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Rise of the Kings Beginner's Guide to Survive After Castle 5

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Ready to Move Up in Power Ranking?


So you have all your buildings at level 5, have moved to your brand new kingdom if needed, and you, are ready to take off your beginner's shield to start showing those "wanna be lords" who is boss. If you have not moved to a brand new kingdom as suggested in my "Rise of the Kings Beginner's Guide to Castle 5", you really should so that you can benefit from all the events a brand new kingdom provides. Now is the perfect time to move into your new kingdom as the option to move from kingdom to kingom will be gone as soon as you start upgrading your castle to level 6.

How to Move from Kingdom to Kingdom

To move your castle from one kingdom to another, just select the new kingdom from the world map, then pick a spot on the map to show the terrain of the area you would like to move to. Tap on a spot on the map again then tap on teleport. You can now pick a more accurate spot to place your castle by using a hold tap pn the castle and dragging it around. You will need 4 green squares around your castle in order to teleport to that spot. Now you are ready to take off that shield and start building your castle level 6... Or are you? You are now in charge of protecting your castle so follow these next tips to make your troops unstoppable.


10 Power Building Tips to Survive After Castle 5

  1. The main key to becomming an all powerful war lord is to never let anything in the game be idle, always upgrading some kind of building, researching a technology, and training military units. Yes, upgrading buildings, training military units, and researching can take a lot of time, but if you follow these suggestions, you'll be busy enough to not have to watch the paint dry.
  2. Continuously send your military out to kill monsters, explore ruin castles, siege enemy castles, or collect resources from the kingdom. This will help you gain power through lord experience. As an added bonus it will provide you with needed items to upgrade, promote, and teach your heroes, as I suggested in my first guide, as well as occasionally get you instant gems and so much more.
  3. Read through the tip section in each of your heroes' handbook to help you determine which books are best for the hero. I recommend basing your decision according to where that hero is best assigned and then according to the heroes' prestige.
  4. Improve your military attack and defense not only through research, but by strengthening and upgrading the equipment you receive at castle level 8 and beyond. Once your equipment has reached level 5 you can inset jewels to make the equipment more powerful. Match the right jewels with the propper equipment by learning what each piece of equipment is for and what each jewel does. You can learn more about your equipment by tapping your avatar then the piece of equipment you want to know more about.
  5. Every time you get new jewels and stones you will want to compose them to their highest level for maximum power. Check your jewel storage at the blacksmith and stone storage at the material factory provided to you at castle level 10 to see if they need to be composed. Each jewel will have a description of what it provides under the name so that you can match it to the propper equipment. When a jewel is ready to be composed you will see a blue upwards arrow. You need 4 of the same jewel or stone to be able to compose it to a higher level.
  6. I highly recommend you have several hospitals to allow you to upgrade one while healing in another as well as provide more beds for wounded troops. The more troops you can hold in your hospitals, the less that will die during an attack on your castle, and you will be more likely to receive military honor points that you can exchange for more power.
  7. Honorable death by reinforcing allies under attack is a really great way to receive military honor points when you are looking to improve your military rank. Be sure to seize any opportunity you can by tapping the alli under attack, then tapping reinforce, then dispatch to select the troops you want to dispatch. When you have earned a minimum of 5,000 military honor points you can learn a military skill and recieve a military rank promotion. To check your points, claim rewards from points earned and learn military skills tap your avatar then tap the military stripes below the avatar.
  8. You can speed training time, increase amount trained, decrease needed resources for research, improve crop yields, and more by assigning the right hero with the right skills to the propper buildings. I like to check the assignment before I set the buildind to do what is needed for optimal performance.
  9. I recommend keeping items such as teleports, shields, defense bonuses, attack bonuses, and other useful war cards in your bag so you will be ready for war at all times.
  10. If you have bought books for your heroes as suggested in the first guide, I recommend that you do not incinerate a whole book to use the ashes for exchange. You will only recieve 10 ashes for the whole book, when it takes 50 ashes for the exchange.
A little about the author

A little about the author

Okay, I believe I have covered all that is needed to survive after castle 5 as well as become the ultimate war lord between this guide and the last. If you think I missed anything or can help you with anything please let me know in the comments below.

Psst. If you want some tips on the ROK events, check out the link above for that guide or check out some of my other work by following me so you can get notified the instant I publish it. Thanks for reading and much love to you.


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