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RESIDENT EVIL: Dad of Horror Games

The original Resident Evil game also known as the Biohazard can easily be called the dad of modern horror video games


The original Resident Evil game can easily be called the dad of modern day horror video games, created and released in 1996 by video gaming giant Capcom very well known for the legendary Street Fighter series.

Resident Evil back then introduced a whole new genre of 3D survival horror video gaming and inspired a number of such horror video games and movies. Being one of a kind the game successfully incorporated into it the scare factor and a chilling experience. Comprising of a great plot along with an interesting story, scary gaming atmosphere, sounds and background music.

In the game-play the player’s character is a special task force member trapped in a huge mysterious mansion infested with creatures as if transported from the Netherworld itself, but in fact are mutated monsters and infected zombies ready to eat you up, the player has to fight through and escape the puzzled mansion alive with an arsenal of weapons and items available in the game.


There are two main protagonist characters for the player, Chris Redfield the tough young man and the other is Jill Valentine a fine looking resourceful girl of the special task force both characters later became huge fan favorites and also made appearances in the Resident Evil movie series.

Although the graphics of the game is nowhere near to the games of today but back then people were not accustomed to such advanced graphics and the game enjoyed much success and was a best seller of its time. The game was originally released on Playstation One and then on Sega Saturn and PC, and years after an improved remake was also launched on Nintendo GameCube.

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An elite team of special task force of the Raccoon City police department known as Special Tactics And Rescue Service (S.T.A.R.S) launches an operation in a mountainous facility for its mischievous and mysterious activities and to rescue their colleagues who disappeared on the last operation.

As soon as the team arrives they are attacked by mutated dogs, they take refuge in a huge mansion facility and gets separated.


The protagonist either Jill Valentine or Chris Redfield as a player then try to solve the mystery of the mansion, with creepy zombies and mutated creatures lurking in the mansion, the protagonist discovers the colleagues to be rescued either dying or already dead, going through different riddles to move ahead as the isolated mansion is full of puzzles like a huge decorated maze.

It is revealed that the mansion is a research facility for a biomedical firm known as Umbrella Corporation involved in illegal biological experiments, the horror surrounding is due to an outbreak of the T-virus a mutagenic developed within the facility which converted the life-forms including the mansion’s working staff into infected monsters and zombies.


Fighting through the way deep into the facility the protagonist founds one of their team member to be a double agent working for the firm responsible for this biohazard, the protagonist progresses until it comes down to the final showdown with a powerful monster known as Tyrant a bio-weapon experiment, who terminates the traitor and comes after the protagonist.

After defeating the Tyrant, the protagonist along with the few surviving team members are rescued by their helicopter on the heliport of the facility and successfully escapes the dreaded mansion.


Resident Evil: "Fiction vs Reality"

The heroes of the resident evil universe were concerned whether this virus would breakout from the underground facility & effect the world which exactly what happened while we progress in the story of "Resident Evil" in sequels and the T-virus becomes a pandemic followed by many waves. Are we living in the similar times or is there any similarity between this fictional world and the world of our own.

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