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Rules for a Marvel Puzzle Quest Casual Alliance

A funny graphic I made for my new casual alliance, "The Deadly Tacos". I still hang out and strategize with my old alliance group "Zenpool" who are a fairly consistent Top 100 rank. I wanted to keep the Deapool mascot theme, but also show some humor.

A funny graphic I made for my new casual alliance, "The Deadly Tacos". I still hang out and strategize with my old alliance group "Zenpool" who are a fairly consistent Top 100 rank. I wanted to keep the Deapool mascot theme, but also show some humor.


Building a Casual Alliance in Marvel Puzzle Quest

As a long time player of Marvel Puzzle Quest, since the very beginning of the Beta days, I have played in a number of alliance groups. One of the best aspects of MPQ is the ability to social share rewards through Facebook, and to join an alliance. Alliance groups allow players to earn more rewards, and trade team ups to use in matches.

As a long time player, I've reached a point where I'm less interested in hardcore competition, and more interested in fun and casual play. Unfortunately, most alliances are formed by hardcore players who want to excel for top prizes. Groups that claim to be casual often are not, requiring minimum scores that require lots of daily play in MPQ. Other casual alliances are so slack that they fail to deliver the perks of being in an alliance at all.

Finally, I am ready to start my own alliance group to find my own balance between casual play, and supporting your team mates. I have come up with five rules I call The Articles of Allegiance, which I feel strike the perfect balance of casual play and fairness to the teammate group. In addition to the Articles of Allegiance, I've built some formal suggestions about how minimal players can best continue to build their game skills and help their Alliance Mates in Marvel Puzzle Quests. Feel free to use these rules and suggestions for you own casual alliance group, or as a starting point to create your own basic rules. Have fun!


The following rules must be met to maintain membership in The Alliance

Article #1

Members of the Alliance agree to play a minimum of one match daily to maintain membership in the group. Our Alliance is a training camp for a Top 100 Alliance, so there is an expectation of minimal daily improvement. One of the best ways to constantly improve with the least amount of effort is to continually collect your Daily Resupply Rewards. This Alliance is committed to casual play, as long as you can play one match a day you can remain a member. Anyone can miss a day; it is bound to happen once in a while, even to the most obsessive players. If missing days becomes a habit, you will be contacted by the Commander for an explanation. Continued absences will be grounds for dismissal from the Alliance.

Article #2

On any day where your time or motivation is limited and you can only play a few matches (8 or less), choose your matches based on the ARTICLES OF ENGAGEMENT. Please read ARTICLES OF ENGAGEMENT for details.

Article #3

Playing one match per day assumes that an Alliance Member will also "Resolve their Team Ups" by taking the following steps:

1) Sharing Team Ups with any members currently requesting them.

2) Dumping weak Team Ups from your stockpile if necessary, and requesting more from Alliance Mates, or simply requesting Team Ups to replenish empty slots in your Team Up stockpile.

Please read RESOLUTION OF TEAM UPS for suggestions.

Article #4

Alliance members are required to participate in social reward sharing via Facebook. Alliance members must join the Alliance's private Facebook Group, and be friends with at least those players of MPQ to maintain Alliance Membership. While it is understood that privacy on Facebook is a serious matter, social reward sharing is one of the most important aspects of Marvel Puzzle Quest. Players with large numbers of MPQ playing Facebook friends can expect to receive several hundred Iso crystals, also boosts and standard tokens on a daily basis. These rewards accumulate and help players constantly grow their roster even if they don’t play often. If you don’t play often and contribute to the Alliance Score, you can still help the group by constantly improving your game and social sharing is one of the best ways. Any harassment will be dealt with by the Alliance Commanders, by expulsion from the Alliance.

Article #5

Along with playing every day, and Resolving Team Ups, Alliance members are also required to Resolve your Roster. This involves selling, recruiting, or training any soon to expire Cover Rewards, and leveling up characters if desired. Please read RESOLUTION OF ROSTERS for more information.



For casual players who can only make a minimal contribution to The Alliance, please choose your matches based on the following recommendations to maximize your daily rewards and overall contribution to the group.

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If you can only play one match in a day:

If you only have time for a single match in a day, try to win the 1star team node on Deadpool’s Daily Quest. The reward is 500 Iso and that is a pretty good reward for a single match.

If you can’t beat that node with your current roster, play a match in a new PVP event worth at least 25 points. You will earn the first progression reward in that event, and you will receive the lowest prize at the end of the event as well. That is also a good ratio of reward for one match’s work.

Another easy reward scenario is to join a lightning round or a fresh PVP event with whatever available characters you have that are at low levels. This is especially handy if your best characters are knocked out and are recharging. Just by participating in an event, you receive the bottom most placement reward whether you win the match or not. It is possible to earn a reward for zero points.

If you have Deadpool in your roster, try to use him once per day. Deadpool earns Deadpool Tokens once per day for participating in a match. Deadpool Tokens can be used during a match to destroy the entire enemy team with Deadpool’s “Whale’s, Whales, Whales” power.

