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Re-Visiting Fifa 14 in the Year 2021, Manager Mode, Alternate Realities and a Stroll Down Memory Lane.

A passionate Football (Soccer) fan who is into the sport as both a player, a fan, and in the future, a coach.


The global cover of FIFA 14, featuring Lionel Messi.

The global cover of FIFA 14, featuring Lionel Messi.

FIFA is a Football (Soccer) simulation game series released by Electronic Arts Sports or EA Sports, where you can play matches with your friends, manage your favorite club, create your own player and start a journey in the Football (Soccer) world. The first FIFA game was released as "FIFA International Soccer" in the year 1993 for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis consoles. The game was well received by the public, which led to it's sequel, FIFA soccer 95, released in 1994 for the Sega genesis and the company has been releasing FIFA games on a yearly basis ever-since, which leads us to writing this article about FIFA 14, released in 2013.

Story Time!

Current User Interface (UI) for FIFA 14 all the way to FIFA 16.

Current User Interface (UI) for FIFA 14 all the way to FIFA 16.

I remember anxiously waiting for the FIFA 14 release in 2013 because it was said that the game will revolutionize how we play Football (Soccer) simulations in the future. Adding to that, it has some of my favorite Football players in their respective squads, for instance, a Prime Cristiano Ronaldo and a Prime Lionel Messi during this time. When i got the game, which was originally in the PlayStation 2 platform (the last to be released on the PS2), i was still in High School and right after i return from school, i immediately turned on the PS2 and start playing the game.

The PS2 version did not come with the said "HD" graphics, but it was enjoyable because it still reminded me of the FIFA 08 (Released in 2007) graphics, just with players available in 2013. After saving up for the PC version, which was the only other console i had at that time, finally, i had the chance to play the game in "HD" which makes a huge difference to the previous FIFA game that i had played.

One huge difference is the user interface (In the picture above), which was re-designed to a completely different style that took some time for me to get used to as compared to previous games. Aside from that, the players that i can control, seem to have a much realistic movement where it portrays real life Football (Soccer) which was another plus point and something to get used to.

Game Engines: Ignite Engine & Impact Engine

In the previous consoles of the game, namely the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions, FIFA used the Impact Engine while in FIFA 14 until NHL 21, EA Sports used a newer engine called the Ignite Engine, which focuses on making the game feel "alive" which allows people to "think like real-life athletes". The new Artificial Intelligence creates senses to the computer operated opponent players, which improves the challenge of the game, where for instance, the computer opponent now has the "sense of urgency" when they are the losing team, which they will try to fight back to win the game, giving the player some challenge to win.

Impact Engine was used on FIFA games since FIFA 07, the first FIFA game released on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 platforms. This engine focused on the realism when it comes to facial expressions, animations and the time taken to recuperate upon taking a bump. For instance, the player will take 4-5 seconds to get up upon being tackled by the opponent. This was revolutionary for its time, especially in the FIFA 07 all the way up to the FIFA 13 and the previous generation consoles for FIFA 14.

Game Trailer for FIFA 14 PlayStation 4

The PC Version and Playing The Game in 2021


Despite FIFA 14 running on the Ignite Engine for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions, i did not get the opportunity to play in those consoles, however, i did get to enjoy the Impact Engine on the PC version up until now in 2021. To simplify the journey, i'm still using the same PC since FIFA 14's release in 2013 and at this moment, FIFA 14 is the latest FIFA game i could play on this PC.

Currently i'm in a managerial journey with Liverpool FC which starts in the 2013/2014 season where in the real world, Brendan Rodgers (The Liverpool FC manager at that time) and the team were fighting closely for the Premier League Title with the services of Luis Suarez, Raheem Sterling and Daniel Sturridge at the frontline. Which gives me the opportunity to receive these 3 star players in the FIFA 14 game, together with a world-class (now Captain) Jordan Henderson.

Re-visiting this game in 2021 really allows me to remember the hardships of coming just short of the Premier League title in the 2013/2014 season to being a world-class team in current times. Although there are big differences between the current team and the one in 2013/14, i still believed the latter to be deserving of a Premier League title.

The Journey and Alternate Realities

One Instance is Danny Ings continue to stay in Liverpool FC and become a top striker.

One Instance is Danny Ings continue to stay in Liverpool FC and become a top striker.

Playing FIFA 14 in 2021 allows us to create "Alternate Realities" which is something that could have happened in current times. For instance, a player like Mario Balotelli who has struggled in the past, is one of the most sought for and expensive players in FIFA 14 (while playing in the year 2018 in-game).

Let me create a timeline at the bottom to show you my progress with Liverpool FC from the in-game 2013/2014 season up to where i'm at now in the 2019/2020 season.

