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Ronaldo, The Richest Footballer in the World,

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Ronaldo, The Richest Footballer in the World

Ronaldo was the first person in the world to get 500 million followers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This happened in February 2021. He had 690 million dollars as of May 2022.

In March 2021, he scored more goals than the Brazilian legend Pele. A hat trick against the Serie A team Cagliari gave him 770 goals in all competitions, putting him ahead of Pele.

Five times named FIFA Player of the Year, Ronaldo broke the $1 billion mark in 2020, more than any other athlete in the history of team sports. Ronaldo has a lifetime contract with Nike and also earns money from CR7-branded merchandise such as apparel, accessories, hotels, and fitness centers.

He moved from Juventus to Manchester United in August 2021. He played for Manchester United from 2003 to 2009.

Ronaldo, who has won the FIFA Player of the Year award five times, became the first active team-sport athlete to earn more than $1 billion in 2020.

You can't become a billionaire by only playing football. Even if you are the highest-paid player in the world for 10 years, those huge numbers are still out of reach. What Cristiano Ronaldo did so well was create a brand that went beyond the sports world.

He is much more than a football player. He owns a hotel and a restaurant, has his clothing line, his perfume, has been in commercials, etc. He is a successful businessman who also has an incredibly well-paid job. He can also "milk" his fame by signing well-paid sponsorship deals or appearing in well-paid commercials.

It is very hard to become a billionaire with only one source of income. You must grow, and that's exactly what Cristiano did. Many people outside of football know the "CR7" brand, and he is probably well-known even among people who have never watched a football game in their lives.

Cristiano Ronaldo has been building an empire for more than 15 years, and now that he is 35, he is just enjoying the fruits of all of his hard work and great ideas. He sure deserves it.

Ronaldo has a lifetime contract with Nike, and he also makes money off the field with clothing, accessories, hotels, and gyms that have the CR7 brand.

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Age \s37

Soccer is a source of money.


$60 M Endorsements

$55 M

The home is in Turin, Italy



Agent Jorge Mendes Agency Marital Status In Relationship 4 Children

Gestate Sponsors Delivery Hero, Herbalife, MTG, Nike, Unilever

Cristiano Ronaldo is selling his old home in Manchester for £3.25 million.

Cristiano Ronaldo hasn't played for Manchester United in almost a decade, so it's no surprise that he's ready to leave his home in the wealthy English village of Alderley Edge, which is only 15 miles from Old Trafford, where he used to play.

Records show that Mr. Ronaldo, who now plays forward for the Italian team Juventus, put his five-bedroom, three-story brick house on the market on Monday for £3.25 million (US$4.1 million).

If it sells for that price, the Portuguese football player will lose £600,000. A title document filed with the Land Registry in 2007 shows that Mr. Ronaldo, who is now 33, bought the house for £3.895 million more than ten years ago.

Images of the house show that Mr. Ronaldo has a surprising taste for Gothic furniture. The few things left in the house are mostly black, like the black shag and cowhide rugs, the soft charcoal-gray couch, and even the sheer black curtains.

The rest of the house is pretty traditional, with light stone-tile and hardwood floors, tall windows, and tall windows. Images of the house, which is for sale through the local real estate agency Benson Bunch, show that it has a pool, a large white-and-black lacquer kitchen (Juventus's team colors), a steam room, a cinema room, a gym, among other high-end features.

When the brokerage was asked to comment, they didn't get back to us. There are three bedrooms, all with their bathrooms. The master suite is big and has two bathrooms and a walk-in closet.

This is the second time that the Portuguese soccer player has tried to sell the house he used to live in England. An old listing for the home shows that it was first put on the market in 2013 for £3.75 million.


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