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Rare Disney CARS diecast collectible



A short introduction about the movie CARS from Disney:

For those who are not aware, the second Disney CARS movie has already been released, so for sure, a lot of diecast toy collectors would storm the stores to get Disney CARS 2 diecast replicas of the characters. Personally, I like the first installment better but still, the diecast toys of the second installment is worth collecting.

If you are new to my work then you would notice that my diecast collection does not include the entire line of Disney diecast CARS. I mainly collect movie CARS, iconic CARS, and memorable CARS. The only diecast Disney CARS collectible that I have included on my collection are:

From the first movie –

  • The piston cup first race: Damage Lightning McQueen, The King, Chick Hicks
  • The second race of the piston cup: Lightning McQueen, Damage The King, Chick Hicks
  • The four drag racers or popularly known as the delinquent road hazards: Boost, DJ, Snot Rod, Wingo

From Disney CARS 2 diecast ...

... all ten racers involved in the World Grand Prix

As can be seen from the included pictures, I have already acquired all diecast Disney CARS that I was aiming for - and a few extra others for my two year old kid.

For those who are starting out with Disney CARS collecting, be sure to be prepared as it is an addictive hobby. It can also be quite expensive for collectors who are planning to complete the entire set.

The Piston Cup Finalists of the first movie

The Piston Cup Finalists of the first movie

Damage Lightning McQueen

Damage Lightning McQueen

Some facts about the first Disney CARS movie

As can be remembered, the race finished with a 3-way tie between The King, Lightning McQueen, and Chick Hicks. To all those who watched the first movie, they may have noticed that in this race, McQueen has blown up two rear tires and won by sticking his tongue out (see picture directly above).

This particular diecast replica of the first race is a special one since the McQueen collectible of the first race was not released in single packs but only on the package seen on the picture below.

The second race involves Chick Hicks winning by bumping The King causing the latter to be heavily damaged (see picture directly below). McQueen should have won the second race but opted to help and push The King causing him the match. The picture below is a great diecast replica of the damage King.

Lastly, the four drag racers. The four drag racers are Boost, DJ, Wingo, and Snot Rod (please see photo of this post). These four delinquent vehicles are the reason why Mack (Lightning’s trailer) dozed off, losing McQueen in the process. The four cars are unbelievably pimped/tricked out. DJ has a cool sound system, Boost has seemingly four NOS installed, Wingo has an enormous spoiler and cool side skirts, and Snot Rod has a blown up engine and seems to be in constant rev.

Damage The King diecast replica

Damage The King diecast replica

Dale Earndhard Jr. Disney diecast CARS replica

Dale Earndhard Jr. Disney diecast CARS replica

Why is Disney CARS diecast collecting an expensive hobby?

Well, seeing that Mattel has apparently released a diecast replica of all the CARS characters (for movies 1 and 2) this hobby would really be expensive for collectors who are planning to complete the set.

But don’t let this little info water you down. Have heard that some collectors have actually completed the list. All I can say is KUDOS to them for completing these famous diecast CARS.

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It may sound silly to some, but to others, it is an accomplishment. Not only that, but a complete set of Disney CARS diecast or a wide collection of any movie cars diecast would have the following advantage and benefits

  • It makes great house décor or wall display
  • Would surely be useful as it can played by the kids and used as ornaments or decorations once they grew tired of it
  • Would surely amaze house visitors - both collectors and non-collectors

Rare Disney CARS diecast

How can a particular Disney CARS diecast be considered as rare. Like any other diecast collectible, a diecast Disney car would be considered as rare if it is hard to find. In this aspect, hard to find means that it cannot be easily located – it cannot be found on toy sections of local malls and hobby shops. And if you do found it online, it usually has a high price tag. Examples of this are comic con exclusives.

Diecast Disney CARS that has the label “Chase” are also considered as rare as this are produced in limited quantity. Finally, some Disney diecast CARS are considered as rare if it can only found on international markets or variations exclusive of that country’s music. Some readers may already know this but the packaging of the ones released and marketed on the US is different from ones on Asian market.

Disney diecast CARS buying guide

Disney CARS diecast collecting can be an addictive and expensive hobby. But it certainly is a fun hobby. You don’t necessarily have to collect all of them or even the rare ones. Simply choose collecting those characters that made an impact.

As mentioned on the earlier part of this post, I mainly collect character diecast replicas of racer characters. It can also be seen that I have other characters like Mater, Sheriff, Doc Hudson, Mack, etc… but please be informed that these characters are not part of my collection. I only bought them for my son. It would be hard pressed for any kid not to resist playing with the awesome diecast collectibles and since I don’t want any damage or scratches on my diecast collection, I bought the other characters when it goes on sale.

But of course, it would be good to buy those that the kids would enjoy. This include famous characters like Mater, Finn McMissile, and Mack. Mack it not that popular but it is highly advisable since it has a trailer. Depending on the model, some trailers of Mack can be opened. Other good suggestions are race tracks, color changers, etc…


writerjj (author) on March 18, 2013:

Hi Myatt Carwyle,

That's nice. Error in packaging and those that have stopped in production are quite rare and thus pricey. It would be good to search the price on eBay or amazon to check out what that particular piece goes for :)

Thanks for viewing.

myatt carwile on March 18, 2013:

i just found a super rare mis printed tormentor mater and im trying to figure out where to go to get it appraised. please email me at if you want pics to see what i have

writerjj (author) on December 16, 2012:

Hi Collectibot,

Thanks for viewing and for the comment. I have those characters too - just like some electronic products, their nice to have :)

Collectibot on December 14, 2012:

Nice! I have the M.Shumacker, Lewis Hamilton, Jeff Gorvette, and Dale Earndhart replicas

writerjj (author) on December 01, 2012:

Hi FatFreddysCat,

Thanks for viewing and commenting. Yup, that "Finish Line McQueen" replicas was really something. It is exactly how Lightning looked like when tied with the Doc Hudson and Chick Hicks in the first movie.

Wow, they already have a couple. Another good thing about this toys is that they are durable and will make great displays once the kids are done with them ;)

Keith Abt from The Garden State on November 30, 2012:

Nice work. My kids love the "Cars" movies & toys and I think between them they must have about a dozen different versions of Lightning McQueen...haha.

Never seen that "Finish Line McQueen" version with the tongue sticking out, though - that's hilarious!!

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