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6 Most Adorable Reasons You've Gotta Getta Gund

You've never experienced the cuddliness of a real teddy bear until you've had a Gund!

You've never experienced the cuddliness of a real teddy bear until you've had a Gund!

Gund is One of the Best Teddy Bear Brands for Both Children and Adults

Many people who are now adults grew up with Gund and Russ as their primary teddy bear brands. Both brands are positively incredible, but no brand has the expressiveness or cuddliness of the Gund Teddy bear. Their bears range in price and all have different personalities, so this is a good time to get to know your Gund!

Gund teddy bears are available from multiple sources online, including Amazon, Ebay, the Gund website and Diamond Paw retailers who are authorized to sell these bears. Wherever you choose to buy, take the time to shop around for your bear to make sure that you're getting the best price from an experienced seller.

If you're purchasing on Ebay or through a Diamond Paw retailer, you're likely to purchase a bear that has been in the home of another person. Make sure that your retailer has a pet-free, smoke free home so that you know your bear hasn't had any damage before buying!

Reason 1 to Getta Gund: They're Adorable

Can you see that sweet little face up there? It belongs to Manni. He is an incredibly sweet little bear standing up to sixteen inches tall (except for the giant version of him) with an expressive face and a body that is just under-stuffed enough to make him incredibly cuddly.

Isn't he cute? Manni will quickly become one of your favorite teddy bears in your collection, if you decide to take him home with you. He's available on both Amazon and Ebay if you'd like to buy him now to give to your favorite child (or to keep for yourself! Who could blame you? Look at that face!).

Reason 2 to Getta Gund: They're Cuddly

Gund bears are usually slightly under-stuffed in order to make them cuddlier to the people who take them home. This is a great quality in a teddy bear, particularly in one which will be loved by a child who may very well take that teddy bear everywhere with them for a long time.

The under stuffed teddy bear is sweet and makes a great companion for a child or adults who enjoy the comfort of having a teddy bear. They make wonderful toys because the stuffing won't distribute unevenly when the toy is played with.

These bears -- like Philbin, to the right -- are great companions!

Gund's Manni is a very cuddly understuffed bear!

Gund's Manni is a very cuddly understuffed bear!

Reason 3 to Getta Gund: They're Comforting

While this can surely be said of any teddy bear, Gund Bears are particularly nice because of their under-stuffed bodies and their amazingly sweet faces. Whichever bear is your favorite, you'll find the same: soft fur, little stuffing and a face full of expression. No two bears are quite alike and they are sure to provide comfort to someone who needs it.

If you're the charitable type, you may consider donating some of these sweet and adorable bears to the children's ward of your local hospital. It's known that people heal better from all kinds of diseases if they have better morale. Nothing gives a child morale like a wonderful, cute and adorable teddy bear!

Homeless shelters would also be happy to have your donation of a bear.

Maxie, shown to the right, would be a great choice for a child in need.

Reason 4 to Getta Gund: They're Soft

All Gund bears have a particularly soft fur to their bodies. So not only are their bodies under stuffed to make them especially cuddly, but their fur is nice to touch and to rub. This makes them even more comforting to those who are in need of some comfort. They are especially nice for sleeping with because of this nice soft fur!

Reviewers say that the fur has a good look to it and doesn't appear to be in any way cheap, which is what you're looking for, particularly if you want to give your bear as a gift to somebody you love.

Slumbers is shown to the right.

Reason 5 to Getta Gund: They're Durable

Gund produces some of the most durable teddy bears available on the market. While there are some other incredible brands (such as Russ), Gund has one of the best reputations currently. If you're looking for a bear for a youngster, you can't do much better than Gund -- for its price.

While you clearly shouldn't rule out the Teddy Bear brand (Steiff), you should consider the combination of durability and affordability which is offered by Gund. When combined with other factors, their bears are some of the best that you can buy for a child.

Your little one will be able to torture this bear without worrying about it falling apart, so feel free to give this gift to a newborn, secure in the knowledge that a Gund bear will still last a lifetime!

How Good a Value is a Gund Bear?

Reason 6 to Getta Gund: They're Affordable

Most Gund bears are highly affordable or their quality. When you look at teddy bears available from various outlets, their prices range from $10 (inexpensive) to $100 (usually large or sometimes very expensive). Some brands are more costly than others, but Gund tends to be highly affordable, particularly given their quality.

You have the opportunity to rate the value (quality x affordability = value) of Gund bears to the right so that you can either encourage other people to purchase these bears or discourage them from purchasing, depending on your experience with them.

If you prefer a different brand, you're more than welcome to mention your preference in the comments (below) or you can contact me via my Tumblog to let me know what you'd like me to write about next.

Gund Manni Bear

Gund Manni Bear

Other Gund Bears

A rotating list of Gund bears available on Ebay has been included below if you prefer to purchase from Ebay. These will change every so often as items are purchased, and should provide you with a broader list of bears available from this brand. Do beware when purchasing from Ebay that you check the reviews of the seller and that you're informed of whether or not he or she is a Diamond Paw dealer. This can make a difference of how well cared for your bear has been before it reaches you.

I have personally purchased from Ebay several times in the past and have been very happy with the purchases that I've made. You should be sure to read the section below so that you know what to expect from your shipment. Many of the complaints I've seen on Amazon are about the packaging of the bears, so you'll want to be sure you know what you'll get!

What to Expect from Your Shipment

Having ordered several Gund Bears from Ebay and Amazon, I'd like to give you an idea of what to expect when you receive your shipment. Several of the negative reviews on Amazon relate to the packaging, and I feel that it's imperative to point out what the packaging is likely to be like.

Your Gund Bear will probably come in an envelop. It will probably be stuffed into the envelop so as to save as much space for shipping as possible. This is in order to keep your costs down! Its shape will come right back up with some fluffing, though you may have to work the face a little bit to give it the shape that you want.

If not, fluff it in the dryer for a few minutes on low. That should do the trick!

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Linda Pletka on December 29, 2014:

I'm so glad to have found you. This is so very helpful. I purchased a 36" Jumbo Manni Bear, but received what seems to be a smaller Philbin with no bow and embroidered feet. The seller says the picture was of '13's version, and what I received was the '14 version. He also says that measuring is done by following every countour of the bear and not a straight line. Meanwhile, I'm looking around and tring to learn, but it seems so many different heights (19", 26", 36") are listed, as well as differing prices, that it's almost overwhelming to know what I'll be receiving or what's a fair price. (I've seen the Jumbo from the mid-$60 to $120.

From what you write, it seems there's just the two sizes, and that a Philbin is not a Manni!

Many thanks!


Becki Rizzuti (author) from Indianapolis, Indiana on February 17, 2014:

Thank you, Suzanne! Gund is the brand name of the bear. It's an excellent quality at a good price and these guys are positively my favorites! I just love them.

Suzanne Day from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on February 17, 2014:

I didn't know this type of teddy bear was called a Gund - thanks for that useful information! I like the Rafferty Grey Bear the most as he has quite the country look about him. Voted interesting ;)

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