately when you see them. It's a lot easier.

Easier is good, right?

The Monsters:

You could memorize all the waves, I guess. It would be helpful to your strategy, knowing what's coming next. But not necessary.

It's easy enough to get through the waves, as long as you know there are only 8 different monsters in the fight caves. 2 of them, Jad and the level 108 Yt-Hurkots, never show up until the final fight. As far as that goes, the Yt-Hurkots are Jad's personal healers. If you're using the Deflect non-attack technique they never show up. Jad, of course, has already been discussed.

That leaves only 6 different monsters to learn, which is a much more reasonable proposition. Most people identify them by their combat level, so in the list below, monsters are identified by combat level, attack style, then name.

Level 22



Tz-Kih shown in scale with player

Tz-Kih shown in scale with player

1- Level 22, Melee, Tz-Kih.

These little bat-shaped creatures are easy to kill.

Their attacks suck prayer points away, which just... sucks. Best killed at a distance, so they can't drain prayer. Because they steal prayer, these are usually my top priority to get rid of.

They might be easy to kill, but Tz-Kih is still dangerous.

Level 45 and 22

Tz-Kek: Level 45 and 2 level 22's

Tz-Kek: Level 45 and 2 level 22's

2 (& 3) - Level 45 and Level 22, Melee, Tz-Kek

Strictly an annoyance creature. Does 10 hp recoil damage if you hit with melee, so again, best killed with range. When you've killed it, 2 smaller ones (level 22) spawn in it's place. They're easy to kill, and have no special abilities. When possible, it's nice to use them as buffers to keep other melee creatures at a distance. No real threat, I kill them at leisure. If you use Guthans, they're okay to heal on, though they don't have a lot of hp.

Level 90



4 - Level 90, Ranged and Melee, Tok-Xil

This big guy is the first real threat in the Fight Cave. If there's no bigger danger, it's a good idea to pray ranged.

He fires rapidly and hits fairly often. His melee attack isn't quite as dangerous, but either way he can deal significant damage. I normally take these out immediately after killing the level 22 prayer-drainers.

Level 180



5 - Level 180, Magic and Melee, Yt-Mejkot

Big lumbering beast. If you can get him hung up behind another monster, or on a rocky corner, he's no threat at all. If he does get a hit in, he can hit hard, and can heal himself and other monsters if you're in melee range. Get him safespotted, and you can kill him after any higher priorities have been dealt with. Here's where Guthans can be very handy- pray melee and smack him with your Guthan's set!

Level 360



6 - Level 360, Magic and Melee, Ket-Zek

Fast-hitting powerhouse. His constant magic attacks will kill you in moments - Pray against Magic and keep your distance. His melee attacks are just as dangerous as his magic attacks. If you're close enough, he'll both melee and magic, but if you keep away and pray magic, he's no threat. Take care of the 360 after any level 22s (Tz-Kih) and level 90s (Tok-Xil).

Ket-Zek Over-the-Shoulder Shot

He's... behind me, isn't he?

He's... behind me, isn't he?

Always protect against Ket-Zek's Magic

Always protect against Ket-Zek's Magic

Watch out for Wave 31

Now, I'm going to get a bit sneaky. I know I said it's not important to memorize the waves, but there are a couple of points of interest that are good to remember:

Up to wave 30, there's no need for prayer, as long as you pay attention and fight strategically. At 31, the level 360 Ket-Zeks appear in every single wave, and it's best to maintain constant prayer protection on Magic while they're alive. Always keep an eye on your prayer points.

It's possible to get them trapped on the far side of the big rocks jutting away from the wall, so that they can't attack.  If you turn prayer off while they're trapped, be careful not to forget who's waiting on the other side...

Last Level Before TzTok-Jad

Two at a time!

Two at a time!

Finish Wave 61, and take a break

At wave 61, I click to log out, but finish the wave before logging out.  This way, I can take a break, get my focus on point, and mentally prepare.  I like to find a youtube video and listen to Jad's magic attack so it'll be fresh when I  face him.  Then I log back in, get in position to face Jad, kill the 2 level 360's, and take on Jad.  I like to be in the position shown in the image to the right.  It's right out near the North tip of the Italy Rock, with the view spun around so you're facing South. My favorite view is from low to the ground, behind me.  That way I usually get a great close-up of Jad and can both see and listen for his cues. I can also see when the magic sphere actually hits me, and know when it's safe to change prayer back to protect from missile. 

