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Rise of the Kings Guide to Make A Powerful Alliance

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Starting an Alliance?


So you want to lead an alliance? Well you came to the right guide, I'm full of tips to help you build a powerful alliance that will rank in the top 5 of the most powerful of the kingdom. These tips are what my husband and I utilize to keep an alliance in the top 5 of the most powerful in the kingdom. After testing these Rise of the Kings alliance tips out time and again with great success, I'm sure they will work for you.

What You Should Know Before You Start an Alliance

If you want to start an alliance in the ROK game there are a few things you should know before you make that dive into leadership. Leading an alliance is no small task. You will need some trusted members of your alliance to help run the alliance, as your enemies will always try to infiltrate and hinder your alliance from gaining power. Your enemies will be from around the world, and may have a lot of money that they are willing to dump into the game which will make it a bit more difficult for you to compete if you are not willing to do the same. You will have people from across the globe join your alliance asking you questions about the game at all hours of the day if they are new players. Luckily, I have other guides to the Rise of the Kings that could help you and your team answer many of those questions. Still want to start your own alliance? Then check out the steps below.

10 Steps to Starting an Alliance

1. For a strong alliance start up, I recommend you gather a team together who will be your rank 4 (r4) members when you are just getting your castle started. Read my other ROK guides on building your castle to level 5 and how to survive after castle 5, and direct your team to the guides as well so that you will all be on the same page. Those guides can help you know when a new kingdom will open and how to jump to a new kingdom. Only build your castle to level 5 in the kingdom you start in and watch the world map for a new kingdom to come online. You will want to jump your team to the new kingdom to have the best opportunity to become the most powerful leader of the kingdom. You can gather more people to join in the jump as well which will give your alliance a head start in the new kingdom.

2. Once you and your team have jumped to the new kingdom upgrade your castle to level 6 and you can start an alliance for free instead of the 200 gems that are required at the other castle levels.


3. Restrict access to the lower ranks of your alliance to provide your crew with more safety. To do so just tap on alliance, then go to the manage section, and then set permissions. Turn off view online status and member location for the lower ranks of the alliance.

4. It's good to set a couple r4's to deal with certain aspects so you are not trying to do everything yourself. I suggest that you assign some of your rank 4 members with some of the work of leading the alliance, such as an event leader for informing members of upcomming events, a diplomat for when you have to deal with other alliances, boundry builder to build flags, or a war general to help organize attacks. I have a guide to the Rise of the Kings events you can refer your alliance to, to help them know how to compete in the events and can help save your team a little time from explanations.

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5. Kindly inform your alliance members on how to donate to alliance technology, and how it helps them have more power. You want to try to have a ballance in your alliance technology, as they are all important to provide your alliance with safety and strength. As members of the alliance donate, the alliance will accumulate funds for buildings, flags, and alliance store items. The more donations the alliance gets the quicker you will be able to place your alliance boundries and buildings and the stronger you become.

6. You will first need to build the ministry with those funds so that your alliance will have boundries to provide your members with better rewards from activities they do within the boundries. After the ministry is built, I suggest that you build the Port of Void so that alliance members can donate to it as well and your alliance can accumulate funds even faster which also allows your alliance to quickly gain power.


7. When it comes to promotions, you have to be careful, as an enemy infiltrating your r4 positions could easily destroy your alliance power. I recommend that you don't just base promtions by castle level and lord power but also by donations and interaction. Usually if the member is contributing a lot but not growing, it could be a spy, if they contribute a lot and are growing they are less likely to be a spy and a good candidate for r4 positions.

8. As the building of flags can cause conflicts from other alliances in the kingdom, I suggest that you and your r4's build your flags inside the alliance boundries and build several before you move them to the locations that you want. If you are building the flags within your boundries it is not as noticeable to your enemies that you are planning to expand and will make an attack on you while building the flag less likely to happen. You will also be able to build the flags a little faster as your alliance will not have to go on a long march to get to the building site. Having several flags prepared before you start claiming land and supertiles will make it harder for your enemies to block you.

9. Make sure to have your alliance members donate to the alliance war buildings like the cannons to ensure that there is ammunition in case you need to expell an enemy out of the territory that your alliance can't take on.

10. One of the biggest keys to success in this game is how well the players can work together. The more organized and prepared you are to lead your team the more teamwork you will get from them and the more powerful the whole alliance becomes.

Now that you know what it takes to lead an alliance to the top 5 most powerful in the kingdom and have some extra tools and tips to share with your alliance, you better get back to the ROK game so you can try to claim your throne. Thank you for reading and much love to you.

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