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Ramsay Dash Tips to Get More Gold and Coins

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Tips in Getting More Gold

  1. Get free gold by watching videos every day. When you click on the gold bar showing on the top of your screen, it will lead you to “Get More Gold!” There are options on how to get them but at the bottom left part, there’s a “Free Gold” button that you can click. Since it’s a hassle to watch ads because recently, Ramsay Dash not only plays one but two ads at a time, you can do this while you’re doing something else like watching TV, reading a book, having a meal, or anything at all. When you’re just killing time, it doesn’t become a hassle to watch ads to get 2 free golds. On a daily basis, you can watch up to 5 times or even more so if the maximum you can watch per day is 5, then you have 10 gold bars without any effort of playing the game! If you do that consistently for a month, you get 300 gold bars for free!
  2. Complete the daily tasks. There are three different tasks that you can complete which will give you one gold per accomplished task and if you finish all three, there’s even a bonus Mystery Box that can give you either gold, coins, ingredients, etc. The Daily tasks can be found by clicking on the “Trophies” icon on the top left of your screen. There are two more icons that will show, one is “Trophie” and the other is “Time.” Click on the “Time” icon to see the three tasks you can complete.
  3. Trophies” will also show you how many gold bars, tickets, coins, or ingredients you can get by accomplishing tasks. So, when you see “Beat 20 episodes in Ultime” for 3 gold bars, then you might want to focus on playing Ultime so you can get more gold. You don’t need to do this in one day! Remember that games should be a way to relax your mind, not stress you out. Play it to enjoy it and enjoy it while playing!
  4. Once you unlock the Chef Arena, buy it! It gives you more opportunity to get more gold, coins, tickets, ingredients and other stuff. It has a “Boss List” where you can complete a game by beating the Chef! Once you beat the Chef’s score, you get the corresponding reward showing.

Tips in Getting More Coins

  1. Every restaurant that you buy gives you daily coins and the amount of coins you can get depends on the seasons and episodes you have finished on that particular restaurant. To retrieve your coins, you must click on the box of coins and that’s it. No hassle at all. You don’t even need this kind of tip because it will clearly show on your game’s screen.
  2. You can also check the Chef Arena for rewards on coins under the “Boss List.”
  3. Getting more coins is way too easy than getting gold because every time you play at any venue, you get coins. The amount of coins that you get will vary on the Appliance, Food, and Décor Upgrades you have done for your restaurant. Upgrading food will give you more coins, upgrading decors will vary on the item and depending on which item you have upgraded, there’s either an increase on the number of customers, an increase on eating speed, an increase on patience of customers, or a minimum to maximum tip bonus. All restaurants have a “Happy Hour” décor that extends the time of the game so that you can get more customers. This means more food served and more coins for you.
  4. Just like getting free gold, you can also get free coins by clicking on the coin icon showing on the top of your screen. It will give you options to “Get More Coins!” but to get it for free, you can click on the bottom left showing “Free Coins.” You can watch a video to earn 60 coins though this is something that I rarely do because I never run out of coins. Not to brag but currently, I have over 360,000 coins that I haven’t used yet and it’s still accumulating. Coins are very easy to get but they are useless if you don’t have much gold because each item you buy or upgrade needs both coins and gold.

Easy Game Techniques

To make sure your every effort will produce more rewards, you need to have a technique in playing Ramsay Dash. What I would normally do first is to check on the daily tasks and trophies. When I see that one of three tasks is to create a group goal, and one is to complete duels then I would go to “Social” at the bottom right part of the screen and find a group goal for completing duels. That way, I’m not only hitting two birds at a time. I’m actually hitting more! When I complete the duels, I’ll get a reward for completing the duels, for accomplishing the group goal, and for finishing two out of 3 daily tasks. Easy, right? Also, don’t instantly get those cute items showing on the map, check the daily tasks first because if there’s a requirement for a group goal, there are times when getting 5 items on the map is an available group goal. Same with the Trophies, if I see that there’s something I can accomplish that is also showing on the daily task and the group goals, then I’d focus on that one to get many rewards. It’s really all about how you play the game and how you enjoy it.

Why Ramsay Dash Will Get You Hooked for A Lifetime

Ramsay Dash is a celebrity tie-in game from Glu Mobile that you can download for free in the App Store. It’s been around since 2014 but I’ve only been playing it for over 2 years. I got hooked to this game because there are way too many restaurants to choose from different culture and countries all over the world. When you become an expert on one restaurant, you can open another restaurant, so it never gets boring. There are also a lot of different tasks that you can accomplish to get rewards so it’s really fun and fulfilling at the same time. For some, it may be stressful when you don’t get the hang of it because it does require good memory and focus but when you learn to just enjoy the game without being too serious about it, it becomes an escape. You may also have concerns about forgetting recipes if you haven’t played in a certain restaurant for a while but that’s what’s really good about this game; it has a daily duel that allows you to compete with other players so you get to play all restaurants that you have opened. You will never have to worry about forgetting recipes! And when you do, there’s also a way to check the procedure. You can just long press on the meal and it will show the ingredients and cooking procedure.


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