Usually, but not Always

Jad usually shows up right here, but sometimes he'll surprise you!

Jad usually shows up right here, but sometimes he'll surprise you!

Jad's arrival is kind of random

One note- TzTok-Jad doesn't always show up in the same place. My favorite location puts him in a good visual range more often than not, but once in a while he's off the screen and hard to find.

Try to keep calm, and respond to the Magic attack sounds, and otherwise take some time to locate him. Since a fully passive approach is no longer workable, if you want to turn on auto retaliate, that will help you find Jad quickly.

If worst comes to worst, you can fight him blind... but it's highly distracting. I'd much rather see the fight, and see what he's up to.

Weapons, Armor, and Inventory:

Fighting Jad with this technique, the more prayer-boosting armor you can wear, the better. That way you spend less time sipping prayer potions and more time paying attention to prayer switching.

For the waves leading up to Jad, there's plenty of room for personal preference. It depends a lot on your fighting style in getting to Jad. Some like melee, some like a melee/range hybrid, but the easiest method is ranged. It may be slower, but it bypasses a lot of headaches. When ranging, you can safespot the 180's, kill the level 22 prayer-drainers from a distance, and avoid the level 45's recoil damage. Plus you can range the 360s without risking their melee attack.

I'm not too fond of the hybrid methods. Sure, it speeds things up, but it's easy to forget some little detail while you're flipping weapons and armor around... like turning deflect magic back on before the next 360 shows up! And the pure melee approach is a good way to get killed unless you're a very advanced player. No, I'm not one.

Think of this guide as a kind of "Fight Caves for Dummies", with me as the head dummy. If I can do it, anybody can!

Weapons and Armor

Here's what I wear most of the time

Here's what I wear most of the time

And what I bring... except for the range potion.  I was experimenting with that.

And what I bring... except for the range potion. I was experimenting with that.

What I like to bring

You can tell, my preference is ranged. Like I've mentioned, I'm not really good at real combat. I've gotten better after all this time with Jad, but still, simpler is better. So what's my setup? It's not the most expensive, but not cheap either. Here's what I like to use (minor details may vary depending on my mood):

Armadyl Helm

Amulet of Fury

Armadyl Chestplate

Armadyl Chainskirt

Rune Crossbow

Dragonfire Shield / Falador Shield 4

Soul Wars Cape (I switched to the Fire Cape out of pride once I won my first one)

Broad-tipped Bolts (5,000 - enough for several attempts)

Barrows Gloves ("Gloves" from the Culinaromancer's chest after Recipe for Disaster quest)

Ranger Boots

Archer's Ring (Imbued if you can, though mine's not)


Excalibur (Elite Enhanced)

Prayer potions (4 serving) - 7

Rocktails - 8 or more

Runes for Vengeance (Lunar spellbook)

Don't get too tightly wound about what to wear.  Black Dragonhide, Archer's Helm, and Glory would be acceptable substitutes.  Wear the best stuff you've got for ranging, and if it's got a prayer bonus, that's an extra benefit.  If you prefer Saradomin Brew and Super Restores, that's fine too.  There's not really a wrong way.  You just have to survive long enough to get to Jad. 

Best thing I can say, is take a trial run.  Pick the gear you like best, and see how far you get.  It's a safe mini-game, so if you die, you don't lose any gear.  Just remember, ranging is easiest.

Pray Pot and Rocktails or Sara Brew and Restores... it's all good.

Pray Pot and Rocktails or Sara Brew and Restores... it's all good.

Brews and Restores, or Pots and Rocktails?

You may notice I don't take Saradomin Brews and Super Restores.  To me, they're just too expensive, and I don't need them.  I get all the  prayer restore I need from a few Prayer Pots, and more than enough food from the Rocktails.  You may also notice that in some of my pics, I'm carrying Ranging Potions.  That's mainly just experimenting to see if I get to Jad any faster.  The answer is, maybe a little faster, but not much.

