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Rating The New Mega Pokémon


Pokemon X and Y releases this Saturday and will mark the biggest evolution (no pun intended) for the series yet. From the entirely 3D presentation to numerous gameplay tweaks, there's a ton of new stuff with one of the most significant additions being the new Mega evolutions. Basically, you use a special evolution stone on select pokémon during battles to transform them into ultimate whoop-ass forms that last the duration of the encounter. This concept intrigued me and while I haven't played much pokémon outside of the original Red/Blue/Yellow versions, I'm sure that's more than enough to make me an authority on all things pocket monsters. That said, here's my ratings on some of the new Mega forms.


Mega Mewtwo

As if Mewtwo wasn't powerful enough, he's one of the few pokémon to have two mega evolutions, depending on which version of the game you buy. Mega Mewtwo X (on the left) grows huge and gains the fighting attribute, making it an unfathomable cross between Charles Xavier and Chuck Norris. It's Y counterpart, on the other hand, shrinks into a wussy fetus-looking thing with a phallic head/tail. It also appears to have a handle so you can hang it in your closet forever after realizing you've made a huge mistake purchasing the Y version. Mewtwo X gains the Steadfast ability, which probably involves beating the tar out of fools with muscle-y, psychic attack-y things. Lame-o Y learns Insomnia, a move who's usefulness baffles me. Why would I want my opponent's pokémon to not only be more awake, but possibly agitated due to sleep deprivation?

Final Rating - A: And that's entirely for X. The Y version makes Mew look like Gyarados.


Mega Venusaur

I had to double-check Mega Venusaur's picture several times to make sure I wasn't confusing it with regular Venusaur; they look almost exactly the same. Seriously, the only difference is that Mega V has more foliage on it's back. When did adding a few more leaves constitute being a Mega? To make matters worse, it's special ability is Thick Fat. How in the world is that helpful? Is downing a few dozen quarter pounders (with cheese) going to protect Venusaur from the inevitable beating it'll get when it crosses Mega Mewtwo X in a dark alley? If you think it will, you're clearly not the pokémon expert that I am and should probably quit playing the games before you embarrass yourself further.

Final Rating - F--: I've never like Venusaur much to begin with and X/Y could have been GameFreak's chance to finally make me give a damn about it, but his "Mega" form manages to be nothing more than a mega letdown.


Mega Blastoise

Now that's more like it! Some of you may be thinking "Well SV, all they did was add a third cannon to Blastoise. How is that any different from merely adding leaves to Venusaur?" A fair question, but I'll counter with one of my own: Which is cooler, a leaf or a gigantic cannon? Mega Blastoise's special ability is Mega Launcher (which sounds infinitely better than stupid Thick Fat) and I look forward to mega launching Venusaur into a black hole where it won't annoy me with it's worthlessness.

Final Rating - B+: Exactly what it is: Blastoise + super duper cannon of doom.


Mega Charizard


Okay, now that that's out of my system, DAMN. Mega Charizard X (right) uses Tough Claws, as in it's going to be tough for any pokémon to claw it's way out of the smoldering grave this poke-angel of death dug for it. Not to be outdone, Mega Charizard Y's ability is Drought - as in f**** you, I'm motherf****** Mega Charizard and I will end everything you have ever known.

Final Rating - A++: I will buy both versions of this game just to get my hands on these two behemoths. Simply incredible.


Mega Mawile

The hell is this thing?? I'm not even familiar with normal Mawile, but it's Mega form is downright terrifying. It's got demonic piranha plants for hair! Why doesn't dumb Mega Venusaur have something like that?! It's special ability is Huge Power, an attack that sounds like it could wipe an entire city off the face of the planet. Color me intimidated.

Final Rating - S: For scaring the crap out of me the first time I saw it.


Mega Ampharos

Mega Ampharos is, evidently, mega fabulous. I feel completely inadequate just staring at it. Just look at those white, shimmering locks flowing in the wind; it's like the Daenerys Targaryen of pokémon. Mold Breaker is a fitting name for it's ability, as GameFreak clearly broke the mold creating this majestic creature that may or may not be good in an actual fight. But who cares when you've got looks like that? All Mega Ampharos needs is to have Shawn Michaels' Sexy Boy theme song to play every time it hits the field.

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Final Rating - L: As in L'oreal, because Mega Ampharos is clearly worth it.


Mega Blaziken

Blaziken AKA the flaming bird/totem pole-looking thing just got a lot more flaming and totem pole-y. It uses SpeedBoost and blah blah blah, oh who really cares. I think I speak for everyone when I say that nothing this pokémon does will ever top it's ridiculously amazing name. Just say it: Blaziken. Merely speaking it makes you feel like the greatest person on Earth, but what if it was your name? Think about how much better your sad life would be. I was planning to name my first child Blaziken, but now I may consider making that his/hers middle name and have the first be "Mega".

Final Rating - D: As in Divorce, which is in my future once I break those baby plans to my future wife, whomever that is.


Mega Garchomp

Like that worthless husk Mega Venusaur, Mega Garchomp has little that sets it apart from it's standard form. The difference, though, is that Garchomp already looked tough without the use of performance-enhancing evolution stones. This murderous beast is like the pokémon I would have designed; it's covered in spikes, has giant blade-hands, a shark fin/tail, and missiles on the side of it's head. Mega Garchomp is a hodgepodge of all things whoopin'.

