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Rise of the Kings Events Guide

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Get ready! The Rise of the Kings has alot going on.

Get ready! The Rise of the Kings has alot going on.

What's Happening On ROK?

Everyday in the ROK game some kind of event is going down. Check it out at the events center and you will see ROK has plenty events going on for you to reap in rewards. I know you want to excel in the ROK events so I had to write this guide to the rise of the Kings events to share with you which events are worth your time and how to make the most of them. With game pack prize awards valued at around $100 USD you'll be happy you found this ROK events guide.

Let the events begin!

In the beginning of a new kingdom there is a ton of events to participate in as long as you are in an alliance. Most of them are pretty simple to participate in and won't require any money while some will require money but maybe worth it if you're looking to be the most powerful warlord of the Kingdom. In my rise of the Kings guide to Castle 5, I mentioned how to get the most from the Exclusive New Lords event and the War Play event so may I suggest if you are a new Lord go read through that first, as you wouldn't want to miss out on all the benefits.

Free Events

The Monster Hunt event is a great way to boost your lord level and get much-needed supplies to make your Castle defenses strong. It's an easy event where all you do is kill 100 monsters and reap in the rewards.

Draft Day is all about training and growing your arm. Each time you see Draft Day in the events make sure to take part as it's a great way to get training speedups to use during bigger events such as the Tournament of the Lord's Train Soldiers event.

You're going to need resources to help you build up strong and Rise of the Kings has an event just for the cause. It's called the Green Thumb event. The more you collect from the kingdom the more rewards you will get to keep you growing fast. My suggestion to compete in these free events are to go read my ROK beginner's guide to Castle 5 so you can go to a New Kingdom prepared with a large army and enough resources to grow fast once you get to the New Kingdom. Keep in mind you can only bring 500,000 of each resource.

The Grim Raiders even is a test of your strength and how well your alliance can work together. If your alliance does well everyone will get gems and more. All you have to do is make sure you're on the game when your alliance leader has asked so you can help reinforce those who need it or let someone know through the alliance chat that you need reinforcements to make sure your Castle passes with at least 30% kills. I like to use an attack and a defense buff, man my walls with heroes, and make sure that my walls and towers are up to par to ensure I pass the test.

The Tournament of the Lords event is another free to participate event, and is a great way to get some extra gems along with other goodies. It is an event that lasts anywhere from five to seven days depending on how new the kingdom is. If you are in a brand new kingdom the very first tournament will be 5 days and will have a different event each day for you to earn gems and other goodies. The five events of the first tournament will be in no specific order and will consist of some of the following: Castle Build Up, Train Soldiers, Kill Monsters, Power Up, Collect Resources, or it may repeat one of the mentioned events. Basically you try to earn as many points as you can doing as the event suggests. The second tournament of the Lord's event and there on after will consist of the five events listed above plus one called the Kill Event which we ROK lovers like to call KE. The event is just as its name implies, kill as many men as possible and you'll get awesome rewards. You'll want to have a few shields on hand as KE will last 3 days, and you'll be playing with players from around the world who will want to kill all your men while you're sleeping. If you can't get a shield, I suggest you reinforce castles that do have shields or go explore some ruin castles for 8 hours to keep your men safe while you sleep.

ROK has several events that give you cards that allow you to rally a monster with your friends in your alliance. The event might be called Hounds of Hades, Cherry Blossom Festival, Lucky Leprechaun or some other odd name ROK has come up with for the season. All you have to do is go kill a few monsters until you get a whistle, four leaf clover, Etc., then go to your bag to use the item, place it on the map, and set a rally on it. I recommend that you have a big war hall, and make sure your alliance has research completed in big rally and big legion technology so that you can have as many people join your ralley as possible. As the game is designed to promote strong alliances it rewards the players with more valuable rewards when more people work together. However, I also recommend that if an enemy can get to your monster within two minutes that you set the rally for short time period or you may lose out.

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Power Boost is a great way to get goodies like speedups, VIP points, resources, and gems! All you have to do is build up your army, buildings, and research to get these awesome rewards when you meet the stage goals.

