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"Rimworld" Beginner Pro Tips

Days, weeks, months of hours spent on the Rim. A whole life spent dying and taking prisoners, then making them godlike and then eating them.


The First 24

Pardon me, sir, but I believe I'm being eaten.

The animals are hungry and watching you pick up your packaged survival meals is working for them. They're going to eat you, but not right now. Waiting until you're doing something important away from the others would be more opportune.

Much more opportune.

You could build a room, however, and foil their plans. I would rate building one a solid 5/5 Decent place to stay alive.



If you're homeless and in a hurry, any old shelter will do, but I like to think of my initial barracks room as my future dining room and build it to that size. That means I want it to house at least one 2x4 table with seating room on all sides.

I go with a 5x8 or a bit larger. Planning will make the pathing and defense much better once the heat turns up on raids.

Your initial box will probably have beds, a small table and chairs and whatever other junk your initial pawn(s) will need to avoid mental break. Early mental breaks will wipe your crew out fast.

This box will help keep them warm, cool and most importantly keep the random predators on the map from targeting you when their hunger reaches 0.

Speaking of Predators

This anaconda don't want none if you like sun, son.

This anaconda don't want none if you like sun, son.

Changing when your characters are awake can change your gameplay in different biomes. Hot places are more pleasant for colonists at night, cold ones are better during the day.

Consider what time of day they're working.

Predators follow the day/night cycle as well. Here's an animal from a popular mod who would be happy to eat your farmer at night, but would sleep while they plant during the day.

I like being a scavenger if I'm on naked brutality. Like the noble catfish, I lie in wait inside of my crappy shack and wait for Mother Nature or Father Time to do the hard work for me. Once they eat half of a bison and go off for a nap, I collect the remainder of the bison and feast.

Sloppy seconds are back on the menu!



Without it, you're just another tribal with a shed full of stale corn.

Consider what generation method is the least annoying for your biome. Forests and Jungles have trees. More than you could ever cut and believe me, I've tried.

For these, I opt for wood-fired generator. I might on shrubland as a very early source of refrigerator power. Anywhere else is annoying to go wood-fired.

You're going to have to skip to reasearch phase early and get some work done there before you get solar+battery or wind+battery. Green energy is great when you don't have any other resources available.

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Alternatively, there's chem fuel power. Graze some boomalopes you've tamed and you get to milk them for sweet sweet chemfuel. Also Dubs Bad Hygeine mod will require your colonists to use the potty. Give them a latrine and then they have to shovel out barrels of feces.

That's your colony's early supply of brown gold. Texas tea, buddy. Bubblin crude.

Uh huh... huhu huh huh

Uh huh... huhu huh huh

Make a Fridge

Fridges are pretty easy, but there's some mistakes you can make.

First, when you place the cooler from the temperature section of the menu, make sure the blue part is pointing INTO your freezer and the heat is venting where you want heat.

Probably that vent spot is outside, since it's hard to actually heat the base with fridge exhaust. In the winter, the fridge probably isn't running that much anyway and wont warm the room, but in the summer it runs wide open and makes your base boiling hot. I recommend venting it out.


Notice your cooler has a temperature setting. You're going to want to make it a temp that's below freezing so that your food is nicely frozen.

Your tiger meat wont get freezer burn or anything, frozen is just the temperature where degredation of the quality of the food ceases as long as the freezer is a complete building with a ceiling. Floor optional, but don't be a Rimworld Bachelor Frog.

It's chicken, I swear.

It's chicken, I swear.


Yes, your colonists need to consume something other than enemy gunfire and a litany of addictive drugs.

Eating well on the Rim can happen by many different mechanisms. Here are some of my faves:

Forage: Collect goodies from the local flora. Berries, agave and healroot are commonly around. The map giveth pretty well usually in this department unless you picked one of those rough and tough biomes.

Scavenge: Unleash your inner vulture and just eat whatever predators don't finish. You can feed a family of three pretty well like that three quads out of the year.

Farming: If you've got a good plant worker it's pretty fast. If you don't, then assign your best and brightest and they become better growers within a season or two.

Eat people: 140 meat and 75 leather, and now you don't have to listen to Frank's creepy breathing. Win/win and a tasty din. The mood loss is a thing, but if you have Ideology DLC and a cannibal colony you can bump this to the top of the list.

Remember, we're CANnibals, not CANTibals, mmk?

Highly scientific way to dispose of raiders

Highly scientific way to dispose of raiders


Not feeling secure in your relationship? I'm here to teach you about spike traps and pathing. Maybe that could help somehow?

Please don't figure out how.

Spike traps are overpowered basically. You can make simple ones out of wood and with a little effort, block off pathways that dont lead through spike traps so that only the hard-headed raiders that ignore paths and blow up walls can avoid them.

Wood spike trap does 40 dmg, steel does 100.

You can use other materials, but I find those other materials are either exhaustable resources or dont convey a strong enough beenfit to using them for the inconvenience of using them. Stone maybe. It does 60 damage with 65 for granite and that's better than 40, but takes more work too.

Also sandbags obviously, but you can organize them behind some walls like so and create a simple killbox.

First, the fastest guy they have runs into spikes. Usually it takes 2 to drop them unless they're a wimp or tough. The more spikes, the more prefight raider mitigation happens.

Then they stream out into a murder hallway single-file and probably get hosed unless they're better armored than your guys are armed. Then they rush your barrier and close you in melee and it gets hairy.

Unless you have melee fighters. Then it's just round 2.

Animals can help. I like having them on standby and once the raiders stream into my killbox I select draft animals and they charge the baddies and mangle them.



It's Aite

Done correctly, your first day/week/quad in Rimworld can be chill. You'll get attacked by a pissed off animal or a lone raider here and there, and if you lose somebody you can always get that mod with the catapults and shoot them at the enemy in order to express your frustration.

It's a frog eat dog world out there. Be safe.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. It is not meant to substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, or formal and individualized advice from a veterinary medical professional. Animals exhibiting signs and symptoms of distress should be seen by a veterinarian immediately.

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