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New Runescape 3 1-99 Fletching (Fletch) Guide 2014

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In this guide i will tell you the best,fastest and cheapest way to get 99 Fletching (fletch) on the online game Runescape.This is a short Fletching guide which will tell you how to get 1-99 Fletching rather quickly and at the same time making 8million gp profit.

Fletching is known as one of the easiest skills to master on Runescape, this is because it takes little effort to achieve 99 and it can be done in a matter of days depending on what you choose to fletch. If you follow this guide you should be able to achieve 99 Fletching in roughly 4-6days playing time.


The best location for fletching has to be at the Castle Wars bank chest and this is because it is a one click bank and this will save allot of time for levels 70-99. For any other levels it doesn't really matter where you fletch your bows but once you start to string at level 70 i definitely recommend the castle wars banking method.

What should I fletch?

levels 1-20 - I recommend that you go to the G.E and purchase 894 normal logs. Once you have purchased 894 logs you will then need to grab a knife from your tool-belt and then begin to fletch all of your logs into arrow-shafts.

Levels 20-25 - I recommend going to the G.E purchasing 205 Oak logs and then fletching them into 205 Oak shortbows (u).

Levels 25-35 - You will need to purchase 583 more oak logs from the G.E and then begin fletching them into Oak Longbows (u).

Levels 35-40 - Purchase 445 Willow logs from the G.E and then begin to fletch these into Willow Shortbows (u).

Levels 40-50 - You will need buy 1,546 willow logs from the G.E and you will then need to fletch these logs into Willow Longbows (u).

Levels 50-55 - You will need to purchase 1,306 Maple logs from the G.E and then begin fletching them into Maple Shortbows (u).

Levels 55-70 - You will need to purchase 9,803 Maple Logs from the G.E and then begin cutting these into Maple Longbows (u).

Levels 70-99 - Depending on how rich you are depends on how many yew logs and bowstrings you are to buy from the grand exchange, i recommend buying between 2000-5000 Yew Longs (u) and Bowstrings at a time. Once you have done this buy a Ring of Dueling and teleport to Castlewars, the reason for this is it is a one click bank chest and this will save you time. When at Castle Wars you want to withdraw 14 bowstrings and 14 yew long (u) at a time and then begin to string all of the bows, once done re-bank and complete the process over and over again... If you run out of longs or bowstrings teleport back to the grand exchange sell all of you yew longbows that you have made and simply buy more supplies... Do this over and over again until you reach Level 99. You will need to string approx 163k Yew longbows. By doing this you will make 7.1m profit.

All of my guides are updated on a weekly basis and these profits are accurate as of 27th July 2012.

I hope this guide helped you and gave you an insight into getting 99 fletching, if it did please comment below as i really appreciate your comments and also remember to vote this page up, leave feed back via the quick action buttons below THANKS!!!

Need any advice or tips? join my CC: Bastow Boy

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If any of the links do not work please check out my channel for a full list of all the 1-99 Runescape guides as well as other Runescape related guides Thanks!

If there are any guides you wish me to write about please leave a comment in the section below the advertisements and i will publish them within the next 7days usually, remember to follow me to make sure you do not miss out on any of my new guides, you can also follow me and contact me on twitter @JordanBastow


Danbridge on February 08, 2018:

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When was the last time you updated this?

hisavage808 on April 16, 2015:

anotherguy, thank you, gonna do that to 99, appreciate it.

Anotherguy on April 12, 2015:

Because of the incredible nerf in yew ge prices, why not just buy yew logs at 70 and make into yew shieldbows till 99? same exp as stringing, and roughly same money loss, losing 30gp each bow sold, as well as higher xp/hour because of the lesser need to bank (stringing requires 14 of each, whereas fletching a bow is a full inv).

Anonymous on November 16, 2014:

For everyone complaining about the prices, just fletch maples all the way to 99. Its the most cost efficient method.

Clay Netherton from Cody, Wyoming on February 22, 2014:

I started fetching yesterday I was a lvl 9 now I'm a lvl 71 thanks to this guide and the double xp weekend.

eagames39 on September 15, 2013:

no mean to point out odd things but... look at the link

Pandas on August 17, 2013:

guys, don't forget that this guide was uploaded 18 months ago, it is most likely out of date

Justin on August 12, 2013:

Fletch Unfinished Maple Shieldbows (maples cost 40ea) and sell back unfinished. Takes a bit more time, but you don't lose anything (actually gain 40 or 50 gp ea). ALWAYS use sacred clay if possible.

xdaga on July 31, 2013:

ikr im lvl 73 fletching and idk what to fletch :/

ieatlions on July 30, 2013:

How do you make profit doing this?

