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The Best RC Plane Crash Videos - Wild and Expensive Crashes

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RC Plane Crashes

Remote Control Planes are a fun way to spend time with friends or family. Watching these planes glide through the air in big graceful swoops can be relaxing and enjoyable. Watching other people's RC planes crash violently into the ground, however, is morbidly fun!

The RC plane hobby can be very expensive if you are not careful. The planes range in price from around one hundred dollars up to several thousand dollars, so when you see some of these planes crash painfully into the ground, think about the cost of repairs that the owners will incur.

Shown below are some of the best RC plane crashes found on Youtube. Stick around to the end of the article and vote on your favorite!


71 Inch RC Spitfire Crash

This RC Plane is Trashed

Ouch! After a few minutes of flying, this plane heads straight into the ground. What's left looks like it went through a blender. Make sure you watch it until the end to see if YOU think it is salvageable.

This was a painful and expensive crash!


RC Flight Simulator

The easiest way to avoid these painful crashes is to buy a nice RC flight simulator software package.  Not only will you be able to use the actual transmitter used to fly real planes, you can practice until you master any number of tricks and maneuvers without worrying about crashing an expensive plane.

A few of these simulators allow you to pick any number of different planes and helicopters and you may get a feel for the differences in each.  This is well worth the investment before you end up as one of the Youtube stars shown here!

RC Flight Simulator

RC Plane Crash

RC Plane Crash


Broken Wings

After a couple of smooth, low-flying passes, this plane takes an unfortunate dive into the ground.  I am reminded of that old commercial "parts is parts" because this plane may be needing a few parts to get it back up and flying.


Funny Crash

Duck! The RC Plane is Coming to Get You

The delicate balance and skill needed to hand launch an RC plane is fun to watch.  After a slow dip, the plane gathers speed and soars up into the wild blue yonder, except when it doesn't!

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In this case, the plane makes an abrupt U-turn and crashes right back where it started, almost taking out the thrower!


RC Planes

RC Planes

After you have mastered flying the various aircraft in the flight simulator shown above, you are probably ready to fly the real thing! 

To the right are a few of the best-selling hobby quality RC airplanes found on  Before you spend thousands of dollars on a high-end large-scale plane, practice with these entry level ones.

These are built strongly to handle the rough landings of a beginner, but will have all of the replaceable pieces needed for you to continue to have fun in this fun family activity.


Get Out of the Way!

RC Jet Crash

A tremendous amount of time and skill goes into making the larger RC planes.  Take this jet for example.  After a bumpy approach, it finally gets all the wheels down on the ground and avoids an expensive crash.

Thank goodness that spectator sacrificed herself to slow down the plane!  I bet that left some bruises!


Double RC Crash

RC Glider Crash Plus One!

"Hey, have I got a good idea!"  Well, maybe not.  An RC plane attempts to tow an RC glider into the air for a tandem aerial adventure.  Unfortunately, it didn't quite work that way.  

Watch as you get to see not ONE, but TWO expensive RC models crash into the ground.


RC Crash Compilation

Several RC Plane Crashes

My favorite crash is the last one on this compilation.  

When the plane hits, parts and pieces go flying EVERYWHERE!  Did you hear that "Cha-Ching"?  That was the sound of the cash register because those repairs are going to cost quite a bit!


Pick Your Favorite Crash

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