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Poor Fur Farming in "Order and Chaos"

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Poor Fur and Leather Working

Poor fur can be farmed from the animals of the Arcadian Forest.Poor for is used to level leatherworking through primary crafting. It is used up to 100 points.Then you will move to the Tear Coast for your next 100 points.

  • Leatherworking is the business skill for rangers. Without high level crafting, you can't make your epics.
  • During the first 100 points you will also need normal armor scraps, which you will have to farm separately.
  • Anything with four legs drops poor fur. I do find it a little strange that even the gators and spiders drop it.

There are three main areas where I prefer to farm poor fur. There are other spots with critters that drop them, but these three seem to pop the fastest for me.

The poor fur locations I use have enough enemies to support multiple farmers. That is very helpful during events.

I have also noticed that high populated time have faster drops. I believe that the faster enemies are killed in an area, the faster they spawn.

This means getting a lot of poor fur to drop lots faster.

None of the following poor fur Farming locations are in a PvP zone.

It is incredibly safe to farm.

If farming is not you thing then the next best thing is winning an event with an 100 slabstones reward, our buy 100 point slabstones in the nick stop.

I have bought slabstones before, but I suggest you farm the first couple hundred points. It isn't that hard and can save you a little money.

Beasts Drop Poor Fur

Boars that drop poor fur in Order and Chaos

Boars that drop poor fur in Order and Chaos

Along the Road to Cliffwatch

The road between Silence and Cliffwatch is a good place to farm poor fur.

I like to farm the boars just off the road leaving Cliffwatch, towards Silence.

If you continue to follow the road, there are more boars as you pass Ninalar.

In fact, poor fur drops north of the road all the way from Cliffwatch to the river to the east.

Some of the boards are neutral, and others are aggressive.

A low level farmer may find it safer to farm neutral boars. They only attack you when you attack them (mind your aoe spells and attacks).

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High level poor fur farmers probably may choose to stick with the aggressive boars.

The black boars east of the road that is east of the road that leads to the Mesa Camp are good to farm if you want a crack at the rare blood bloody tusk.

The enemies who drop poor fur in the area are:

  • Great Bristle Boars - level 8 (neutral)
  • Dire Boar - level 6
  • White Bristle Boar - level 6 (neutral)

Wolves are a Good Source of Poor Fur

Poor fur also drops from wolves in Order and Chaos Online.

Poor fur also drops from wolves in Order and Chaos Online.

Farming Near Silence

There are lots of critters who drop poor fur near Silence. Silence is the first really important town in the game. Just west and south of the town are bears, boars an crocodiles who drop it. It freaks me out that gators drop fur. I guess the gators eat the bears and wolves for dinner.There is a rare blood that makes an appearance here, as well.

The following critters drop poor fur:

  • Black wolf - level 6
  • Small brown bear - level 6
  • Big crocodile - level 6
  • White bristle boar - level 6

Spiders Also Drop Poor Fur

Spiders drop poor fur in OAC too.

Spiders drop poor fur in OAC too.

Around Bridge to Fallen Leaf

Another location you can farm poor fur at is around, and just across the bridge to Silence.

This is my last favorite spot, but it will do in a pinch.

Here there are more crocodiles, spiders and bears that drop poor fur.

I think that it is even more freaky that spiders drop fur! Let's just chalk that up to my arachnophobia.

When farming here I go from the bridge to the gates that lead to Fallen Leaf, and back.

The lonely smasher is next to the waterfall on this road, another rare blood.

These creatures drop poor fur (plus a few others not listed):

  • Small poisonous weavers - level 5
  • Lake crocodile - level 6

Rare blood you may see when farming poor fur

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