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Resident Evil 2 Remake Review

My name is Krishnavamshi Kesani. I am from India. I am a student currently persuing my B. Tech in SRM Institute Of Science And Technology.

I love to play video games. I am a gamer myself. Resident Evil 2 remake is the first horror game that I have ever played. I don't know what the original Resident Evil 2 game looks like, but the remade game is simply awesome. The game developer, Capcom, gave me a new experience that I will ever forget. The game gave me chills all over. It is fun, very creepy concerning boss fights. This game made me play other horror video games without any fear.


Resident Evil 2 has amazing 3-D effects with the best-looking zombies that I have ever seen in a game. The facial animations of the game are impressive compared to that of the poster I saw of the original Resident Evil 2. I like the way the zombies move around slowly, and if we get bitten by them, we are dead. To kill these zombies, we have to shoot in their heads.

After two months of the zombie outbreak which took place in a creepy mansion, called the Umbrella Corporation, the virus spread all over the Raccoon City. This virus in Raccoon City divided into three major areas, which become the acts of the game. We have to search every nook and corner of the area, solve some mysterious puzzles, and attack the zombies that appear suddenly. There are even some mutated reptiles surrounded sewers, and a big scientific laboratory buried underground.

Two main characters in Resident Evil 2, Leon and Claire, come to the city at a really bad time. They meet at the starting of the game and then went in their own separate way. They both have steadfast heroism.

The management of inventory and ammunition is a crucial part of the gameplay. We will have a limited amount of ammo in the game. It is the real survival game in which we will cant carry everything found. We have to choose which item to carry with us. The unwanted item should be stored, which is a difficult task to find.

We can play either as Leon or as Claire. Nothing feels so different, but it is better to play as Claire, as of my opinion. I have played the game from both perspectives. The gameplay with Claire is incredible. But nothing else changes in the plot of the game. We have to explore Raccoon city, solve the mysterious puzzles. There is the same plot, whether we play as Leon or Claire.

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Overall, Capcom has done an incredible job remaking the original version of the Resident Evil 2 game. The sound design of the game has elevated the tension in me as I continue to play the game. The combat with the Tyrant zombie is great, and his sturdy face makes him look like Jason Vorgheese. The exploration of all the ruins in the Raccoon city thrills us. But when we play the game for the second time with a different character, we don't feel any difference, and sometimes we will get bored. This is the only negative point of the game.

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