Final Rating - A: For being my dream pokémon. Also, lethal blade-hands.


Mega Absol

Remember NeoPets? That's what this pokémon reminds me of for some reason. Anyway, Mega Absol is a Disaster Pokémon (whatever that means) and it's special ability is Magic Bounce, which sounds like a bad David Bowie song. Mega Absol has the unfortunate curse of being adorable, overly mysterious and mildly threatening all at once, so I can't help but feel like it'll be the subject of countless inappropriate fan fictions involving human love interest (if it isn't already).

Final Rating - E: For "EWWWWW, people aren't supposed to do that to pokemon!"


Mega Lucario

I have no words for this. Lucario was already one of my favorites of the newer generations and it's Mega form makes me want to print its smug visage on a flag and hang it outside my house. It's that cool.

Final Rating - C: As in "Cooler Than You".

Do you agree with my expert analysis or do you think I'm a total moron who has no idea what he's talking about and needs to get trapped in an elevator somewhere? Let me know in the comments below!


Beyond we on February 18, 2018:

Agreed by mega char x is decent in my opinion and mega blastoise is A+++++++ OP

Gen 5 on December 01, 2016:

Boo bad list and I hate how you treat venasour still worst list ever

Samuel Franklin on September 24, 2014:

I have to agree with the many other comments here and put Mega Charizard X at the top of my favourites list.

Vordel on August 23, 2014:

My fav mega evo's are

Mega houndoom (worthy of being the devils pet)

Mega mewtwo y (sorry arceus your no longer god)

Mega aggron (filter and it's defence makes close combat like a fat kid punching chuck

I think the worst are

Mega magnetic (sorry for spelling errors) wait I know let's make mega magnetic's design a lightning bolt! (Sarcastic clap)

Mega absol got more feathers

Mega venisaur got more leafs

Forgot the name of the one who didn't change at all but just the kid grew (but it's a beast)

Oh and this is just what I think

Deal with it.

Marcus Stewart (author) from Fort Lauderdale, Florida on August 16, 2014:

These are the most hilarious string of comments of anything I've ever written. Can't wait until I post the next one of these ;)

Graham on August 16, 2014:

to quote your article this make you look like "a total moron who has no idea what he's talking about and needs to get trapped in an elevator somewhere?"

Kingriolu on June 08, 2014:

Hello next time you should discuss things competitively, not aesthetically

Dad on June 04, 2014:

Huge power isn't an attack, it's an ability that doubles the pokemon's attack stat...

Perseus on April 21, 2014:

Dadgommit i missed more XO

Mega Aggron 9/10

Mega Tyranitar 9/10

Perseus on April 18, 2014:

I put charizard Y and X twice with different ratings so let me clarify on that and i missed Mega Blaziken.

Mega Charizard Y 8/10

Mega Charizard X 10/10

Mega Blaziken 6/10

Perseus on April 01, 2014:

I will give my personal ratings on the mega evolutions on a 1/10 scale based on their movepool stats and looks

Mega Venusaur 3/10

Mega Blastoise 8/10

Mega Charizard Y 8/10

Mega Charizard X 10/10

Mega Pinsir 7/10

Mega Lucario 10/10

Mega Scizor 4/10

Mega Abomasnow 3/10

Mega Garchomp 7/10

Mega Houndoom 4/10

Mega Mawile 2/10

Mega Manectric 1/10

Mega Mewtwo Y 10/10

Mega Mewtwo X 8/10

Mega Kanghaskan 9/10

Mega Gyrados 7/10

Mega Blaziken 6/10

Please tell me if i missed any this darn system doe'nt take large comments very well and i had a hard time writing them all down... and yes... i know this is in the middle... live with it

Mega Gardevoir 8/10

Mega Gengar 10/10

Mega Herracross 6/10

Colton on December 09, 2013:

Kinda crappy article :P However, I agree with some of them. Also, Thick Fat would make Mega Venusaur take less damage from Fire and Ice, so there's that. Also, Mega Mewtwo Y gets huge Sp. Atk. bonuses, while X only gets Atk. bonuses.

Jaelynn on December 01, 2013:

OH, and I'd like to note that, Mega Charizard X? He becomes Fire/Dragon type. But, unlike EVERY OTHER DRAGON TYPE IN THE GAME, he does NOT acquire a weakness to Ice and Fairy. :D

Jaelynn on December 01, 2013:

*catches breath after five minutes laughing*

Okay. Yeah. I agree with almost all of this. (naming your kid BLAZIKEN, HAH!) but don't underestimate the stupid-looking Mega Mewtwo Y. He's a nasty little thing that will f**k you up with massive brain power. o.o *whimpers, curls in on herself* Oh, the pain... ;_;

C on November 13, 2013:

Your article made me laugh! Sorry Venusaur I like you too but I kinda regret not choosing charmander as my other starter. And yes, lucario is so cool. That side eye. Haha

guest on November 05, 2013:


LTBurst on October 24, 2013:


Anon on October 22, 2013:


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