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Relaxation Training For Children

I'm a natural born Filipina who lives my adopted country of Germany for more than three decades. I love traveling in Europe.

My nieces playing in our yard.

My nieces playing in our yard.

The Seminar

I had a wonderful, funny, useful, creative and fantastic weekend. A lot of positive words for a two days seminar. The title of the seminar was " Relaxation for Children". I enrolled myself for that seminar because I thought it was about childrens´ massage. I wanted to increase my knowledge of massage through learning children massage in general although it is not much different from the adult massage.

The seminar started at 10 in the morning. We were only seven including the instructor. As always we began with introducing ourselves. We had to tell the reason why we attend the seminar. My reason was I wanted to learn something which makes the children relax and that is having a massage. That was my motivation why I was there.

Explain to me and I will forget

Show to me and I will remember

Let me do it myself and I will understand.


Relaxation Training for Children is a two days seminar on how to teach and accompany children on having a good, creative and happy life at their stage of childhood, specially those who are overactive and problem children. Relaxation for children can be practised at all age groups with different aims and purposes. This training can be practised with parents and their children from the kindergarten age, elementary and high school children. Even the youth can do this.

The theme of this training is very creative and colourful as it has varieties of games, dancing, drawing, meditation on concentrating at one thing which is slowness, fantasy world, yoga, laugh yoga, massage and autogenic training.

After having a theory about how to engage the children to relaxation, we went to the big room where we could practise the things that we have just learned in theory.

Relaxation Music CD´s

My nieces and their new friend while playing.

My nieces and their new friend while playing.

The Training

1. Playing Massage:

We sat on the floor forming a circle. Our instructor told us to hold our feet and asked "Hello feet, are you awake?" Then we had to answer, "No". "Okay, we have to wake you up", said our instructor. Then we massaged our own feet from toe to our Achilles. Kneading, rubbing and clapping. "Hello legs, are you awake?", asked our instructor. "No", we chorused. Then we massaged our legs by kneading, rubbing and clapping. We continued the procedure until we ended up massaging our face. It was fun! Very, very funny!

2. Playing Games: The sleeping bear

We made a "house" out of mattresses, cushions and blankets. One of us had to play the bear sleeping inside the "house". The remaining "kids" (we) were around the bear with feathers to tickle the bear. Our instructor asked the bear, "Bear when will you get up?" for we had to set the alarm which is the cymbal (you can use anything that makes sounds). The bear wanted to sleep until eight. The one who hold the cymbal made the alarm sound silently while counting. "Bear, get up. How long will you sleep?, asked the kids while tickling the body of the bear tenderly with the feathers. Then the 8 ° clock alarm sounded loudly. The bear got up and another kid had his/her turn to play.

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3. Yoga for Children

Yoga for children is not as difficult as we think. We only have to find a way how to make the children stand and sit still. We have to be creative by asking what pose a certain animal can do or how to be a tree or a mountain. Being a tall tree, a child can pose standing with hands up as high as possible. As a tree in a windy season, the child can sway back and fort, sideways but still the feet on the ground.

4. Laughter Yoga Exercise

Laughter Yoga Excersise is one of our training. I heard about this before and never in my life I have thought to join this funny thing. I thought I`m getting crazy but then, we were all crazy in the group. Who cares? Fun is fun! I will not be able to explain it well, so I embed a video for you to enjoy. Anyway, laughing is healthy. The basic of this is: HO HO, HA HA HA, Very Good, Very Good, Yeah....HO HO, HA HA HA, Very Good, Very Good, Yeah.....

Laughter Yoga

TaoZi Garden, Germany

TaoZi Garden, Germany


5. Autogenic Training combined with Fantasy Travelling

After our laughter yoga we had to calm ourselves. We formed a circle but this time laying on the mattress on the floor. We made ourselves comfortable by putting pillows under our heads and covering ourselves with blankets. Our instructor was laying down as well. She was telling us something like this: (She was telling us in a soft spoken voice.)

" Close your eyes, relax... I am quiet. I am calm... My legs are getting heavy... My arms are getting soft beside me... My breathing is getting slow, slow, slow...I am in peace... Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale...The sun is shining... I can feel the heat of the sun... I am a butterfly. I fly around the garden looking for the sweet nectar of the beautiful flowers... I am with the roses, with the lavender, with the tulips. Hmmm.....they are lovely...Now I am full and tired of flying. I have to return home... Home, home, home... I´m back home. I lay down. Breathe slow, slow, slow...I am so relax. I feel the warmth of my legs. I feel the warmth of my arms... I´m awake... I open my eyes and around me is silence."

Having done this autogenic training with fantasy travelling, I felt fresh and calm. I was almost asleep but could still sense that I was in deep relaxation. It was great. It was like how I suggested myself to ignore the drill sounds of the dentist.

6. Painting with the use of Nature

After our lunch break, we went to the garden. Everyone of us was given a piece of ribbon by our instructor. The ribbon should be the frame of our "painting" we made. Our "painting" should be a part of our nature we choosed in the garden. It could be stones with grass and flowers, a bunch of firewoods, a statue near the fountain, etc...When we had choosen our "painting", we (one after the other) showed them to the audience and the audience had to think of something what they can say about it. What they thought about what the " painter" tried to express in his work. Then the "painter" had his words.

I "painted" the Buddha in front of the lake because it reminded me of Gihaw-an, my childhood river where I used to sit as a child. Sitting there thinking of nothing but listening to the flow of the water that made me calm.

My "Painting"

TaoZi Garden

TaoZi Garden

Last Day Of The Seminar

On our last day of our seminar, we created our own plays from the yoga, laughter yoga, autogenic training and everything that we learned in the two days. We were in three groups for we were only six besides our instructor.

The first group was "baking" pizza. One of us had to lay down and play a part as a pizza. We asked her what kind of pizza she wanted to be. She said pizza salami. Then we kneaded (massage) her as a dough, make her "flat", put "tomato sauce", pieces of salami and grated Gouda cheese all above the body of the "pizza". Then we rested our hands on her body for a few minutes to "bake" her. The warmth of our hands was the "oven". We "baked" until the timer(one of us) rung. Then we sliced it, put pieces in our mouth and then made a laughter yoga. We had to clean the "oven" so we scratched and brushed the laying body until it was clean...It was time for another "pizza", Hawaii...

The second and third group was the combination of autogenic training, meditation, yoga and fantasy travelling. It was a great weekend with a surprising outcome. Everyone of us had learned that once in a while we need a peace of mind. A relaxation that we really enjoyed and we were able to feel as a child again by doing what we did in this seminar. Life can be so hard and difficult but we should never forget to do something for ourselves in order to obtain a quality of life. Laughter is healthy but laugh yoga is the best!!!

Source: TaoZi Akademie, Germany

My special thanks to Claudia Kindler who was our instructor.

Relaxation for children

Relaxation for children


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Thelma Alberts (author) from Germany on February 12, 2012:

Thank you Trsmd for your comments and for your sharing to others. Have a great weekend.

Trsmd from India on February 09, 2012:

Thesebtypes types of training will provide both relaxation and also some learning time for children.great tips for parents. Thanks for SHARING:)

Thelma Alberts (author) from Germany on May 29, 2011:

Thank you for reading my hub and giving a good comment. I hope you did enjoy in looking at the videos especially of laughter yoga. Thanks for stopping by.

prasetio30 from malang-indonesia on May 29, 2011:

This was beautiful hub. Thanks for writing and share this with us. I know you are good enough in massage or kind of therapy. I am glad to know this and at the same time I learn much from you. Rated up!


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