Maybe your not up-to-date of 31st of July,

GE prices are this -

Bowstring - 157gp

Yew Shieldbow (U) - 492gp

Meaning they'd be 649gp to make, and they sell for 645?

You'd be losing money...

Unless you mean cut them too.. since Yew Logs are 601, where you make about 40k a 1k

zgoblin1 on July 28, 2013:

use sacred clay knife when fletching bows (u) it doubles xp and stealing creation is a break for the brain...

JBastow (author) from Gateshead United Kingdom on July 22, 2013:

I have one, check my page for all my guides.

JBastow (author) from Gateshead United Kingdom on July 22, 2013:


JBastow (author) from Gateshead United Kingdom on July 22, 2013:

I've got a crafting guide brah, check my channel

Taylor Weeks. on June 06, 2013:

You lose money from making yew shields, but only a small loss.

RustyWire on May 10, 2013:

I found if you go to the lumber mill in varrock it restocks with wood so you don't have to buy all that wood

Weedicus on March 02, 2013:

Runescaoe 07 is back! please make a new *updated version* that would fit the 07 world! also everyone is level 3, so make a new guide~!1

bob on February 18, 2013:

make a mining guide

Kazam Viii on January 27, 2013:

Good guide but I would suggest turning maple logs to maple shield bow (u) all the way until 99 because it doubles money with maple logs being 45 coins and shield bow (u) being 96 coins. It got me to 99. 58 EXP per log isn't that bad.

Jenny on January 26, 2013:

I was a proper low level (lower than 20) and in 1 day I went all the way to level 64 and I am still getting the lvl up, there is literally no stopping me from getting the highest I can.

TheRedKitten on January 06, 2013:

you need a crafting guide

Thunder Haze on December 18, 2012:

Bro new things have come out in game so you are going to have to update somethings. but with fletching you are fine. they removed longbows and switched them for yew shieldbows.

NovaFz on August 08, 2012:

Hey JBastow:) Your tutorials are awesome, just a little suggestion could you please leave the prices when you comment on how many logs we have to buy, cheers!

JBastow (author) from Gateshead United Kingdom on July 28, 2012:

No problem and good luck!

first 99 on July 28, 2012:

thnx 4 the guide now i can get my first 99 lol

JBastow (author) from Gateshead United Kingdom on July 25, 2012:

No problem alkatrex and yeah sure thanks. :)

Alkatrex on July 24, 2012:

Yo jbastow thanks for the guide bro I hit 99 fletching thanks to u. Im makin a vid soon. Would u like recongition?

JKay on June 10, 2012:

great guide! (: i really didn't know what to do with fletching after i got 70, and this really helped me out! thanks :p

JBastow (author) from Gateshead United Kingdom on May 29, 2012:

5-7 days

Arrowheight on May 28, 2012:

How long does it take to get 99 fletching with your way?

JBastow (author) from Gateshead United Kingdom on May 20, 2012:

No problem dude, be sure to check out my other guides too!

fr33 gp plz on May 20, 2012:

this guide inspired me to get 99 fletching and now im on my way to 99 thanks for the guide=]

JBastow (author) from Gateshead United Kingdom on March 31, 2012:

This maybe true but by doing that method do you make as much profit as you do buy cutting and stringing yew's?

JBastow (author) from Gateshead United Kingdom on March 25, 2012:

Sure will do check out some of my other guide sby clicking on my profile :)

Randomiser66 on March 25, 2012:

Make some more guides :)

JBastow (author) from Gateshead United Kingdom on March 21, 2012:

Sorry dude i no longer have it because i gave it to my friend

Tisa on March 21, 2012:

Could I maybe have you're guys accounts? :)

JBastow (author) from Gateshead United Kingdom on February 21, 2012:

Thanks :)! And I don't play anymore as I no longer have the time for it but I just thought I'd pass on some of my Runescape knowledge to other players :)

Slaven Cvijetic from Switzerland, Zurich on February 21, 2012:

runescape... how I nolifedxD I even wrote a nolifer guide for it lolz. and I am stuck at level 98 D: but I quitted a long time ago due to my realization that it's a time waste. anyway, nice guide!

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