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Project Zomboid: How to Aim

Stephen is a former dinner theater actor, humilitarian, unemployed mascot and general home cuisine meth lab technician.


Why Can't I Shoot Anything!?

Because the guns are:

  • Underpowered
  • Loud
  • Inaccurate as a boss-eyed bat

Screw It, I Want to Shoot Things


And nobody blames you for that.

I want to help you die in a blaze of mediocrity. You're never going to get enough carpentry skill to build a shoddy chair that way, but I'll be proud of you. After you get done ruining your life with guns and stumbling over your own huge balls, you can do my carpentry tutorial or something.

What My Character Would Look Like IRL


How Aiming Works

From what I can tell from scouring various forums, aiming appears to be a modified RNG system with several variables that affect how likely you are to get a hit.

To aim, you literally just hold right click and point your cursor near/on the enemy.

You then left click to fire, and that's where the magic happens.

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By magic, I mean the kind of magic where the genie twists your words and now you're being chased through the night by burning donkeys because you wished that a hot piece of ass would pursue you for once.

The variables that affect aim appear to be

  • Your character's skill
  • Type of weapon/scope
  • Moving vs. Standing still
  • Time taken to aim

In other words, if you're a bad shot wielding a sniper rifle at point blank range while backpedaling through bushes and firing from the hip, you're going to do some great things. They just won't involve winning any shootouts.

The Guns

  • Weapons - PZwiki
    I'm not typing out a whole list of guns when someone else already did that.

Expectation Vs. Reality

What I Want Guns to Feel Like

What I Want Guns to Feel Like

What Guns Feel Like

What Guns Feel Like


Guns are actually useful, but not in the way that they're going to turn you from zero to hero in actual combat until some patches or mods are figured in.

You can use them as noisemakers to draw the horde into compromosing positions while you sack up loot. The zombies can be as dumb as you let them be, and shooting off a shot to draw a bunch of them into the woods so you can get at the fire station may be a short road to riches.

If you're in a position where thinning out a herd can help you escape a bad situation, guns can be used to hose down a crowd sometimes before you burst out of a crowded location. I've done that once successfully... out of maybe 5 tries.

The most belligerent strategies are often met with confusingly high rewards in Project Zomboid.

Much like saying, "Hamburgers are delicious. I'm going to make my whole life all about eating hamburgers", guns are but one part of a nutritious survival experience. For most meals, you're going to be bonking your way to success with one of the various whomping devices.

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