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Pragmata's Delay and Then Some...

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How can he see in that thing...?

How can he see in that thing...?

What we know so far...

Pragmata is a new IP from Capcom that was first showcased at Sony’s E3 showcase in 2018. All we got was cinematic trailer of a guy in a space suit flying into space with a blonde girl in a blue dress. The girl doesn’t appear to be human, as she can breathe in space, and has powers that are probably psychic.
The astronaut meanwhile seems to have a few gadgets and weapons. One gadget seems to allow the astronaut to locate the girl. And other he can use with the girl’s aid.

Speculation and Conclusion...

Given the aforementioned traits, I’m tempted to think it’s an escort game. i.e. the kind of game where you have to escort a secondary character through a series of levels, until you reach their final destination. A game like Ico for the PS2 or Enslaved:"Odyssey To The West for the PS3. Though that makes me wonder what the little girl’s goal is and how that astronaut ties into things. Well that’s assuming my hunch is correct.

Unfortunately while Pragmata’s dev team did plan to release Pragmatic this year of 2022, however on November 17th 2021, it was announced the game will be delayed until 2023. While we still don’t have any details regarding the plot or gameplay, we do know it’ll be coming out for PS5, Xbox One Series X|S. And hopefully more details about the plot and gameplay will emerge as the release date draws near.

Pragmata announcement trailer

Pragmata delay announcement

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