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Remothered: Tormented Fathers Is The Horror Gem You've Never Played


An old school gamer, Jennifer Branton enjoys her Nintendo titles on The Switch when taking a break from survival horror and RPG titles.

A Missing Girl

While the confusing name is a mouthful Remothered: Tormented Fathers had a price drop in the PlayStation store that peeked my interest. The reviews of this game were phenomenal, each boasting this was the hidden horror gem of 2018 that few had played.

I always have my doubts as the jump scares for most hardly get a flinch from well trained hand in the survival horror genre.

Remothered, I had to admit in the first hour, was a game that even I- had to play with the lights on.

The game play begins as Dr. Reed is investigating the current well being of a former patient to her institute. At least that is what Dr. Reed is saying to gain entry into the Felton mansion.

She knows too much about the disappearance of the Felton's adopted daughter, Celeste many years before and her questions quickly get the caregiver and the elderly Dr. Felton to suspect her.

In fact the caregiver had made a few phone calls quickly getting Dr. Reed, who looks for some reason exactly what the young Clarice Starling looks like the first time she spoke to Hannibal Lecter; is not who she pretends to be.

We know little of her motivations in the early chapters of the game other than she wants answers about Celeste.

Dr. Felton says that the police never had thought it was an abduction and that the girl had simply ran away on her own.

Nothing feels right in this creepy old home and nothing will ever be right again.

Dead Children, Dead Nuns

Dr. Felton claimed that he had contracted a degenerative disease back in Egypt in the 1960's with some friends while traveling on business. From articles Dr. Reed, or whomever she may really be- finds in the home there is much more to the story. Especially revealed on the film reel once they are gained by the player.

The actions of Dr. Felton caused the death of many children and twelve nuns had also died from the impact.

It is also revealed this also relates to what had really happened to Celeste, although a photo in the home and notes from Dr. Reed's research that he liked to fondly call his daughter Jennifer.

Dr. Felton denies this claim, even when the next Jennifer is revealed in the second floor bedroom.

Three Floors And Crouch Walking

Remothered with its darkened corridors and few light fixtures or windows makes the player rely on using the flashlight as their only source of seeing doorways and items along the path.

While Dr. Felton is said to be blind, the naked old man has amazing hearing and will come flying at the player with incredible speed out of seemingly nowhere making the player rely on an audio cue as the only sign to duck down and wait for the passing of Dr. Felton.

This causes many close calls and near heart attacks.

While it ramps up the tension of playing Remothered to eleven and challenges the player to work on their stealth move, use diversion tactics like throwing items to distract Dr. Felton, and slip into closets and under furniture for cover- playing the game on the default brightness setting makes it extremely difficult and in a few hours game play I kept missing a door that I had found a key to.

Another problem with the darkness was not realizing what you were touching even when the flashlight was on and accidentally turning on appliances that would make noise. These would be great diversions, if there was a place to hide nearby and in many a case there was not.

Instead I played with the brightness until I had it where I was most comfortable and didn't really need to use the flashlight so items were more visible. I blame my night blindness as well as my thumping heart every time Dr. Felton came into the frame.

As most games, crouch walking cuts down the noise factor and as quickly as Dr. Felton can be on you, sometimes even walking down three floors of stairs in a crouch can't guarantee he hasn't heard you and isn't waiting to strike on the landing.

I have never wished for something even more stealthy like an army crawl in a game.

The Elderly Woman

Remothered begins with a cut scene of an elderly woman telling her story to a young man. She says that her name was one that she was given, not her original name. She explains that she may live in Sweden, but she comes to visit in Italy several times over the last few years that that it is important to her.

From what I have played so far of the game, the resemblance seems to bank on this woman being an older version of Dr. Reed, retelling the story about the most tragic thing that has happened to her being trapped inside the Felton mansion and running for her life to find a way out of the madness.

I haven't looked up an ending as I am wanting to see if for myself, but I wonder if she is going to be more connected to the missing Celeste than we are lead to believe. With the amount of information that Dr. Reed comes into the game with, I am leaning towards her possibly being the birth mother of the girl adopted by the Felton's. But why wait so long to investigate her disappearance then?

Remothered is rumored to be intended a trilogy series leaving plenty of room to flush out the entire story.

With creepy elements and stealth tactics, Remothered has the potential to be the creepiest game released this year. While the graphics and art style aren't cutting edge for the last generation of the games on the PlayStation 4, the game is also offered on PC and playing on a console still maintains the video of PC gaming.

I can't wait to find out more about the story as this game unravels.

Remothered: Tormented Fathers is currently 40% off in the PlayStation store for the holidays.