Elite Enhanced Excalibur

It's not the combat stats, it's the healing and defensive boost.

It's not the combat stats, it's the healing and defensive boost.

Elite Enhanced Excalibur

The biggest tool in my inventory?  The Elite Enhanced Excalibur.  Excalibur is gained from the "Merlin's Crystal" quest, and has the special ability of raising your Defense levels.  Complete the Seers Village Hard Tasks, and the Lady of the Lake will convert Excalibur into the Enhanced Excalibur.  As the Enhanced Excalibur, it can increase your defense level by 15%, and heal 40 hit points every 2 seconds for 10 seconds, totalling 200 points.  Complete the Seers Village Elite Tasks, and it increases the healing to 400 hit points for 20 seconds. 

Excalibur uses a full special attack energy bar, and recharges in about 5 minutes.  It's like having a neverending stock of food and Super Defense potions.  If you're in a bad spot and need some food, safespot and wait on it to recharge. 

The Gear

Making a fashion statement

Making a fashion statement

The Logic behind the Equipment

I like Armadyl armor because it helps the ranging, and has a small prayer boost.

The Amulet of Fury, because it's got great all-round stats.

Rune Crossbow with Broad-tipped bolts because it's a one-handed ranged weapon, so you can use a shield. Broad-tipped bolts since they're cheap and effective.

The Falador Shield 4 is my top preference when it's charged, because it gives 2 full prayer recharges per day. If I've already used the recharges, I prefer the Dragonfire Shield for it's all-round excellent defensive stats.

Soul Wars Cape because it has the best prayer bonus of any cape in Runescape.  (I switched to the Fire Cape after winning my first one... just because I could!)

Barrows Gloves (RFD gloves, just referred to as "Gloves" in-game) have the best overall stats of any gloves in Runescape.

Ranger Boots, obviously, for their boost to the ranging skill. Same with the Archer's Ring.

What you've got, what you can afford, and how you fight

So what you're seeing is the best armor I could afford with an eye to prayer boosting, range boosting, and general defensive combat stats. I already owned most of it, and didn't actually have to spend very much on TzTok-Jad. What you wear is mostly a balance between what you can afford, and how you fight.

I keep stressing this, but it's important- You don't have to use what I use. The best ranging setup you've got is fine, especially if it's got some prayer boost.

Getting To the Fight Cave


How to Arrive

My usual route is to take an Amulet of Glory from wherever I am to Karamja.  You'll appear in the banana plantation.  Run west to the peak of the volcano, and enter the cave shaft there.  Once you're inside, enter the door to the east.  You'll appear in the entrance shown in the map above.  Run to the west till you get to the banker.  Drop the Glory off there, gear up if you haven't already done so.  Just a little further to the west, and on the south side of the hall, is the Fight Cave Entry.  Walk through the door, and the fights will begin!

Fight Cave Map

Thanks to Monique for all the hard work stitching the minimaps into a single one. (Love you!)

Thanks to Monique for all the hard work stitching the minimaps into a single one. (Love you!)

The Italy Rock

The famous Italy Rock... I usually wait for Jad near the tip of the boot's toe, facing south

The famous Italy Rock... I usually wait for Jad near the tip of the boot's toe, facing south

Fight Cave Layout:

The Fight Cave is a big arena.  The south wall is smooth, but the other three each have a large outcropping that can be used to safespot and lure the monsters.  They have different names, but mainly only two are important.  The western promontory is where I usually hang out while fighting the waves.  It's the easiest to work with when you're trying to get the monsters stuck so you can kill them safely.  The eastern one is the most famous.  It's called the Italy Rock, for it's similarity to the shape of Italy when drawn on a map.  This used to be more useful, but Runescape did an update that made Italy Rock harder to use for safespotting.  Now, it's where Jad usually shows up, so I always try to position myself at the north-western tip just before Jad arrives.  9 times out of 10, he'll appear somewhere in visual range if you're standing there facing south.

Where to Look?

