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Player Review of Order and Chaos 1 the Best Free Mmorpg App

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Gameplay and Style

Order and Chaos is the first real app MMORPG. Take everything you knew about app MMORPGs and throw it away. That is the only way I can think to start this review. IF you liked WOW, but would rather be mobile and not pay a monthly fee, then this is your game.

As you can probably tell, I am one of the people who love this game and wishes it had come sooner. There are so many reasons I say this, and I am happy to tell you each one. Order and Chaos has had it's ups and downs, but shows consistency and continues to survive.

Don't worry, nothing in life is perfect. This will be an honest review of Order and Chaos. All the wonderful things, and then the not so wonderful things. This is the kind of game you will play for months, maybe even years.

Order and Chaos is free to play, no catch, better and freer than WOW. The current level cap is 75. Each player gets one profession and can ride one type of mount, and all of the classes Polynia island melt. You can't fish, wish we could. Both games have an auction house, which players can leverage for money.

WOW has a monthly fee, and you have to pay for updates. OAC is free to play with in-game purchases (optional). OAC updates are alway free. Once upon a time, the game cost money, but Gameloft, now owned by Vivendi, refunded our money by giving us a generous amount of gems.

There are in-app purchases, but you can advance in the game without them. They are used to enhance and speed up the game. Gameloft, the maker, has added events and other contests to even further enhance the game. They continue to offer holidays and rune sales, even a Black Friday 50% off sale.

A Mendal on a Hill

A playable toon on Order and Chaos. This is a mendal.

A playable toon on Order and Chaos. This is a mendal.

Order and Chaos Vs. WoW

Order and Chaos is eerily similar to World of Warcraft. The app is not as complex as its computer counterpart, and that can be both a pro and a con.

In order to create a realistic, smooth and functional gaming experience some of the complexities had to go. They simplified the game to the basics and then added a few new, and interesting things into the game. However, you will recognize the inn and other features as being Wow style.

In reality, only the way the world looks and the way dungeons are run are similar to that of World of Warcraft. The rest is a new world, new game, new players, new adventures and more awaiting you on the game. This is wonderful, but it can actually be a drawback. Some WoW players have a hard time making the adjustment to the game.

Order and Chaos 1 is a good, free alternative to World of Warcraft. Even though Gameloft released OAC 2, the first is still going strong. Arcadian Forest and Observers market are the most populated servers. OAC 2 is said to be too pay to win my many OAC one players.

There were at least 4000 toons in a recent event. I am not sure how many people that is, but I am pretty sure it is not 10 guys on thousands of tablets. OAC is still releasing new updates and holiday events, and looks strong towards 2019.

OAC 2 did not kill OAC 1. Instead, many people play both, and some refused to even download 2. Even when things look dead, as soon as a holiday event or update comes out it perks right up. I don't care who says what, I have seen the number and believe that Gameloft will keep both games, as long as they are profiting. They are profiting, so yee-haw!

Quests in Oac

An NPC in Order and Chaos. The scroll over his head means that you turn a quest in to him.

An NPC in Order and Chaos. The scroll over his head means that you turn a quest in to him.

Order and Chaos Have a Main Quest Line?

There are quest lines in the game, but no major quest line like there is in Wow. There are times when it is difficult to find a quest. Sometimes 1 quest opens up 10 or 15 important more that lead to the next zone.

The quests are wonderful. There are some interesting and funny story lines and NPC requests. The quests are more difficult as you level, and can get pretty interesting if you are reading.

There are no mods for Order and Chaos, however there is a quest helper built right into the map! All you have to do is click the picture of the scroll and it selects the quest.

You get a nifty little arrow to tell you where to go. It also selects the quest in the quest log so you know which one you are on. This helps keep things moving along.

You might be worried since I said no mods. Don't worry, there is an extra spell bar that pulls out from the right of the screen. You can pull it in and out at any time.

There is also a small rotating action bar in the lower right hand corner. Some additional spells can be added here, including mounts.


Did I say mounts? Yep, you get a mount at level 20. Mounts are 99g, or you can catch a wild one.

In this app you can catch mounts out in the wild with bond stones. You can also catch pets, which buff your party. With the release of Polynia Island came faster, classless mounts.

There are even epic mounts that are as fast as lightning out there waiting to be caught. Mount hunting is a very popular sport in Order and Chaos.

Another popular sport is PvE. There are PvE areas and an area for level 75s. The reward? Epic gear of course. There is no Alterac Vally or anything like that, but there are four arenas where level 70+ can test their skill and show their might.

My Opinion

All and all, this game is amazing. It is a little World of Warcraft that you can take and play anywhere. Yeah, there is nothing like camping a mount or farming while waiting for the doctor to call me back or while waiting on a friend who can't make up their mind.

For all anyone else knows you are doing just about anything on that phone. I like that. I think that Order and Chaos is more than worth the download, it is free. What do you have to lose?

Even if you are not a hard core player, I do not think anyone will regret trying this app. One way or the other you will get your monies worth out of this game. Oh wait, it's free!

© 2014 Jade Griffin


"monies" on March 10, 2015:

Its money i guess

Person on January 21, 2015:

PvP... Not PvE

antho on October 08, 2014:

this game if full noob: this game isn't amazing for this reason !!!

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