Both of the Lantern and Egg Break events are somewhat achievable free of cost, especially if you tend to be lucky, and you have time to kill a ton of monsters, or have a lot of Fountain wishes. There are game packs that you can buy but again it depends on luck when it comes to the rewards you get. You will have three choices of Rewards from either of these events. The first choice on the left will offer you legendary items, the second or middle choice gives resources, and the third choice on the right will give you speed ups.

The Stellar Card event is an easy memory game that gives you great rewards. You get extra flips by killing monsters, making wishes at the fountain, or buying game packs. I recommend you write down, maybe in a grid style, what's on the card you flip so that you will be more likely to get rewards.

Harvest Day is another great way to boost up your lord power and collect resources quickly. While it is going on you can collect from the kingdom 50% faster than you normally do and using a resource spell will make it even faster which makes it a great time to collect for those big castle build ups. Don't just collect all day though, as killing monsters during this time will give you double the Lord experience you would normally get.

The Monsters Lair and Let's Make... events are another great way to get great rewards just by killing monsters. Donate either ingredients or fairys to the lair and claim rewards as they become available. If you manage to donate 100 ingredients or fairies, you can claim a donation ticket at the bottom of the lair to use in the donation store for even more rewards.

Let's Make a Jack-O-Lantern

Let's Make a Jack-O-Lantern

Do you want more great rewards such as VIP points, resources, and speed-ups? When the Lost City appears you will have your opportunity. In order to participate in the Lost City Event your castle will need to be at level 12 or higher. Go to the resource zone map to find where the lost city will appear, then once you found the Lost City you dispatch your army to go explore it. You can explore the lost city more than once, so make sure you go as many times as possible.

Let's all be promoters is an event to reward you for telling your friends about ROK. All you have to do is copy and paste the promoter link to share the game on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media platforms. Tell your friends to go to the link, copy the promo code, then download the game and get at least to castle level 3. Once your friend reaches castle level 3 they can enter the promo code and receive rewards, as explained in my guide to castle 5. Both you and your friend will get rewards for building your Castle, plus you could win an iPhone.

Throne War is an event where you fight for the throne of the Kingdom. You can find out when your first throne war will be, as well as any throne wars that follow it, by going to the resource zone map and looking at the very top of the screen to see how many days are left until Thrown War. I recommend that you and your Alliance take over the turrets near the center Castle as well as taking the center Castle to ensure you keep the throne.

The Field of Honor event is for the top alliances to compete with each other to get rewards. The event requires that you have 15 castles at certain levels in order to compete. I suggest to work out a good game server time for all in the alliance that want to participate to be on so that you can be sure to have as many competing as possible. Unlike other events this one doesn't cost you to heal you troops, nor will they die, so be sure to show your honor and join in this fun event.

Pay To Play Events

My Glorious castle

My Glorious castle

The Glorious Benefit event is just what it says it is. When you buy a game pack that has enough gems for each level you will get to claim extra benefits such as a forever glorious castle theme, speed UPS, and so much more, valued at over $100 USD towards your gameplay yes you may spend close to $100 on the packs if you do it right but you then get $100 more worth of stuff. So think about it then say okay because you'll hate yourself if you don't. I only spent $70 to reach the goal and now have a glorious castle with all its Buff's for ever.

The 7-Day recharge rewards event is an event that you can only participate in if you have entered into a brand new kingdom according to my gameplay research. You don't have to spend much to get the rewards, however, you have to make sure that you purchase a game pack a total of 7 different game days.

The progressive recharge rewards event will usually last two or three days and will give you Rewards when you purchase a certain amount of gems. There are several levels of rewards for this event so the more you purchase the more rewards you'll get.

Elyanna's Fund is an inexpensive event that will give you a total of 40000 gems throughout your Castle build up to level 22. It will cost roughly $10 USD but you have till the end of the world to claim the rewards. If you do consider purchasing, as those gyms are so tempting, keep in mind the purchase will not qualify for the Glorious Benefit, 7-Day Recharge Rewards, or Progressive Recharge Rewards events.

The event center is full of fun mini games and events.

The event center is full of fun mini games and events.

There are a couple other events you can participate in. However, they are pretty easy to understand and participate in and I don't want to keep you for too long. Just make sure you check out the events center every time you play, as sometimes a new event will pop up in the middle of the day. Also make sure to check out my profile page for other great guides to ROK, links to my blog and fan pages, and so much more. Thanks for reading and much love to you.


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