Spin your view around as much as you like during the waves; it doesn't pay in the Fight Cave to stay locked in to one point of view. Keep one hand on the cursor buttons, and it becomes automatic to rotate the POV as needed. Later with Jad, it's easier to stay in a fixed position and keep one hand on the function keys. For the waves, though, different viewpoints work best at different times. It's a constantly changing target!

Get 'em in position, hide behind a rock!

Notice- No Prayer.  Proper positioning through luring can help even with the Tez-Keks.

Notice- No Prayer. Proper positioning through luring can help even with the Tez-Keks.

Safespotting and Luring

This is critical to survival in the Fight Cave waves leading up to Jad. Any monster in the Fight Cave higher than level 22 can be hung up on the corner of a rock. Not all rocks work, but certain areas are very good for this. My favorite is the western promontory. That's why I do most of my fighting around it. Run around the corner, hugging the wall. When they get stuck, turn around and range them. If you're facing Tok-Xil (the level 90 ranger) or Ket-Zek (the level 360 magic user), this isn't as directly helpful, but can still be used to your advantage. Sometimes it takes a little running to lure them closer. If a level 90 or level 360 is behind other monsters, and you can't range them without getting too close to the others, that's when you lure. Hugging the edge, keeping the melee monsters trapped, run out of range. Pause, come back, and the 90 or 360 should have come closer. With luck and practice, it gets pretty easy to draw them into range. Pick off the dangerous ones first, then turn off prayer, relax, chill out a moment, and take out the rest.

While you're in a safespot, use Excalibur for healing, even if it means waiting for it to recharge. If I'm feeling really patient, I'll let it nearly recharge again before leaving my safespot. That way I arrive at Jad with all (or nearly all) of the food I brought along.

When there's no need for prayer, turn it off to save resources. Just don't forget to turn it back on before the next 360 shows up!

Rockin' the House

I can't believe after all these years

I can't believe after all these years

A Funny thing happened on the way to the Arena

Bear in mind, I did NOT take pictures during my first successful fight. Until I won, my whole focus was on… winning.

Went back to take the pictures after getting the first Fire Cape. I don't multi-task well, so if you're noticing my supplies dwindling in some of the pics, it's because I'm taking pictures while fighting, and getting sloppy. Under normal circumstances, if you fight carefully, you can avoid a lot of damage during the waves. Note the inventory afterward... Even playing sloppy, there's a lot left over!

Funny thing about those pictures. All along, the plan was to get the Fire Cape first, then come back and take pictures. That way, if Jad killed me because I was fooling around, no big loss. Instead, my first return trip was a perfect run. I took Jad out with no mistakes. I asked Monique to take the screengrabs for me, since fighting Jad required one hand on the function keys, and one hand on the mouse, and I needed yet another hand to click the pictures. When she began helping me by calling out magic or range attacks, that was cool.

But I had neglected to tell her the technique. So she'd see me go back to range after a magic attack, and she'd nearly panic trying to get me to stay on magic. It was pretty distracting, and I couldn't explain or I'd lose my concentration. We both got a little stressed over it, but when the fight was over, Jad lay dead at my feet!

Bring the House Down

Let's do it again!

Let's do it again!

My Screengrabber only takes how many pics?

Mission accomplished, pictures taken, and actually got another Fire Cape... Not.

It turns out my screengrabber is limited to 999 pictures in a sequence, and I passed that mark somewhere back in wave 43. So everything after that was stuck on image 999, and each new pic just wrote over the previous. Darn, darn, darn.

So I had to make one MORE trip. This time, I explained how the procedure works. Monique thought, after watching me fight Jad, that it looked very easy… she actually said "Easy as pie." I take that as a tribute to this very simple method being so effective.

If I Take a Hit...

You Take a Hit!

You Take a Hit!

I can't believe I survived this...

I can't believe I survived this...

It was kind of fun after all...

At the beginning of this fight, Jad caught me in a mistake, and nearly killed me. At least Vengeance was running, and took him down a few notches for my pains. After getting my prayer switching rhythm going again, I even managed to eat my way back to full hit points, sip a prayer pot as needed, and cast Vengeance again! Getting better every time. And, of course, Monique sitting by my side, taking screenshots through the fight. All these cool shots of Jad are her work.

