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Rise of the Kings Beginner's Guide to Castle 5

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A Guide to Rise of the Kings

Open the door to your new castle and become the proud new owner of a kingdom.

Open the door to your new castle and become the proud new owner of a kingdom.

Have you seen a preview of the game called The Rise of the Kings (ROK)? It looks so fun, just had to check it out, right?! Being able to invite your friends to play with you and take over a kingdom together while meeting people all over the world, chatting live time while plundering someone's castle is so fun. The only way I could stop playing the game long enough to get writing this ROK beginner's guide, was to drain my phone battery. I love to help others by sharing what I can, so I came up with this ROK beginner's guide that will help you become the Over Lord King or Queen of the land.

Beginning the Rise of the Kings Game

Don't get too comfy in your new castle as you may just be castle sitting the first time you play, as to become all powerful and mighty you will base your decision to buy the castle or to castle sit on factors such as what time you start the game and how old the kingdom is. If you can start the game about 6 hours before the game day starts at 6 pm MDT, you can get a head start to becomming the King or Queen of the kingdom as well as find out how old the kingdom is that you started in.

A new kingdom has come, will you be the new King or maybe Queen?

A new kingdom has come, will you be the new King or maybe Queen?

As a new lord you will either start out in a kingdom that is somewhat new, usually being only a couple days to a week old, or one that just popped up as you start the game. The newer the kingdom is the more events there are for you to participate in to earn rewards in the game to help you continue on you way to owning the kingdom. So ask around the kingdom chat how old the kingdom is. If there is no one sure of how old it is you can always keep an eye on the world map to watch for a new kingdom appearing next to the one you are in. I noticed in the ROK game that a new kingdom tends to grow about every two days. Need to get to the world map? If you are in your castle just tap on the land icon at the bottom left of your screen, then tap on the map icon also located on the left. On the right of the screen tap on the globe and there you have the world map.

Develop the Power to Rule the Kingdom

Whether you choose to stay in the kingdom you start in or jump to a brand new, don't waste any time. Start building your castle buildings up to a level 5 and training soldiers to defend, fight, plunder, and gather for you to research technologies. I'm sure you have heard the age old saying "knowledge is power", so let that be number one on the list of what to do. You will need the technologies resesrched at least to a level 5 to do well in the kingdom events that go on during the first week. Check out the kingdom's events by tapping the event cup on the top right of your screen under your gems, or while in the castle next to the tree. Events are often added throughout the day so check it often for chances at earning lots of goodies for your castle.

Start claiming your kingdom today!

Start claiming your kingdom today!

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In the events you will notice the Exclusive New Lord Event which lasts 7 days and is full of tasks to do in the game that help you grow your power to the over lord status. With each task you complete, you not only get rewards but you get new lord points that you can exchange for more goodies like hero shards, advanced teleports, and more. You won't be able to claim these points until the last day of the event so make sure to watch the count down on the Exclusive New Lords event page that last day to start claiming those points. To claim the points just tap on the chest with the little red exclamation mark on the Exclusive New Lords event page just above and to the left of the timer count down.

12 Over Lord Power Tips You Have to Know About

  1. Following the game tips that Elyanna gives you at the bottom left of your screen will reward you with resources to keep you leveling up your castle and lord without having to go picking from super tiles every moment of the game.
  2. Try to complete the daily tasks to earn more goodies like summoning spells for heroes and other things to help you grow. Daily tasks are located on the second page of the quest book at the bottom of your screen.
  3. ROK is an alliance promoting game according to some of their descriptions in event promotions. As such, you will not just recieve 200 gems for joining an alliance the first time, but added strength to your army. The more you donate to the alliance the stronger you become. As the alliance strengthens you strengthen. Plus you get to use your honor points to buy from the alliance store, which will run smoothly once the alliance has been into play for a week or two depending on how active people donate. Just tap on alliance at the bottom right of your screen to join an alliance. As a new member you won't be able to donate for 4 hours, but when you can just tap on alliance at the bottom again then tap on alliance technology, then donate grain, wood, or gems.
  4. Once your alliance has the port of void built you can charge it with donations to summon a demon. You get awesome rewards for killing the demon as well as the ability to enslave it to make it attack your enemies. To charge the port of void you can either tap on the port of void for your alliance in the kingdom screen or through the alliance icon. Just tap on "Alliance Buildings", then "Core Buildings", then "Port of Void". At the top right of the screen is a charge button. Just tap it and start donating.
  5. When you first get your heroes at castle level 3, focus on upgrading only one hero to level 20. You upgrade by tapping the heroes icon at the bottom of your screen. Select the hero to upgrade, then the upgrade tab at bottom screen. Tap on any knowledge potions you have to see your hero power increase. Once you have a hero at level 20 the skill shop will open up to you. You can buy skill books or pages for your heros to learn, [you need 10 pages to make a book before it can be learned] which will increase your hero power. Always keep your eye out for the whole book and you will be an over lord in no time.
  6. Make it harder for your enemy to covertly scout you by hiding your equipment and medals in the settings options. Just go to your avatar picture then the settings gear then options to stop showing off things.
  7. While you are in the settings get some free goodies for your castle by entering this promo code: 7im132id in the promo code box.
  8. Make sure you allocate your skill points to skills so that you can open your skill book quickly. Tap your avatar picture to locate your skill points that are under the lord experience and stamina bars. Once you activate your skill book you can use those skills to overflow your stamina bar, harvest an hours worth of resources instantly, and so much more.
  9. Try go get your VIP status up as quick as possible using alliance honor points to buy VIP points and participating in events. VIP's recieve extra speed, quicker building times, and other buffs. This is much easiet to do when you are a new lord as the first couple VIP levels don't require as many VIP points. When your VIP is activated you will see the difference it makes in your gameplay, so use any timed VIP passes to enjoy the benefits of your VIP status.
  10. While the warplay event is going on kill 30 monsters each day to get an extra warplay ticket. Warplay tickets do not expire, so when your castle is level 8 you'll have lots of extra tickets to get awesome goodies like gems. You can check you monster kill amount by tapping the event cup then tapping on the warplay event. Your kill amount is located above the possible warplay prizes.
  11. You will always be offered to buy this game pack or that game pack throughout the game. After all the app makers need to be able to keep the game updated and fun. At least they give you some pretty reasonable deals, especially if you take into consideration that most video games will cost $30 to $50 on average. When you invest during the first week of starting the game you get way more for your money due to the events that you can participate in only run during that first eek.

Well that's it for my ROK beginner's guide to castle 5. Keep coming back as I will be writing more gameplay guides such as my next guide "Rise of the Kings Beginner's Guide to Survive After Castle 5" and may even give you a rts war game strategy that you may enjoy. Thanks for reading and much love to you. Feel free to leave me a comment down below.

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