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Runescape 3 1-99 Hunter Guide 2013 2014 (EOC)


In this guide i will tell you the best and fastest way to get 99 hunter on the online game Runescape. Hunter is known to be as one of the easiest skillcapes to get on Runescape and it can also be quite profitable so if you are going for a quick 99 skillcape then this is the one for you.

Hunter is known to be as one of the easiest skills to master on Runescape. The reason for which it is believed to be one of the easiest is that it only takes a short amount of time to achieve 99 when in comparison to some of the harder skill-capes to get such as construction. To get 99 hunter from level 1 it takes around 5-7days playing time (depending on what you hunt),when compared to other skills this is super easy and i recommend going for this skill-cape if you do not already own it. Now on with the guide :)


When hunting in Woodland and forest areas it is recommended that you wear full Larupia as this will camouflage your character and will increase your chances of catching whatever it is you are catching. You will also want to wear this when at the falconry as it will help here. To wear full Larupia you will need level 20 hunter. Full Larupia can be purchased from the grand exchange or from other players, it can also be crafted but its much easier if you were just to buy it.

What to hunt at what levels

1-19 = Crimson Swifts: to catch Crimson Swifts you will need to set up bird snares in the Feledip Hills. To get to the Feledip Hills you should rub a ring of dueling to teleport to Castle Wars and then run to the hills from their. When setting up the bird snare to improve your chances of catching a swift you will want to move your character a few squares away from the trap. If a bird flies into your trap but then gets away you will have to reset your trap and wait for another one to get caught in it again.

19-29 = Tropical Wagtails: to catch tropical wagtails you will need bird snares and they are also located in the Feledip hills but slightly west of the beach where you were hunting Crimson Swifts. To catch Tropical Wagtails you will be using the same method as you used to catch the Crimson Swifts (laying and resetting traps). When you reach level 20 hunter, your character will be able to set two bird snares at once therefore making it more likely to catch a bird and you will need to check both traps.

29-43 = Swamp Lizards: In order to catch swamp lizards you will need to bring 1 tinderbox, 4 ropes and 4 small nets, both of these items can be purchased at the grand exchange. You will also need an unlit torch which can be bought from the hunter shop located in the south of Yanille. Swamp Lizards are located in The Haunted woods which are South West of Canfis in the Morytania Swamp. The hunting spot is easily noticeable by the small hunter paw on the map and this is where you should set up the traps. At first you will only be able to set up 2 traps at once but when you reach level 40 you will be able to set up 3 traps. To set the trap up you will need to walk up to a young tree and then right click on it and click "set up trap". When you reach level 39 you will be able to smoke the traps, to smoke the traps you will have to light the torch using the tinderbox and then right click on the traps and click smoke. Smoking the traps will increase the chances of catching a swamp lizard. When checking the traps after you have caught the lizard you can either bank the lizards or drop them, by banking them you will make between 500-600k (depending on the g.e). If you are doing hunter just for fast xp then id just recommend dropping them.

43-57 = Spotted Kebbits: To catch Spotted Kebbits the only thing you will need is 500gp. Spotted Kebbits are located at the falconry which is slightly south of The Fishing Colony and North West of The Grand Tree on the world map. In order to catch spotted Kebbits you will need to talk to the man in the falconry and he will lend you his bird to use for 500gp. In order to hold the bird you will need to have nothing in your hands and i also recommend that you have nothing in your inventory either. To catch the Kebbit's you will need to be holding the bird and then all you do is click on the Kebbit you want to catch and then the bird will fly towards it and catch it, you will then have to run over to collect the Kebbit. When you collect the Kebbit you will get bones and kebbit fur, just drop the fur and bury the bones as they are not worth keeping.

57-60 = Dark Kebbits: To catch Dark Kebbits you will need to use the exact same method used to cacth Spotted Kebbits. Like the Spotted Kebbits they are also located in the falconry.

60-80 = Red Salamanders: To catch Red Salamanders you will need to have 4 small nets and 4 ropes in your inventory. To catch Red Salamanders you will be using the same method used to catch Swamp Lizards. The Red Salamanders are located at the ZMI Alter which is north of Castle Wars. Other guides will recommend catching chinchompas at this level but this is not worth it until level 80.