Funny thing is, after all the work it took to get that cape, and I wound up with not just one but three, you'd think I'd never want to go back.

But after that last fight, Monique asked me if I was done with Jad and the Fight Cave forever. Thinking about it, I realized... it's actually kind of fun, when you can win. Maybe I will go back!

One More Practice Vid - Excellent Sounds!

The Zen of Jad

Final Note: This is not a 'Full-Service' Jad guide. I'm not that good, and would never claim to be. If you are, you have my greatest respect. Go write your own guide… :^)

My initial purpose in writing this, was to clear my head of weeks of immersion in the Zen of Jad. It sort of turned into a (long) guide by accident, but here it is.

This is for the player who just can't beat TzTok-Jad in any of the traditional ways. It works.

I've defeated Jad several times with this method. Monique says it looks easy as pie. That's good enough for me!


Bruce on June 01, 2015:

im a long haul driver sick of being atackted through pornographic images every where, it is wearing me down physically and spiritually, it is affecting my prayer life and thus my abilityas a spiritual leader and protecter of my family. this one is not the ordinary daily temptations but all out brazzen attacks that are also manifesting themselves in physically impossible acts such as beams leaning on the truck lifting up and hitting me . im calling for any prayer warriors on this one

Samuel Franklin on October 24, 2014:

Extremely in depth RuneScape guide!

Crewman6 (author) on October 16, 2011:

For those who have asked, Ancient Curses can no longer beat Jad all by themselves. They help, but you still have to have a stragety for the healers, because now they show up no matter how you approach Jad. I've changed the hub to accommodate the new situation, but unfortunately, Jagex decided the Ancient Curses technique was too easy and nerfed it.

Crewman6 (author) on July 29, 2011:

Mark, I did some research on the forums, and on wiki, and apparently Jagex considered this method a bug, and patched it recently. The basic technique still functions, but when Jad gets to half health, even if you never hit him, the healers will show up.

I may have a go at finessing the technique, but for now, the best advice I've found is to hit each healer once, then run through Jad and fight from the other side. They'll be trying to reach you, and won't heal him. You can then ignore them and finish Jad. The tough part will be running through Jad, because his melee attack is swift and often fatal.

Much of the advice in this hub is still useful, but I'm going to have to post an update so people will know Jagex has blocked the easiest way.

If your herblore is 88 or better, extremes/overloads might be a good direction, but not everybody has that option.

I appreciate you bringing this to my attention. Now I can let people know to modify their approach.

Crewman6 (author) on July 29, 2011:

I haven't killed him myself in a while, but as far as I've heard, it still does. I've been immersed in Dungeoneering for a while now, to the exclusion of most every other part of Runescape. I need to start doing slayer again, maybe I'll get him as an assignment!

mark on July 28, 2011:

does killing him just with deflecting prayers still work?

Crewman6 (author) on July 23, 2011:

I'm sure you're right. I've faced him as my audio card guit, and got killed trying to use visuals only. Other people have made similar comments. You're certainly at a disadvantage, especially at the beginning of the fight before you have a visual.

My best recommendation would be to follow the same basic technique, but you'll have to pay extremely close attention to when Jad begins his 'bow' for the magic attack. I always had a hard time telling for sure visually, so relied more on the audio. In your case, you'll have to rely purely on the visual, and learn to very clearly recognize the move.

I suggest this, because you still have more reaction time with the magic attack than the ranged one. With ranged, you have less time to react.

Where you're going to have the worst time is at the start of the fight. You've got to find Jad visually before he switches to magic. It might be possible to tank through one hit, but two in a row would finish you.

My biggest suggestion is still to practice. I know it feels stupid, but follow the suggestions in the practice section. I never could have beaten Jad without the actual feeling of in-game practicing first. It took me about two hours (I'm a slow learner!) to get the hang of it, but slow or not, it worked!

All that said, if you persist, you will win. Work smart, and keep trying.

I wish you great success in getting your fire cape!

LadyFearless on July 23, 2011:

I love your guide. Do you have any suggestions for someone who is hearing impaired. I have been killed multiple times and I believe this is because I can't hear the attacks.

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