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Prepare for The Dawn of The Monsters

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I'm an entrepreneur with a variety of interests that range from comics to anime.

I like the look of this game.

I like the look of this game.


As a casual gamer many things come unexpected to me regarding video games. This is one of those things. I didn't expect WayForward in collaboration with 13AM to create a beat'em up brawler for a Kaijuu fan like me and many others. Yet, here we are, so let's get into it, shall we?

Is that fire, bile, or atomic radiation?

Is that fire, bile, or atomic radiation?

Details about the game thus far...

Publisher Wayforward and developer 13AM have unveiled their project, Dawn of Monsters. A Brawler where you play a kaijuu that stands against his own kind and inadvertently trashes the fictional city of New Toronto. You can play as one of the four following beasts:Megadon, Ganira, Aegis Prime,, and Tempest Galahad. Each has variety of attacks such as Brutal Rage abilities, Cataclysm attacks, and finishing moves.

Like any action game, Dawn of Monsters will feature an array of enemies in its 35 playable missions. There will also be co-op play and the capability to customize your monster of choice.

According to WayForward the kaijuu designs were done by legendary Godzilla character creator Shinji Nishikawa and Godzilla comic artist Matt Frank. This would explain the heavy Godzilla-esque designs for the monsters. And while it might put many in mind of the lesser known PS2 title “War of Monsters,” I see this as cross between Godzilla, Ultramar, and Gridman. But that’s just me.

I'm guessing they wrecked the place...

I'm guessing they wrecked the place...


Dawn of Monsters is slated for an early 2022 release for PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and Steam. More details about the story and gameplay will no doubt come closer to the release date.

Dawn of The Monsters trailer

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