80-99 = Red Chinchompas: To catch Red Chins you will need 5 box traps. The Red chins are located in the Feledip Hills by the lake that has the Hunter Paw marker next to it. The best method to catch the Red Chins is to set your box traps up in a X formation, what i mean by this is set the box traps up close together in the shape of an x with one box in the middle. You will also want to be in a populated world as this increases the spawn rate of the chins. If you reach 99 hunter you will gain 41k Red Chinchompas which can be sold at the g.e for a healthy profit of 35million gp depending on current grand exchange rates.

XP Rates Per Hour

Swamp Lizards = 30k xp Per Hour

Spotted Kebbits = 35k xp per hour

Dark Kebbits = 40k xp Per Hour

Red Salamanders = 70k xp Per Hour

Red Chins = 90-100k+ xp Per Hour depending on level of hunter.

Summoning Familiars

If you have level 57 Summoning you will be bale to use the Spirit Larupia, it will give you a hunter boost of plus 5 and it lasts for 49minutes. It will also enable you to teleport to the Feledip Hills.

I hope this guide helped you and gave you an insight into getting 99 Hunter, if it did please comment below as i really appreciate your comments and also remember to vote this page up, leave feed back via the quick action buttons thanks!!!

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If any of the links do not work please check out my channel for a full list of all the 1-99 Runescape guides as well as other Runescape related guides Thanks!

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Corazon San on August 02, 2016:

Well to those who commented about how we can't make a healthy 41m anymore. Your right, atm we can make a healthy 141m .

BTW Great guide XD Only been 3 days, and I used illumination aura and skilling bag and I hit lvl 62 in hunter already. Now It's time for me to aim high and continue following ur guidance till I hit lvl 90+

th3fallen1 on August 19, 2014:

great guide i thought i would add, lizards are southeast of canifis not south west. Other then that perfect.

Tweek on August 13, 2014:

Hey dude,

thank you very much for your fantastic guide. I never had a lvl 99 skill and I just played runescape for free and fun but I always wanted a skill cape to call my own. I appreciate that you share your knowledge with others and want to let you know that I'm on my way to 99.

PS: sorry for my simple english

EricFournier on May 11, 2014:

Used your cooking guide to get to 99.

I only have 1 issue with your hunter guide. Wouldn't it be more profitable and quicker exp to do swamp lizards until 57 then do Orange Salamanders?

Muffinbuffer on December 18, 2013:

You make wonderful guides I really appreciate it I've used your magic and herblore and prayer guides now going to use the hunter guide do u have a divination guide yet?

8w1 on May 23, 2013:

I've used your guides for most of my 99s, including agility, going for hunter now... I was going to do Red chins from 65 until i saw your guide, will save me tonnes of time!

momyy on May 14, 2013:

@Anthony look at the date this was made and don't be so ignorant

Anthony on May 07, 2013:

These guides are horrible especially this one that says "fastest" it doesent mention anything about demonic jadinkos or anything else

Dustin on May 06, 2013:

Wesyp, all you need to know is how many chins it takes (which he states in the guide) and multiply it by known red chin price. Hope that helps.

Arran on March 22, 2013:

You can't make 35m off the Red Chinchomba's anymore.. :'(

Metorrite on February 16, 2013:

You should add that if you have 71 summoning you can use arctic polar bear which gives a +7 invisible boost to your hunter and can also teleport you somewhere idk where...also it gives you some kind of camo but im not sure about that try checking the wiki.

manny on January 23, 2013:

great guide thus far went from level 6-36 in a couple hours and made over 300k on salamanders. Great job on the guide

Athenaaaaaaaaaaa on December 21, 2012:

double hunter exp weekend in rs, thought ill use this guide another great guide thankyou

AshildRain on December 08, 2012:

one thing i noticed that you don't have on your guide is "masking your scent" if you decide to hunt the red chins at a lower lvl it helps tremendously to use a lit torch on the box trap after you lay down the trap c: it adds a little time to the process but its very useful

Greg on August 04, 2012:

This Really works thank you been 2 days and already have 63 hunter:)

JBastow (author) from Gateshead United Kingdom on July 25, 2012:

Thanks, be sure to check out my others too. :)

Sarraddomin on July 25, 2012:

Great guide this is probably the only one EVER that I've seen that works..

rarw on June 26, 2012:

bots all im gunna say

KillingVirus (RS NAME on June 11, 2012:

It took me 3 weeks only 5m full maples about 200k logs

WoodCutD2 on May 12, 2012:

This guide is very good. :D Good job on it

JBastow (author) from Gateshead United Kingdom on May 04, 2012:

@StillFletching 30million plus!

StillFletching on May 02, 2012:

how much money (estimated is perfectly fine) does this method to 99 make?

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