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Quest for Infamy Walkthrough: Achievements

Quest for Infamy owned by Infamous Games. Images used for educational purposes only.

Quest for Infamy owned by Infamous Games. Images used for educational purposes only.

Ahhhhh, modern games. Quest for Infamy may glean much of its inspiration from retro roots, but it's still a title from 2014, so it's no surprise that it's chalk-full of achievements. They're spread high and low throughout the game, often paired with obscure or odd actions, and though you may find some of the achievements automatically you'll have to do some weird, optional stuff to find them all.

Below is a list of the achievements in Quest for Infamy, and what you need to do to trigger them all. There will be spoilers, so if you don't want the story ruined, turn back now.


A Paladin loves you - Free Serena and the other prisoners from Rayford's dungeon in the third act.

A Regular Wilberforce - Kill the slave trader.

Act I - Complete Act I of Quest for Infamy.

Act II - Complete Act II of Quest for Infamy.

Act III - Complete Quest for Infamy, in essence.

An Arrow through your heart - Rescue Voleris and her soldiers from the locked barracks in Tyr during the third act. You'll have to kill the two guards in front of the barracks as well as unlock the door with a Lockpick or magic.

Basher - Take the Path of the Brigand on your first day in Volksville.

Beast Master - Kill the beast on your first day in Volksville.

Blackbird No Longer Singing - Successfully steal and deliver the Silver Feathered Raven during the associated Rogue's quest. This article provides details on stealing the bird.

Break, Rattle and Roll - Destroy the Moonshiner's equipment when trying to get Rayford's money. Alternatively, break down the door on his shack.

Burn Baby Burn - Set the tree with the swing on fire. You'll find it south of Hermit Homestead. You can only set fire to it at night, as far as I know.

Clock Watcher - Wait the full fifteen minutes before the execution during the game's prologue. You need to either idle, wander around aimlessly, or just not talk to the right people to get this achievement.

Visa, a hunter in the southern woods of Quest for Infamy.

Visa, a hunter in the southern woods of Quest for Infamy.

Collector of Useless Crap - Purchase the Diamond-Tipped Crowbar and the Holy Symbol, both for 500 bly. The Goods shop sells the Crowbar, while the Apothecary sells the Holy Symbol. A the name implies, both items are useless - you can find a Crowbar for free at the farm east of Volksville, and the Holy Symbol is worthless as a religious artifact - so you may want to save, buy these items for the achievement, and then reload.

Don't mess with a fat man - Spare Rayford after defeating him atop the lighthouse in the third act.

Expert Thief - Break into the four breakable-innable houses in Volksville. This article provides details on each.

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Friends in high places - Rescue the councillors of Tyr while retaking the city in the third act. You'll find them down the lower path on the left from the central plaza.

Good Old Stories - Listen to all of Japsworth's stories at the Pub. You need to buy him Whiskey (five bly apiece) four times to get this Achievement.

Green is the new white - Infiltrate the Morroi stronghold by dyeing a cloak to look like the rest of the cultists.

He Deserved It - Beat up Gorth, then kill him.

He dropped the moonshine! - Stab Randy to death when interrogating him about the moonshine.

Hocus Pocus - Take the Path of the Sorcerer on your First day in Volksville.

Horse Lover - Find and deliver a horse named Mastadon to Kurdt while playing as a Brigand. This article will help you locate, and then relocate, Mastadon.

I know the way -

It's not easy being green - Complete the brain-and-lung fetching quest for the necromancer. This article will help you find and satisfy the necromancer.

Jan loves you - Convince Jan to help you fight Rayford in the third act.

Kick-Butt Sorcerer - Max out your Mystical Power while playing as the Sorcerer.

Kraken Good Times - Kill the Kraken in the dwarven mines using the Harpoon during the quest for the necromancer.

Let there be Light - Brighten the swamp north of Volksville by unleashing a horde of fireflies into it. You can find details for doing so here.

Min / Maxed - Raise all of your skills to 100 points in a single game.

Over an apple? - Kill the apple picker in the apple orchard near the eastern border of the valley. Try to steal an apple, then attack the guy when he protests. You can only do this if a guard was not on the screen when you first entered, whether he's left already or not.

Paying for information - Pay Visa 50 bly for information on the Moonshiner while exploring the southern woods.

Paying with food - Pay Visa with a Skinned Rabbit for information on the Moonshiner while exploring the southern woods.

Perfect! - Get a perfect score (500 points) in archery. You can play the archery minigame at Hermit Homestead by talking to Jonas during the day or the evening.

Pisshead - Relieve yourself on the corpse of the beast in the Prologue and the carpet of the abandoned house in the northern cemetery. Note that you have to use the sword icon to do this to the beast, and only after you've already cut off its head.

Pitched Your Tent - Sleep outside while you own a Tent (500 blys, from the Goods store in Volksville). You need to do this at night, away from roads. The grassy plains near Hermit Homestead are a good example of where you can pitch your Tent.

Poor Paw - Drain the blood and remove the brain from Markus' head on the stake out front of Volksville. You can stab the head with your sword for the blood, but you need to be using the Ceremonial Dagger or a Throwing Knife to fetch the brain.

Pretty Good Sorcerer - Get your Mystical Power stat up to 50.

Puzzles are Hard! - Complete the Puzzle Board during the quest for the Crypt Key. You must solve the puzzle manually to get the achievement.

