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Replaying Elden Ring for Fun

I've been playing Souls games since Sekiro so I have experience with this type of game.

Replaying Elden Ring


Why I want to replay Elden Ring

You know, my first time out playing Elden Ring, I had no idea what to do or even where to start. I felt ignorant about many of the dangers, but the gaming ability I displayed taking on and cleverly destroying early game bosses was no less real. I felt a certain accomplishment of sorts.

Sadly, finding many of the dungeons in many of the regions was not as simple as I thought. You had to be clever and have a keen eye on where to find many of these places. I was racking up weapon after weapon, some I could use and others I could not. Fine, accepted.

However, I got the idea to watch a few videos that came out which gave me another idea to get my hands on a legendary weapon which I could use to protect myself against many of the bosses.

The Sword of Night and Flame, a powerful legendary weapon whose flame is said to set an entire city ablaze in a single night. The sword's secondary ability was equally as powerful, rumors among the elders of old was that the power made a hole in the Elden Beast itself before being locked away in Carian Manor, guarded by untouched hands.

With the lore out of the way, I want to talk about why I want to replay Elden Ring. You see, the first time out, I sought to keep a lot of the guides on my phone so I can easily pick a part many of the places in the region.

This I will still do because finding and completing many of the places in the region can help you build up your characters' levels as well as their ability to handle monsters in said region, this is a valuable piece of information which I will still safeguard.

However, something about what I did on my first playthrough I don't want to do on this one and that is, I don't want to get a legendary weapon starting out. Like, I'll kill that giant lazy dragon in the Caelid wilds then distribute my points into 2 different categories.

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But after I do, I'm not going to hunt for any legendary weapons. I will find weapons on the way as I make my way through. I will save up for the Blade of Blasphemy, it's special ability, Taker's Flame is a cut above the rest.

See, the last time I played Elden Ring, I braved Carian Manor and got the Sword of Night and Flame. The problem, by the time I got the Blade of Blasphemy, the Sword of Night and Flame was sort of losing it usefulness.

The Blade of Blasphemy was doing one job for the price of two, setting the enemy's soul ablaze and giving me back life energy equal to the damage the fire did to them as a result.

I feel like when I go through the game, I want to work my way through and get as well as use weapons as I'm finding them. I don't want to use a legendary weapon to kill a boss if I can use brains and ingenuity to get the job done.

Worst case scenario, I could come back to whatever place and boss at a later time. The game is all about exploration and trying to carve a niche in many of the places you visit and in some cases, living off the land.

I want to replay the game this time on my own merit and stomp many of the bosses in the ground without relying on a legendary weapon. If I can find 150 clue bottles across 5 time periods in Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, I can do this.

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