Deadpool’s Daily Quest:

Alliance members should strive to complete “The Daily Deadpool” every day. It is an easy way to earn a new 3star cover and 5000 Iso crystals. If you can’t help contribute to The Alliance’s score in PVP and PVE events due to restrictions on your time, or desire, again, you can help The Alliance by bettering your game. In respect of Alliance members time and the busy pace of daily life, we consider The Daily Deadpool as eight matches, although it is only five nodes. The two wave based nodes add extra time to the matches, and time in our lives is valuable. Alliance members who have the time and motivation to play more than The Daily Deadpool on a consistent daily basis are more than just casual players and should consider trying out for our Top 100 Alliance.

Player Versus Player (PVP) Events:

If your time is limited, try to score 50 points in PVP. This score will earn you the first two progression rewards, one of which is always a standard token. Every Standard Token is an opportunity to win a new cover. Never sneer at Standard Tokens. PVP events run for several days, allowing even time limited players to score more points. Try to score 300 points in PVP events. Even if you don’t place high, you’ll earn an Event Token as a Progression Reward. If you can manage to score 300 points in PVP, then your roster isn’t your limitation, time or desire to play is. If you score 300 points give 400 a shot if you have the time. The 400 point reward is usually valuable Hero Points.

Player Versus Environment (PVE) Events:

PVE events are a great place to pick up high powered Team Ups and other worthwhile rewards. While PVP matches can average 25 points or less for a victory, PVE matches can be worth several thousand points. If you have limited time to play the game, you can greatly help The Alliance by playing Essential Nodes in PVE events. Intermediate players will find PVE matches are a great place to earn cover rewards and Iso, with less pressure than PVP events. While defeats PVP negatively affect your rank and overall score in the event, PVE loses do not count against you in any way.


Vote on the Articles of Allegiance


Ultimately, Alliance Members have to make their own decisions about how to fill their rosters. Some Members may wish to follow these guidelines:

It is highly recommended that Hero Points (HP) be spent only on roster slots. It is a shame to sell off cover rewards of characters you’d like to keep. This generalization does not always suit advanced players. If you have a large roster with some maxxed out characters, you will compete against much stronger opponents in PVP. It may be worthwhile to sell off some of your less used characters and use HP to buy new covers for better characters.

Don’t let Cover Rewards expire. If you don’t have the roster slots or HP available, then make sure you get the 100, 250, or 500 Iso for your unusable Cover Reward.

There are two basic theories regarding leveling up characters in your roster with Iso crystals. Some players believe you should level up your characters evenly, adding Iso to each one in an equal manner. The rational for this method is that it may keep your scaling in PVP and PVE events lower so that you compete against more manageable opponents. The other major theory, which is a time tested strategy throughout role playing games as a whole, is to make the best use of what you have. Pour all of your Iso into your best characters so that you make the most use of their strengths. The drawback to this method is that maxxed out 3star and high level 4star characters will put you into a competition bracket in PVP against opponents who may be very difficult to beat and require extra resources such as boosts. Some advanced players report that recycling lesser used characters, by selling them off and starting them over with a single cover, helps compensate for having strong 3 and 4star characters in competition placement. When deciding what method is best, consult with Alliance Mates or other trusted allies.

Learn more about Team Up strategy at the Marvel Puzzle Quest Wiki, the best resource I use for all my strategic planning.

Visit the Marvel Puzzle Quest Wiki's page on Team Up Strategy.


Have a good look at your Team Ups. If some of them are garbage, throw them away. Don't be sentimental about a Team Up just because an Alliance Mate sent it to you. If your Team Ups slots are full, throw away that Bagman, Ragnarok, or Invisible Woman Team Up and request something better from your Alliance.

If you have room on your roster there are some 1star & 2star characters that give awesome Team Ups and don't even need to be leveled up at all. Modern Black Widow's powers don't rely on her level at all, her powers are just as strong at Lv1 as they are maxxed out at Lv40. This is also true of Classic Hawkeye. Many advanced and veteran players ignore the value of 1star & 2star characters and Team Ups, but there were many people reporting on forums that ClassicHawk's Arrow stab was a valuable skill in the gruelingly difficult Ultron event.

Characters like Juggernaut, who damage themselves, make great Team Ups because you get the benefit of their super move without the penalty of them actually being on your team to receive the damage. Also remember that Passive Powers cannot be donated. If you send your Alliance Mate Bullseye, for example, they are definitely getting Murderous Aim as a Team Up.

Some Alliances like to say what characters they want specifically for Alliance Mates to donate, using the Alliance chat window. Murderous Aim, by the way, is one of the most frequent requests I get from Alliance Mates needing Team Ups. Bullseye, Juggernaut, Dr. Doom, Loki, Deadpool, Classic Storm, and Mohawk Storm are some of the most requested Team Ups among players I've been in an Alliance with.

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