In-Game Timeline (6 Seasons)

My 2013/14 Liverpool FC season in FIFA 14

My 2013/14 Liverpool FC season in FIFA 14

2013/14 Season

I started the game by creating an alternate timeline where Jurgen Klopp joins the team in 2013. Liverpool FC in the game, was one of the top teams in the Premier League, with the strike force consisting of Luis Suarez, Raheem Sterling and Daniel Sturridge, together with the experience of Steven Gerrard, the team finished 2nd in the table, just like in real-life, however, we did win the League Cup.

13/14 season Transfers In: Roberto Firmino, Dejan Lovren, Nathan Clyne, Alisson & Loris Karius.

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13/14 season Transfers Out: Dani Pacheco, Raheem Sterling, Lloyd Jones, Ryan Mclaughlin, Danny Wilson, Andre Wisdom & Brad Jones.

Season 2

My 2014/15 season Liverpool FC

My 2014/15 season Liverpool FC

2014/15 Season

A horrendous season i would say, due to the realism of the game which i'm not used to, we had a trophy-less season and missing out on trophies in the FA Cup and the League Cup and finishing 7th in the league. However, at the same time, the realism of the game allowed me to re-evaluate my Liverpool FC team, just as Jurgen Klopp did.

Transfers In: Mo Salah, Sadio Mane, Gini Wijnaldum, Roberto Firmino, Fabinho, Andy Robertson, Emre Can.

Transfers Out: Luis Suarez, Sheyi Ojo, Andre Wisdom, David Amoo, Nathan Eccleston.

Season 3

My 2015/16 Season Liverpool FC

My 2015/16 Season Liverpool FC

2015/16 Season

Third year into my managerial career mode in FIFA 14, and in real life, current Liverpool FC Manager, Jurgen Klopp, signed for the club around this time and finished with decent results. However, in the game, Liverpool FC won the treble with a new fresh team based on the current Liverpool FC team, winning the Premier League, Champions League and League Cup. It was by far the best season throughout this journey.

Transfers In: Alberto Moreno, Nathan Clyne, Virgil Van Dijk, Joel Matip,Danny Ings, Timo Werner, Divock Origi.

Transfers Out: Suso, Jose Enrique, Glen Johnson, Danny Ward.

Season 4

My 2016/17 Season with Liverpool FC in FIFA 14

My 2016/17 Season with Liverpool FC in FIFA 14

2016/17 Season

With the current "Real-Life" squad almost complete (with the exception of James Milner, Xherdan Shaqiri and Thiago Alcantara), the team went on to have a decent trophy-less season. However, the team finished 2nd in the Premier League and got a hint of the League Cup Finals.

Transfers In: Adam Lallana.

Transfers Out: Emre Can, Jordan Ibe, Jerome Sinclair.

Season 5

2017/18 Liverpool FC Season on FIFA 14

2017/18 Liverpool FC Season on FIFA 14

2017/18 Season

The Premier League race got pretty tight and Liverpool FC just missed out on the title to Manchester City by goal difference, however, this season, they won the League Cup again. Players signed the previous season like Timo Werner, Divock Origi and Danny Ings, all started to show some promise.

Transfers In: Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (January), Ryo Miyachi (January), Pierre Emille-Hojbjerg.

Transfers Out: Emre Can.

Season 6

2018/19 Season for Liverpool FC in FIFA 14

2018/19 Season for Liverpool FC in FIFA 14

2018/19 Season

As with real-life scenario, Liverpool FC won the Champions League this season, except in the game, Liverpool FC trashed Barcelona 6-0 to win their 7th Champions League title (in-game). At the same time, the team also came close to the Premier League Championship, losing it only by 2 points. Currently, Danny Ings and Divock Origi plays a pivotal role in the team, together with Andy Robertson, Joel Matip and Virgil Van Dijk.

Transfers In: None

Transfers Out: Phillipe Coutinho

A comparison of Liverpool FC players in FIFA 14 and FIFA 19 based on their potential.

A comparison of Liverpool FC players in FIFA 14 and FIFA 19 based on their potential.

More To Come

I am currently starting on the 2019/2020 Premier League Season with Liverpool where in a bid to clinch the Premier League title again, the club owners has given the manager £200,000,000, which is £220,696,651.55 in 2021. This has allowed me to sign players like, Kelvin De Bruyne (From Chelsea), Cristiano Ronaldo (From Manchester City), Thiago Alcantara and Xherdan Shaqiri (Both From Bayern Munich) and Samuel Umtiti (From Lyon).

However, with this refurbished team, i had to bid goodbye to long time players, Adam Lallana and Dejan Lovren. It was a great experience to re-visit an old game where they may have gotten the statistics wrong, for instance, Alisson Becker was only rated 63 with potential to go 74, which was obviously low considering his level and status in real-life now. But overall, i will still enjoy the game.

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