A Gelatinous Cube, lurking in the sewer system of Quest for Infamy.

A Gelatinous Cube, lurking in the sewer system of Quest for Infamy.

Reading is Fundamental - Speak to Garyeth in Tyr's Library and learn all about the Killington family.

Reuniting the Seal - Combine the four pieces of the Killington Seal. This article will help you get the job done.

Sewer Rat - Enter the Morroi base by going through the sewers and getting past the Gelatinous Cube in the second act.

Simply the Best - Defeat every random monster in the Valley.

Sir Chat-A-Lot - Speak with everyone in Volksville before the execution on the first day. You need to speak to Udo, Jan, Niels, the folks at the Inn, the folks in the Pub, Prospero, Jerrod, the owner of the Tobaccoist and the Goods store, and Ian.

Smoked! - Use a Green Smoke Bomb to enter Tyr in the third act. This article will help you construct the Smoke Bomb.

Staked Your Claim - Give a Ceremonial Dagger to Voleris. You can buy it from the smith for 1000 bly (or steal it, if your Thievery is high enough).

Stop Shaking Me - Rough up the Moonshiner when trying to get Rayford's money.

Thankfully there's a healer nearby - Get beaten in battle, then wake up in Jerrod's Apothecary shop.

That bastard deserved worse - Kill Rayford after beating him atop the lighthouse in the third act.

That's a lot of stuff - Find all of the spell components necessary to create Prospero's spells while playing as a Sorcerer. You have to deliver them to Prospero to get the achievement. This article provides the locations of each of the necessary items.

The Great Unpicker - Open a lock as a Rogue, using the Lockpick.

Toast of the Town - Beat Gorth up, then choose to spare his life.

What's his name again? - Kill the cult leader Uotaargh in mortal combat after infiltrating the Morroi base.

Working for the Man - Perform a task for the harbourmaster of Tyr. For money.

You Found It - Discover the Thieves Den while playing as a Rogue. This article will help you locate and enter the Thieves Den.

You Got Coned - Get drunk and pass out. It'll take four drinks at the Pub in Volksville or three from the Salty Dog in Tyr. (Thanks to EvilSquid for this one.)

You look like a dwarf - Loot every container, drum, and stash while wandering in the Dwarven Mines. This article will help you locate all of the items.

You picked... the easy way - Beat up the guards and steal the cart during the second Brigand quest in the first act.

You picked... the hard way - Detach the horses from the cart and tie up Mastadon instead during the second Brigand quest in the first act.

You Sneaky Bastard - Take the Path of the Rogue on your first day in Volksville.


Anon on July 17, 2015:

If you turn in the holy artifact to Sven who is on the hermits homestead at night you will receive 1000 blys.

Matt Bird (author) from Canada on July 22, 2014:

Thanks! Much appreciated on the offer. I'm hoping to wrap up the walkthrough over the next few days, but if I run into anything that confuses me I'll give you a shout. Thanks very much for making such a fun game. I hope I'll get to pound out a walkthrough for the sequel(s), as well.

Blackthorne on July 22, 2014:

Hey Matt - Steve Alexander here, writer/director of Quest For Infamy. You've done an amazing job on this here - all of these articles. If you ever have any questions, send me an email - steven at - and I'll try to help you any way I can! Thanks for all the time you've put into this! I'm truly humbled.


Matt Bird (author) from Canada on July 18, 2014:

Also figured out the Collector achievement. The achievement's picture is the clue - you need to buy the Crowbar and the Holy Symbol. Tricksy game, this...

Matt Bird (author) from Canada on July 18, 2014:

Yes, I stole from them, too, and I was starting to think that maybe you could pickpocket from other people if your Thievery stat was high enough. Set out to do a pickpocketing walkthrough 'n everything. As far as I can tell, though, they're the only two people from whom you can steal with the Hand tool. Now I don't know where to put that info. Hrm.

EvilSquid on July 16, 2014:

@MattWritesStuff: If you buy the rum from the Salty Dog, you only need about three 'cos it's strong stuff... ;)

Speaking of the Salty Dog, not sure if these are related to achievements or not (can't remember if I got one for these or not), but they do get you infamy and/or blys (theoretically):

- pick-pocketing the "hero"

- "helping" the guy throwing up

I say "theoretically" because while the game says you get 500+ blys from pickpocketing the hero (the actual number appears to be random - maybe tied to your thievery stat?), after checking my inventory it turns out I didn't actually get squat! But you definitely get infamy by doing it.

Matt Bird (author) from Canada on July 16, 2014:

Ahh, fair enough. I've seen the message about getting drunk a few times, but I never got around to ordering six or seven drinks, for some reason. Thanks.

EvilSquid on July 16, 2014:

To get the "Collector of Useless Crap" achievement, collect a lot of... useless crap.

I'm not sure EXACTLY what you need, but for me it triggered after I had bought the hideously expensive crowbar from the goods store - so that's at least one of the items - but I had also bought one of everything from practically every shop by then.

EvilSquid on July 16, 2014:

To get the "You got coned" achievement: Go to a pub and keep drinking until you get totally wasted. You'll then wake up somewhere else (supposedly much later, although for me no time passed at all).

I'm not sure if you can do it in all pubs or if you always end up in the same place, but I had a few at the Salty Dog and ended up waking up in the barn.

Oh, and the name of the achievement comes from the object you find in your inventory. Who hasn't stolen one of those while pissed eh? :)

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